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Hello there dear,

Truth is, there is a variety of beings and creatures, as well as energies, existing among us that influence us in an any kind of way. Some are of Light and some are of Darkness. Both are aware of the physical and of how humans work. It is very common for people who are aware of their spiritual side and potential, to be "mocked" and attacked by different things, as a scare tactic, in order for them to be scared and give up on growth and getting anywhere with what they can do.

The most important part though, is protection. I would love to help teaching you how to protect yourself, as well as share my experiences and knowledge on the spiritual.

My email is up on my profile:)

Stay safe.
Hello there,

May I ask if anything has changed in your life recently? Maybe a weird event, or maybe you started getting into spirituality or someone near you died?

Maybe you "picked" something "up" if you passed by the wrong place the wrong time, or something could have become aware of you and decided to bother you.

If there is more info that you believe might come in handy, feel free to email me. My email is on my profile.

Stay Safe
Hey there Maci! I am so glad I stumbled upon your story as I can relate a lot to what you are going through!

In this world, both the Physical and the Spiritual exist, with some people being born already aware of the latter, or realizing at some point during their life, or some never at all. In truth, it is a part we all have inside us, as we, as humans, already consist of our physical bodies as well as our souls.

When you become aware of truth, it can be too overwhelming, especially if you are alone. My parents are also against me, and my friends don't know, so I can understand how you feel.

So far, I have been lucky enough to learn and understand this world on a deeper level, as well as abilities and how they work. I would be delighted to become your mentor on this journey through knowledge and wisdom.

Please feel free to email me:) My email is up on my profile:)

Be safe
Berellic in Attacked By Spirit
[at] Thibideau, I say don't allow these beings to push you to the point where you have to walk away from important things in life. There are people in school that want to quit only because nobody understands the similar experiences they go through like you are. At the end of the day this is your life and I want you to do what you think is best for your life. Though I would like to lend a hand with teaching you how to utilize more practical spiritual protection in cases like this. These beings like to fight with energy to be able to manifest what they are doing to you. We can use energy in forms of protection to stop what they are doing to protect ourselves and others. You should send me an email if you take what I am saying serious because I am willing to teach you a few things. 😁
OMG I just saw his first middle and last initials on a license plate number again! I had asked God a few weeks ago to show me another sign that it's not a coincidence and I just received another sign. This time I was sitting on the right hand side like OMG
I even had a dream the other night that my twin flame was at the train station subway. He was holding my hand and he was leading me somewhere. I didn't know where because it ended right there.
Yes I have read people's stories as well and it amazes me. Everyone twin flame journey is different. School is starting in a few days for me so I might even meet him at the school. 😊
I have been under a lot of stress Tamasha. Thanks for replying. Why did my being stressed manifest in that way? When you say "strong ghost presence", do you mean my room is haunted by a ghost that is more firmly grounded there or by several ghosts? What is the point of touching me randomly?
AnneV, thanks for commenting! I just knew you'd be the first one to comment. 😁

What I am wondering is, if we share any type of connection at all, isn't he supposed to be seeing me in his dreams too?

Or am I the only one just because I happen to have some psychic abilities?

Contacting him just isn't possible, I never talked to him and also because he lives miles away now (which I got to know from my friend who uses fb).
I've done meditation to help my focus my mind. This helps and I have also been studying lucid dreaming.
I've had premonition about specific tragic events that happened, and some about things that didn't happen. The dreams that really happened were so vivid I can clearly remember them like you describe, even though they were 20 plus years ago.
I'm trying to learn more about using my psychic abilities in a better way, although I don't always want to know what will happen.
Have you been under a lot of stress lately? I had something similar happen several times in the past. Once I was walking in my hall while dreaming, yet I knew I was walking, was aware and woke up. My eyes were already open.
I think that having tons of stress made this more likely to happen.
It's a possibility that there's a strong ghost presence near you as well.
Depending on what you think is possible, there might be a parallel life you share, it could mean you two get together or that you had a past life. But the life you're concerned with is not a past or parallel one but this one. Why don't you contact him and ask him out for a bite to eat? You could say that his name came up or that you thought you saw him and thought you'd say hi. Just don't bring up your dreams or he might think you're nutty;-)

Hi Dreamercan:

To me it sounds like something's happening. Especially because it was not an everyday situation. People see numbers for various reasons, it depends on what kind of life path you are. I read a lot about it (cause I see number patterns, too). On of the reasons mentioned for that happening is Twin Soul on his/her way. Read about it, maybe you find similar experiences. It's not the same for everyone, just listen to your inner voice and trust yourself.
Doubt is a normal thing, yeah, but don't let that prevail. Think positive thoughts and no matter what happens, something positive will come out 😊
Thank you! That is really helpful I will make sure to try this!
Thats exactly how mine feel too. Been doing pretty much 24/7 last six months. Yes not that they hurt just a aggravation. I don't know what or why I am doing this but I have researched and cannot find the right answer anywhere! At first like the visions and things I see or feel I believed others could feel these vibrations too but they do not. I will be sitting up close to others and wait bc I'm vibrating so bad to see if they mention feeling the vibrations. If you find any answers please let me know. Yes mine are all over but originally started on bottoms of my feet and where you have the cold feelings at times its like I am on fire!
First off, I'm glad you have a family that understands and has been able to introduce you to all of this at an earlier age. Most don't, and have a really hard time getting introduced into any of this in the first place. From what it seems, I think it's easier to pass on abilities down from the female side of families, I believe that's part of what spawned the whole Salem witch trials and looking for women in the first place, to try and keep "witch" abilities from spreading. As far as people losing powers, I don't really believe it works that way. You can create a mental block on yourself and your powers will slip away due to that, but they aren't really gone, they are a part of you. As far as the things happening, that's not really surprising. We can do a lot with our energy, and cause things to happen around us. Emotion seems to be a big key in that as well. If you have a spike in emotions, it'll cause a spike in energy which can affect things around you too. So first step would be to be careful not to have spikes in emotions, try to keep yourself calm. Emotions aren't bad, but spikes in emotion can cause things to happen that aren't really intended. Going on about the different abilities, that's a little too much to cover in a comment here so I'll move on to the next bit:) As far as nose bleeds, I never had one, but perhaps with so much changing, your body still needs time to adapt to all the changes as well. I know when people first start in all of this they often times get killer headaches, and as their bodies adapt, those headaches fade away.

If you would like to send me an E-mail I can respond and talk more about what I know/have experienced, and maybe can answer some more questions. I don't come to this site very often, just stop by now and then to see if anything catches my eye.
~ Lyro
The Buzzing in your legs, would you describe it as vibrations? If so, I've felt the same thing especially more recently. Best way I can describe it is that it feels like vibrations, but I don't just feel it in my leg, I feel it in a lot of different areas. My middle left of my back, my legs more often the right, and I've felt it in my head. I haven't quite figured out what it is, but I suspect it's about things that are to come, and maybe a sign that it's getting closer. I'll often times feel a almost cold feeling in my head too at times, but the vibrations are more annoying than anything that they won't go away.
~ Lyro
What you dream doesn't necessarily mean they are about you, they could be about other people as well. I'd take a step back and first try to understand what your dreams are trying to tell you. With myself, they either tell me something that I need to know. Answer a question that I'm asking either knowingly, or subconsciously. Or show me something about the future. Seeing things that are to come can be quite tricky, so it's less about what you see, and more why you see it. Maybe that can help.
~ Lyro
I would really love some insight. I have started to become ridiculously anxious for no reason in my own home and occasionally have irrational bouts of emotions.
Before I saw the license plate number I was sitting on the right hand side of the back seat and then a bug flew in the window lol. My mom killed it and I decided to sit on the left hand side, a side I barely even sit on. I was going to move back to the right hand side but something told me to sit on that side. Around 30 minutes later I was upset with a lot of stuff on my mind, I was deep in my thoughts and when the truck drove past me I happen to look up and saw those initials. My eyes widen in shock and suprised and it picked me out of the gloomy state I was in. If the bug didn't fly in the car and if I didn't sit on the left hand side then I would of missed those initials so I feel like that couldn't be a coincidence but still I'm still scared that it was a coincidence. I did feel like the universe is trying to tell me something since I saw those initials that day and now I am starting to see a lot of 1's and other repeating numbers. I'm just praying to God that I get to meet him soon.
Damond in Rita
June 19 was her birthday. So this year I went and left flowers and a little gift. A few days before I was standing alongside a busy road that back when we were young was a two-lane on the northern edge of the city. Now its a 6 lane right in the middle. I was talking to Rita as usual, remembering the old days, and noted to her the big pick up trucks we have these days. "look at that one. I bet you would have loved having one like it." the next day I was talking to Allie and was going to tell her about what I said and she beat me to it with; "Rita likes the big trucks and wishes she could have one."... She was there as always. So for her birthday I bought a yellow matchbox pick up, one of the big late model ones, and left it on the tombstone. "i hope you like it. Its the best I could do for you, but you said you would like one." and the weather looked ominous, it was raining extremely heavy all around the area and I was concerned the visit would be a wash out. The friend with me looked online and found the weather radar. It was like the eye of a hurricane, all around us perfectly clear, just short distance it was pouring. Black and purple clouds. And as soon as we left the eye closed and it was a foot and a half of rain in places. A deluge. I believe that lone eye was held open for us:) after what I have experienced before? Yeah. I can believe.
Are you entering your senior year or did you just graduate from high school? I'm not saying you're not having psychic experiences, but normal life transitions (like the approach of college, independence, adult responsibility) can be extremely stressful. And stress can make the mind do some amazing things if you're not dealing with it directly. Just be open to the possibility that you may be finding something to stress out about because you haven't acknowledged the actual stressor, and your mind is giving itself something to react to in order to take some of the pressure off. I went through a period like this in my mid-thirties during a transitional time in my life - I had some longstanding issues to work out but I was in denial and trying to keep moving along a life path that I knew deep down wasn't working for me. One can only do that for so long. Anyway, I don't know you or your experience well enough to assume any of this, I know, but I just wanted to give you some food for thought.

The way you described it, it doesn't sound like a coincidence.
But what is more important is how you felt in that certain situation and what did you feel when you saw those initials on a license plate? It's your inner knowledge or intuition I'm referring to. Did you feel unusual, like the universe is trying to tell you something or more like an everyday situation happened...?
This is schizophrenia
Behavioural: social isolation, disorganised behaviour, aggression, agitation, compulsive behaviour, excitability, hostility, repetitive movements, self-harm, or lack of restraint
Cognitive: thought disorder, delusion, amnesia, belief that an ordinary event has special and personal meaning, belief that thoughts aren't one's own, disorientation, memory loss, mental confusion, slowness in activity, or false belief of superiority
Mood: anger, anxiety, apathy, feeling detached from self, general discontent, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, elevated mood, or inappropriate emotional response
Psychological: hallucination, paranoia, hearing voices, depression, fear, persecutory delusion, or religious delusion
Speech: circumstantial speech, incoherent speech, rapid and frenzied speaking, or speech disorder
Also common: fatigue, impaired motor coordination, or lack of emotional response
Hi Maci,
I am a big proponent of the Silva Mind Control system. I am not selling, just a satisfied customer.
I will:) I just hope that the sign that I had asked for was not a coincidence. I just can't believe that a few years ago I had asked God if he was close then show me his first, middle and last initials on a license plate number. After years of not seeing it I finally see it on May 26, 2018. Do you think it's a coincidence or no?
In reading your story, I notice you mention you 'knew' the little girl was a spirit, you 'knew' she was from Cambodia and you just 'knew' she wasn't from this time, which indicates your innate psychic ability. (Information was already being transmitted) You instinctively asked her 'What do you want' - a good question. 'Who are you?' is another to keep in mind when something similar, occurs again. If you haven't started one already, I suggest you make notes in a journal and keep it by your bedside. Use one side of the page only so that if you receive or research additional information, you can enter it down. Write down any similar experiences as and when they occur: the date and what occurred, deep, meaningful dreams, etc. Rest in the knowledge you had a psychic experience and you are open to more. They happen when you least expect them. Entering these experiences into a journal will encourage your ability to flow. All good wishes. Anna spiralsoflight (at)
Hi mothermae:

You can always call in an anonymous tip. The jurisdiction in which she went missing probably has a local hotline or Crimestoppers number where you can leave an anonymous message. Word of advice: don't indicate in any way that it's an intuitive tip. Just say that you "have it on reliable authority" (wink) that your friend's body may be in a local body of water. Perhaps research the area to find nearby bodies of water and see if any of them jump out at you before you call so you can be more specific. It's all you can do - law enforcement may or may not follow up - but you can rest easier knowing you've done what you can, and perhaps you can help your friend. Knowing things without being able to say exactly how you know them is a tough road. You can only do your best. Good luck. I hope they find your friend.
Hi Dreamercan

I liked your story cause it's so pure and simple while talking about love you were waiting for.
I had a similar dream several years ago and found it to be significant. In the dream I saw only his head, but his face faded a little bit with time... I can't say I met that person so far (it could be anyone), but I guess I would know by feeling.
Anyway, by the way you described your situation, I really hope it's "The One" and that he appears soon, I believe that now more than ever you're very impatient:-) According to the circumstances, this person plays an important role in your life and will bring you something valuable.
Just remember, everything happens when it's supposed to and for your highest good, don't lose hope.
And, yes, please let me know when you finally meet him:-)
Hello Min!

The statement that certain experiences can change the perspective of oneself significantly is one I can vouch for, as such was the case for myself.

I am at this stage where I no longer feel shame or pain from past experiences, but I'm also not really inclined to appreciate them. I think it's very safe to assume that I've got a very long journey ahead of myself and that there is plenty for me to learn and do wrong. Surprisingly, this seems very pleasant to me, which means I have no need to rush things at all.

I'm not feeling quite sure what my passions are exactly. Well, I do have a big desire for self-expression in all sorts of media, those being sound, word and picture. My Intuition supports as much, but whether or not this is the "calling" some people speak of, I cannot tell you.

My wish in life is to create my own, no longer bound by the musts and wants of people in high places to direct me as they please. To restore the ties to myself that were once severed and achieve greatness with it, however this may look like later on. All my life I have lived in this sense of discompany, to be all alone and forsaken no matter who walked by my side or who wouldn't, I felt so disconnected from everything including the strings of my own life.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm sorry it took so long to answer you. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say I resonate with your words and can feel you. I wish you all the best and freely stay in touch if you want to talk more. Love & Light
Okay do I'm new here I actually just signed up upon seeing this post because the same exact thing has been happening to me for a while now and I have absolutely no idea what to do or anything most of the time I feel insane or in over my head my mom's friend one told me she though I had something called the sight when I told her how I have dajavo about 5-6 times a week and it usually things I just complety don't remember exsperinceing and yet id feel like I done it said it been the before and not just something like that bit exactly the same and it scared the hell out of me I touch a static play radio and suddenly it works and I let go and it stops animals act differently around me I feel stronger outside I feel stronger at night more so at night that anything then on day about a year ago this very weird exsintric lady (I'm not one to talk being pretty weird myself) and she was just weird in a different way I want sure about a lot but I had a feeling about her I couldn't decoder then she took both of my hands squeezed them tight and told me I see a light in you a power so strong you wouldn't believe you are stronger than you think you are don't ignore it don't fight it just let it happen and God will take care of the rest be how you are and love how you are then she kiss my cheek and left like that we freaky as all mess and if that's not weird enough she do approach me after church right information of the alter now I'm not completely sure of God but u was raised Christian and I do my best but I was told god would never give power such as these to man and I can make heads nor tails of it so if anyone has any insight any anything that could help me at all please tell me please I really need help o feel like I losing it and if it is anything like this something I have no experience with I tried of being in the dark please help ~ ViperπŸ–€ Ortodox Christian but I don't think it have something to do... Anyway usually I try to be a good person;). Usually I dream a lot and I dream more councious BUT there are some things that happen to me in the middle of day after I eat and just before to go to gym I kind of I'm ahlf sleep or something, is like I'm in my body I fell it but in same time I'm beeing carried or pulled with great speeed in some direction is liek I'm fly in dark (I can't see anything) but I feel like the wind or the motion of very fast speed goinf in somewere, sometimes I laugh and I talk who is carry Me, sometimes no one do is like I'm go alone sometimes I feel like haw I am grabed by the ancles and sometimes I am grabed by my legs and arms same time... If I'm unconfortable and scared because I go down... Is like very very down, then I move finger and I'm like back in my body, but sometimes I don't wana wake up and I play... And I make this like half an hour... Carried away / back in my bad... Altho I'm wake very tired... And WHAT culd it be this thig:/?
Thank you crystal star. I do tend to prentend I have powers and am a huge believer of magic, so that could be the case.
Hello Rel,

To me, it sounds like you found out a little bit about who you are. Life experiences especially the more traumatic ones, tend to do that. They reveal things to ourselves that we never thought of before. Simply, because we never experienced them before. With that, the best thing you can do in life is experience it, try things out and find out things about yourself. Eventually, you will find what your passions are, and even your life's purpose. An once you know the passion of your life, life is fairly enjoyable, even the down aspects of it. Personally, I would never trade away the negative things that happened to me in my life as they were key in helping me find out who I am and what I want from all of this. And I can tell you this, it is a relieving experience. So, the question I have for you is what do you want in life, what is your passion?

If you say, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command all evil spirits to leave." In addition to that, you can use: "and I invite the Holy Spirit in." It works for me every time. I feel at peace and the presence (s) are forced out.
Also I use: "Get thee hence.", And my chest immediately feels lighter. I'm praying for you! Be strong and remember that you are more powerful than those spirits. They have to leave when you command them to.
Although I have never performed any of the talents mentioned above, I can say that some things are unique and natural gifts. You mentioned that empathy and some form of telepathy with friends and family. Instead of trying to gain abilities that aren't working for you or come naturally to you, maybe you should try honing the abilities that you already have. I too am trying to understand my own ability and its complexity. Some abilities just can't be learned, but the ones given to you are some of your greatest strengths.
One morning after a graveyard shift, I was driving home, and on my way, I was stopped at a light. There was a lady in a red jeep in front of me. The light turned green, and I was tired and cranky, but I didn't honk the horn. I just said out loud in my car (with the windows up), "Come on! I'm tired, I want to go home!" When the lady driving, looked at me through the side mirror. I went cold, because it was her face, but there was another face was over it, looking transparent. She smirked, and the face grinned maliciously. They drove, but they went terribly slow, and they looked at me as they did it, then when I tried to switch lanes to go around them, they switched lanes to be in front of me. I was pretty freaked out at this point, and knew it would be foolish to try and get around them, so I slowed down and waited a while for them to get ahead. I thought about the incident the whole way home. It was the first time I'd ever seen anything like it. I'd gotten the 'no feeling' from people in the past, where I had to turn around and walk away from them, but this was totally different. Really unsettled me.
Hello Cherib333, I have also had my fair share of experiences after I received my spiritual awakening. I started seeing the numbers 111, 11:11,222,333 and other numbers in my dreams. I have also dreamt of other events which have come true. Recently, I dreamt of the numbers 7 and 11. I am still trying to figure out what they mean. You can get in contact with me for further discussions at emmarexx3 [at]
Light worker, starseed? I heard that there are categories or types for psychics or light workers who came. You could be a guardian or warrior. I think you are a warrior. Some of your thoughts match with mine. You are probably at a very young stage. Once you develop more, you'll start connecting properly with everyone. I believe that. To fulfill your goal, you must be able to understand and sense all... I believe. Hehe... I hope this helps.
CrazyCat don't worry I'm fine, I now have begun to search my room before I go to bed. Now I just see the shadow man either for a few seconds or he's walking away from me.

My emotions are still haywire however and my intuition has become much much better in the last month.
SpiritGuide208 in Black Robe/hooded Figure
In your vision, you say you can see her... Do you recognize the location at all? It could be that she is trying to project herself to someone for help and you may have been the one to intercept it. Nonetheless, this vision came to you and you've been seeing these cloaked people. You are meant to help her in some way... It is one of your souls missions. We do not perceive things, feel or see things for no reason. Sit quietly and focus your energy on her, and then ask in your mind or out loud, how can you help her? You should receive an answer or sign. Here is my email if I can be of any further help to you. Best of luck. Laurissalinn [at]
MoonInsideMe in Weird Clouds In The Sky
Hey Kook, I saw your comment on my post, and I'd love if you could email me at AresWulf911 [at] ❀
BayFields7 in I Dream The Future
Hey, I can relate.
Around a week ago I had a dream it was extremely smoky outside (from a fire). Then recently there's a fire and wind is blowing the smoke towards where I live. My dreams that happen are usually of not positive things. Crazily they all have seemed to relate to my mom (she lived close the where the fire started). My dreams are very spaced apart also, so I think me and you are in the same situation. Is this a coincidence, or do we actually see the future in our dreams?
I am EXACTLY like you. I have always felt like I have this power inside me but I can't actually control it or make things move etc... I am really connected to the moon and I love the stars and the night in general but I always feel super excited whenever the moon is full and I often speak to it and to the stars about things that concern me. It feels like someone is listening to me...
I live really close to nature, on an island to be exact, so I've always been near water, trees and animals.
Everything you said describes me perfectly! I also have this extreme fear of living a normal life. I often wish to any higher power that exists to allow me to live an adventurous, out of the ordinary life, even if it requires taking risks or if it's dangerous.
I really like reading stories and especially fiction so I always find myself wishing I was lucky enough to experience something weird, magic, supernatural or just see what normal people can't see.
But then again I start wondering "Doesn't every human feel like that?" and think that maybe I'm just like anybody else and that what I feel is just in my mind...
Maybe it has something to do with my last life/lives so I'm going to see a woman my dad knows who's able to see spirits, guardian angels and she can tell me more about my past lives and the journey of my soul until now. I hope she'll help me find out more about all that... I'll let you know once I do because we are extremely similar.
Oh, I just remembered that when my dad visited this woman he told her "Once I saw (my name) as a baby she truly looked like an angel!" and she replied with "Not all souls that reincarnate as humans were humans before". When he told me about it it really hit me hard and I felt like I was finally really close to an answer...
Anyway I'm really happy to know someone else out there experiences the same things I do! I hope we'll find out why soon enough! 😊
CrazyCat - thank you for your good wishes. Sending them back at you too. 😘
Melda, I'm blushing [*shy*]. I love reading about yours too and the incisive observations you have on life and everything. You've taught me a lot about being strong and tackling life's challenges as they come.

I've had the occasional dream about my father over the years. But they were more memory dreams of the family at mealtimes or travelling on a holiday together. Very peaceful ones. None have been as clear as that visitation though.

Thanks for dropping by and for all your support. 😘
CrazyCat - glad to hear that meditation helps you. 😊 Listening to inspirational music helps me too. I also sing (I'm a bathroom diva!) and that helps my inner balance. I think it's because singing requires controlled breathing, which in turn is helpful for regulating blood flow and calmness.

Seeing11 - I hope meditation helps you too. You can also use various activities to channel some the excess energy in a positive way. Whatever feels most comfortable for you.
Leevi - Treasure what you experienced.

I have experienced visitations from my passed pets, cats and dogs. Fortunately I have been wide awake and glimpsed, saw or heard them. Their "personalities" are so unique that you know exactly which animal is visiting you. I won't go into detail, although I can carry on forever on this subject 😊

The memories live forever!

Regards, Melda
The pain and the feeling of being partially drained could be your body telling you that the "spirit" is willing, but the flesh has limitations. I think Mayank, another member on this site, mentioned about being very hungry after one of his experiences.

Expending all that energy will demand a lot of your body's resources. After all, our mind and body are connected. Like how tired we feel after studying hard for exams or concentrating at work all day. Just be mindful of what your physical self is telling you.

But as you grow older, you will probably get stronger. Until then, you might wish to pace yourself and take care. 😊
Jubeele, I just wanted to say, God bless your soul. I just wanted to say that.
Storm5 - Firstly I would like to comment about the change in eye colour. This is a medical condition. My older sister had green eyes (exactly the same colour as mine). At about the age of 40 her eyes slowly started turning blue. They eventually became the most remarkably blue eyes that I have ever seen. Strangers approach her simply to tell her what beautiful eyes she has. Paranormal? No.

Eyes also become a little darker or lighter depending on our mood. Take some time and google change of eye colour.

Possibly you and your cousin can synchronise your thoughts - that is not an uncommon phenomenon but nevertheless very interesting.

I am not trying to sound patronising but describing yourself as being psychic is a rather broad term. You are still very young and have a lot to learn.

It is very possible that you have psychic abilities but give yourself time to grow and try to keep your feet on "terra firma", don't rush it! 😊

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Just decided to browse on this site for a while today.

You mentioned on YGS that you had posted something on here about your dad and the other events you mentioned. You know how I feel about your experiences on all of these, because I have already told you.

Your dad certainly knew that he would have a positive communication with you. He appeared to the one who would know and understand. I'm not suggesting that he loved the others less but at that stage you were open to him and needed closure.

I would suggest to readers of this site to visit YGS and read Jubeele's other experiences. You won't be disappointed 😊

Regards, Melda
Hey Jubeele, I'm working on meditation. It's helped quite a bit. I'm hoping that it helps me balance.
Hi Jubeele! Well, when the incident started, both of them, my body felt like it was getting ready for a fight. I also felt strong and was sure that while it was important to remove them, I could easily take on both of them. Well, I can't say nothing happened after that. I was actually drained. I guess, I was half drained. My whole right part hurt and I slept like a log. The pain is the only thing. I was fine in a day though.
Hi Seeing11 and CrazyCat, we all get a buildup of energy from time to time, especially those of us who are sensitive or have some empathic ability. Meditation is good for focus and calm. It also helps control the excess, like a preventive measure.

Nature has a great balancing power. Take a walk in the park or garden where your feet can touch the earth or grass. Take deep breaths until you feel inner calm. Imagine roots at your feet, visualise the energy flowing back into the earth. Or go to ocean where the sound of waves and the smell of salt air soothe and refresh you.

Others have said they go to the gym and exercise, walk to their favourite spot etc. Healthy physical activity also may help to release pent-up energy as well. Mind, body and spirit will all have an effect on each other, so everything must be in balance for your well-being.

I hope this helps. Be well and happy. 😁
Hi CrazyCat, after you held your friend's hand and called it to you, did you notice anything else apart from the ice cubes feeling? Did you feel different after that in any way?

It seems like you were a conduit at the time to channel the power of a Higher Being. I'm you weren't affected when you helped her. But shielding for yourself might be a good idea too.

Do take care. Keep grounded and continue to grow stronger. 😊
Dear Gracie,

The warmth and tingly feeling you are experiencing on your hands, could simply be caused by energy. Energy comes in different forms such as light energy, negative energy, and natural energy. There are different consistencies for each, but sometimes our bodies react a certain way. We are constantly exposed to natural and negative energy and sometimes light energy. If at any point you have tried to use energy (or pretend you had "powers" focusing on a certain type of energy coming from your hands) you would constantly be focusing energy on that part of your body. Causing your sensitivity for energy to be more sensible on your hands, the awareness of the energy around you, would cause the tingly feeling and the warmth.
Dont worry about using your abilities because god is the one who gave them to you, to test your faith in him I'm only 14 and things are fine but that's because I keep my trust in god. As long as you have faith you have no need to fear. Also the screams of hell is just the devil trying to lead you down a wrong path or trying to stop you
[at] Seeing11, do you get scared sometimes? Sometimes, I think I'm losing it and no one really believes... So does it scare you?
[at] CrazyCat, the clairaudience is a possibility! And I would say that I am fairly new to this sort of thing, it's only been a little less than a year that all of a sudden I hear crazy sounds and sometimes people. Peace
I hope you find your way. What AnneV said is true. We get caught up in our grief and our subconscious to protect us from grief, creates a barrier. Perhaps, express yourself in words, write a diary. I'm sure you'll get a message from him soon.

It's not a 'goodbye',just a 'see you later'.
Thank you for your words, AnneV. I will try to do as you have mentioned. I sleep rarely and do not remember my dreams since his death, which I didn't realize until now. I still wake up hoping it was all just a bad dream. I very much believe he knew he was going to die, he reconciled with all just prior to passing and he told me just days before that he needed me to know that no matter what, he would love me forever. As much as I needed to have heard those words, it scared me because it felt as if he were saying goodbye forever. And he was. He also asked me if I was going to be okay while he was gone, to which I replied- what is going through your head right now Christian? You're scaring me. He was not going away on a trip and there were no plans that explained his statement.
Hey, want to talk? You can email me at crazycatcrisp [at]
Christian IS still with you. He sees and feels your loss. He will also make contact but until you slow down from your own grief and open up, you may not notice it. Try and and find comfort that not only is he still with you, but that you will connect again in the afterlife, if not sooner. Start paying attention to your dreams which is where most contact happens. Maximize sleep. If we don't stop and listen we won't hear. We get so caught up in the grief and the pain that we become a wall ourselves. Other realm communication is subtle. It won't blare at you like some tv. So quiet yourself, meditate and keep open for the signs. They will come.

I'm so sorry for your loss.
Well I can help with Aerokinesis but that's the only one unfortunately I'm still training for aerokinesis myself and I can call and banish the wind

To call the wind thrust your Right hand forwards in the direction you want the wind to go and think of it happening visualise it and it will come to Banish the wind Thrust your Left hand forwards the way the wind is coming from and visualise a force field bigger than you blocking off the wind and the wind will stop
Good Luck hope it works:)
CrazyCat if you want to talk over email my email is Joey42131 [at]

But yes the shadow war and only the people like us can see and hear the entities we are the only ones that can physically communicate with them and feel/harm them they are shadowy being that have been prepping and still are
Joey4213, the shadow war has already began. Last week, I was attacked by some shadow people in my dream and they drained my energy. I am still feeling weak as I write this.
Hello Blossom94,

I have always found the best answers come from within. You know yourself better than anyone else. With that being said can you astral project? If you can you should be able to figure out somethings by looking at your energy body or charka. I would also recommend running tests. Trying to do things, keeping notes of how you tried to do it, and what success you had. Eventually you will figure out a method that works for you. Books can help with this but they only list possibilities. This does seem to be your passion, keep at it and you will eventually get there.

Yes reading and practice does help, but they don't help me with my current situation, my ansestors sealed some of my abilities. Also I have a pissed off Chaos Sorcerer who won't leave me be. Reading and and practice won't make him leave me or my family alone at the moment or all the dark entity floating around either. Also I will not use my abilities to help someone win the lottery. So don't email me again dude! Thank you for the advice. Seems most people want to collect me or recruit me for something and get pissy when I say no. One person said they'd make my life a living hell. This is the crap I've been going through.
And I nearly didn't read the other comments. Joey4213, SHADOW WAR?! What's that? What does that mean?
Hi Joey4213! I think, it was trying to latch on me. I read somewhere that they latch on you to feed from you and become strong.
crap! Good job joey! I posted just about the same comment 2 times... 😠
also everyone this is very important!

Please do your best to develop your powers and ability as best you can because many believe there is a shadow war coming and no one knows when
Joey4213 in I Dream The Future
Hey contact me at Joey42131 [at] - As soon as you can

I have some information about this that may interest you because me and you have the same power.
If you are still reading comments from this post if you want to talk in private then you can contact me at Joey42131 [at]

For some reason I know a lot about powers
bfreelovemore222 in My Experiences And What To Do?
Raven... I understand. But more importantly, God understands. It's all about redemption, and likewise, forgiveness. From your heart, He already knows. It brings great joy to be known, and you will not be abandoned in your time of need... And healing...
There are also many that believe a shadow war is coming so please develop your power and much as you can in the case of this being true because we are in fact the only people that can see, hear, etc the "threat".
And CrazyCat Hi...
I think the reason you felt sick from this "ghost" or "entity" is because being near it might have temporary adverse affects on your body but I think that this side effect can be removed with practice
hello emmarexx3 Thanks for responding and me and you have the exact same power with help from each other I think that we can grow this power stronger. 😁
bfreelovemore222 in My Experiences And What To Do?
I am thinking of another experience that might be helpful to hear since it backs up my claim that God is your protection... One night I was sitting in our comfortable chair in the living room. I was sitting alone in silent thought. As I sat, a pressure began pushing in on my body. At first, it was subtle, but then continued to press harder and harder into my body's center. I felt the entity. I knew it was external to me. At first, I was trying to ignore it and continued to sit as I was, but soon the pressure on my body became so great that I had to give in. I jumpd up out of the chair and expressed, "Fine! You can have it!" I assumed "it" wanted the chair for itself and wasn't happy I was sitting there. But, as I walked from the chair voices started chattering in my head - my mind. There was so much chattering of voices in my head, and I knew they weren't my thoughts. They were relentless! The voices wouldn't leave me alone and only grew in intensity, much like the pressure that had been building on my chest, making it to feel it could cave I if I had sat there one moment more... I found myself standing at a display shelf in which sat a little old, worn leather pouch that my mother had given me from my grandmother's possessions after she had passed away. In it were small Catholic saint medals, and a very old, beautiful, green emerald cross, which I do not know the history of. At this point, I was at a breaking point for the desire to have peace back in my mind. I knew I was being attacked, and I knew what was in that leather pouch. So, I grabbed it, and I stuck it in my pocket... The most amazing thing happened. The unrelenting voices that wouldn't cease and were only growing in intensity simply stopped. At the very moment that pouch hit my pocket the voices simply stopped and I regained peace in my mind. I was so relieved, happy and amazed at what occurred. It left me with a feeling of triumph.

Right afterward, I had a feeling in me which directed me to walk into my kitchen and go straight to a bible I had sitting on the counter. With no thinking, I went to it and randomly opened the book. The very first words I found myself staring at were, "whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." from Acts 2:21. Now, how amazingly wonderful and beautiful is that? But, something else occurred after this happened. After I left the kitchen after having read those words, I went back out into the living room to sit down. I sat for a few minutes before hearing the strangest sounds coming from the kitchen. It might be good to mention that I am a single, full-time father, and at this time my son was 5 years old (he's about to turn 12 now), and he was sleeping in the bedroom that we both shared in this house. This house, by the way, which we no longer live in, but had many super-natural and haunting experiences in. Not just me, but my friends and also my ex-wife when she was there sleeping on the couch temporarily before finding a place of her own. Many more stories to share from this one house and the neighboring house which my ex-wife ended up renting and became our neighbor for a short while. Needless to say, we are still close, like family. Point being, there was something very real and troubling with those two houses which affected us all, so it wasn't just me personally that the entities were interested in. The two houses back up against a deep section of woods, and I have had the feeling many nights that "something" lived back there. I experienced sounds of something coming out of those woods and into my backyard. Sounds that, sure - at first I dismissed as being some animal or even birds despite the time of night. But after a while, it became apparent that there was something else. Something unseen. This would be the part of the story where it might seem made up, but I assure you that it is not. The house is in Antioch, pretty much a part of Nashville, Tennessee. The house sits on Mount View Road, and that's as much as I will say... The sounds in the kitchen were some sort of voices. They sounded completely alien, like from out-of-this- world-alien! They were not like the other voices I was hearing. These voices were not in my head! They were coming from around the corner in the kitchen I had just been in reading that passage in the bible, shortly after shoving that little leather pouch that had belonged to my grandmother with the cross in it into my pocket! The voices were very ackward sounding. They seemed to grunt in different pitches back and forth, and the sound of them could be heard moving about. At this point I was quiet and had moved close to the adjacent wall to where the kitchen was on the other side. I could tell there were at least two or three entities moving around and communicating with one another. I stood, still and rather in disbelief. I was frozen actually - not being sure what to even do. Inhad just been in that kitchen and there was nobody in there, and I had not heard Ny sounds of entry into the house. They just suddenly were there. I do not think they knew I was there - but, I could hear their, what seemed to be clumpsy movements the way they sounded. It was like clammering and scuffling about. I was sure that their size was of a short stature. It is hard to say why I felt this. Either I just intuitively felt this was so, or from the sounds I must have concluded it. But, whichever the case, the sounds started to approach the end of the wall I stood behind in the direction of the doorway! I was still frozen in my tracks and didn't move. I looked toward the doorway as the sound got closer to it. I knew the entity moved around the corner, not because I saw it, because I did not - it was INVISIBLE - but because in coming around the corner it actually interacted with my physical environment by knocking over a bookbag I had sitting next to the doorway! At the very moment the bag fell over all the sounds ceased! No more voices. No more scuffling about. Nothing! The bag falling over in synch with the sound of something coming around that corner caused me to take, equally in synch, two giant steps backward toward the hall and bedroom where my son was fast asleep in. I stopped and stood initially petrafied - literally frozen, unable to budge after the reflex movement back when the bag fell. This was the middle of the night, and now, where there had just been all this commotion and "talking", not a single sound was heard. I assumed THEY were as frozen petrified as I was - looking at me looking at them, type thing; except I couldn't see THEM, but I knew they could see ME.

After, probably just a 10 second stare down and a chance for me to catch my breath and composure, I actually felt rather ashamed I had greeted the first real first encounter of this - other kind - with such a fearful reaction. I broke the silence by speaking. "I'm sorry I reacted like that", I told them. I explained that it was just an initial reflex and that I didn't want them to think I was afraid of them. I told them it was okay and while I was formulating more words to say the sound of dead silence to me was deafening to my spirit and I felt very uneasy and a darkness fell over me and all the hairs on the back of my neck literally stood straight up. This was a worse feeling than the haunting dreams I used to have, which were no joke! I decided quickly at this point to move back with precision and broke my frozen stance to retreat back to the bedroom where my son was. He was still sleeping. As soon as I closed the bedroom door I heard them again! I could hear them in the living room now just as I heard them in the kitchen, only they sounded livelier, almost rambunctious! At this point, I concluded that I had no idea what was out there and despite feeling it was perhaps spiritual, I also had no idea! So, I opened the closet and pulled down a rifle I had stored on the top shelf. I loaded it and crouched down inbthe middle of the room listening to the sounds... I have always been attuned to the supernatural, so waking my son up and crashing out through the bedroom window wasn't even a thought. That's funny actually; and, probably just as funny, when thinking back on it, was me grabbing a gun!

I did want to wake my son though... I wish I could have; so, if anything, I could have had validation that the sounds I was hearing were real, but I didn't. I didn't want to scare him.

Somewhere in crouching, listening and waiting, the sounds of mischief from the other room subsided and I crawled in bed and fell asleep alongside my son... I like to think with one eye open, but I was out. Of all the previous experiences we all had in that house, the one place I felt safe in and didn't ever experience any supernatural events in was that bedroom. So, I felt it was a safehaven for us - the panic room, so-to-speak.

Interestingly, I found the sounds the entities made, including their odd language they spoke and their seemingly ackward movements to resemble that of the GOBLINS as portrayed in the 2008 film, Spiderwick Chronicles. That got me really thinking... Goblins?! Now, that was something I never even thought could be remotely real, but then I looked up goblins - in a serious manner, and Wikipedia had an interesting description of all the goblins from myth and folklore to even the possibility that some of those creatures could actually exist. The type that peeked my interest were the ones that said they like to cause mischief in people's homes; thatbthey can make themselves invisible to humans; that they live typically in the woods usually in a mound-type home/nest; and that they really love the taste of MILK. So, yes... The story continues with me leaving milk out for them one night, and the next morning it was gone. Of course, it could have been any animal that drank the milk - but I will never know...

So. I shared this story with you, to help validate my position when I answered your question you asked of us all out here, which is what should you do so you don't have to be in fear when going back down the supernatural road. My answer was to seek back after God. For good and evil are real forces in the world, and He WILL protect you - if you let him. I had thought afterward, about the chain of events that led to the encounter which I had that night, with what I just call goblins now, and I have to wonder... Maybe "something" or someone got angry, because I had resisted, but resisted successfully with God's help. Next thing I knew I had strange invisible goblins running around in my home! πŸ€” 😊
[at] bfreelovemore222, In a way, most likely god was my protection. My relationship with god is complicated, I feel I don't deserve gods protection because I turned my back to him, Like I'm not worthy for the protection.
bfreelovemore222 in My Experiences And What To Do?
Just one obvious question first... Since the hauntings really started after you renounced God, and you indicate witnessing things of hell afterwards, do you feel that your abandonment of God left you vulnerable to those attacks, and if so, are you drawing close to God again, or no? In my opinion, based on my own experiences, and in reading yours, God is your protection. Do not undervalue this truth. That is what I think you should do, if you aren't already.:)

I know the feeling of being haunted. Haunted in dreams by real evil - real hauntings - and they were terrifying. But that was before my journey with God. Now, if they try again, which from time to time they do try, I have the means for protection, and the ability to cast them far from me.

Good luck to you in your continued journey... ~b
[at] Seeing11, you can email me at crazycatcrisp [at] if you want. We can maybe discuss more about what's going on and share experiences?
[at] CrazyCat I'm glad to know someone know someone else experiences this! Meditation might help, I will try it
Hey Mayank3102! I'm currently working on accepting these things and on control. See, I realize that I don't have proper control. When I need it, or feel like I need to do something, I just let go completely. That, drains me of all my energy. So, I'm working on it. Thanks for the advice. I'll try to follow up on that. I too think, that I need some kind of voice or sound to help me focus. Thanks again!
Hi CrazyCat! I can understand your pain and I think you should grow your spiritual strength! You should read and learn more and more about your religion and you should meditate more! You should also listen to holy chants of your religion! Well, I am a hindu and I use to listen to many chants like Hanuman Chalisa, Kaal Bhairav Ashtak, Shiv Tandav Stotram, Maha Mrituanjaya Mantra, and etc.

So listen and chant holy stuff and you will slowly grow in strenght and your pain will get healed slowly!
My mail id is Nirvaanbabbar [at]

U can mail me anytime!πŸ˜‡β€οΈ
[at] Savariah

😲 Interesting... Good that you've managed to keep a sound mind through all this. I'd like to see these pictures/drawings! I draw what I see too sometimes. I find it interesting what others come across on their spiritual journeys.
I agree with Anne. Also my first inclination is to tell you to not get personally involved in groups claiming that they can amplify or help you if you stay with them. There are always alterior motives, and it's cultish. This is a walk that only you can do but... You already know you're not alone. Stay in the light because it's easy to be led astray, and you're easily deceived if you do not master the ability to discern between guides and malevolent entities. Someone with a gift like yours will be subjected to trickery if allowed.
I've been on this rock for 37 years. One thing I have learned is that purpose is what you make of it. Listen to the inner voice and it will guide your way and keep you on the path.

The end is near. A third of the worlds water is already turned to wormwood. (Radiated) Everything was set in motion when Isreal became a state again and it will come to the conclusion before that generation perishes. (Baby Boomers)

Live every day as if it was your last. Enjoy it, follow the golden rule and don't take things for granted. Don't worry about not understanding people. That is inconsequential just treat them well like you would a kid.
Jose Silva said, in his "Ultra Mind" program, that our job was to make things better here on planet Earth, it sounds like you are doing just that. Not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
G_light11 in Saw A Rainbow Orb
Wait hold up... Do you think it has enything to do with psychic upgrade... Like some "occult" symbols? I mean pfft... Psychic is dark magic or came from dark magic... When I see static I know it's someone, dark things means I zoomed my 3rd eye... Also don't judgeπŸ˜‚ I asked karma about dark magic & the occult. You know... 1st rays of creation... She to said its unspoken materials... Lol I went to bed after that... Yea we dated😏 okay I don't know everything πŸ˜’
Hey, does anyone have any good exercise that can help with energy focusing? I need some ideas. Please help me!
Hello blossom, I would suggest you read articles online concerning the subject matter and ask the universal energy for guidance and protection.
I see energies from other dimensions but I see their entire form, more than the person that helped me through the process of keeping a level head... Crazy that I had met an individual who knew exactly what I was going through... I had mentioned the thing I saw, because I was. Legit scared for my sanity... And of the thing... I was expacting to get that worried look and akward talk one would anticipate from expressi ng I was seeing a squiggly thing stuckb to the fan... He didn't say anything... Insisted we go for a drive... (I thought he vwas bgoing straight to the Looney bin... We go for a drive

And showed me
"his friends"
I have. Pictures of what I see, drawn

Even weirder enough months later going through my old drawings from school, I had alreadyd drawn my spiritual awakening process 10 years ago, my dreams have recently started coming true, which I have mixed feelings about...

Oh and I can see the energy flowing up and away from me, sometimes flowing with a long reach and sometimes short...

It reminds me of looking at a road on a hot hot day...
Ive also been experiencing the flashes jolts, and sadly and maddening enough screams, they were worse and "closer" like in my head before... Now theyre distant cries for help, hoping theyre just in my head for the moment, been a little weary of meditation since...

I sleep deprive myself often tho lol
Once you get into the full spectrum, youll n2m o longer need a label to define you or what you believe in... You're very luckyn tobhave hadnthat, other bn than the feeling scared, keep following then clues...

Inexperienced many visions in the short timeni meditated... The one that messed me up for a bit in a way... Was a 2 n a half second glimpse of me or someone dirty and covered in duct tape screaming a deep roar and she or I peeled the duct tape off while its tearing the skin with it... 😨 😟 I have been guided to something... Since day one of moving whereb I am... I believe its all playing out the right way for the work I have put in... Its just been a wild journey, hopefully all ends well
My beloved cat passed on this friday the 13th I have since then asked my spirits guides to help me connect with him in my dreams and so far I have only seen one if his eyes pop up in a dream and have heard a loud meow that sounded a little upset it could have been him but I don't know if was. We took my cat on the 13th to the vets cause he was constantly loosing weight it turned out he had cancer and only three days to a week to live we had no other choise to let him go everything happened so quickly but we got one hour to say farewell it was the worst day of my life I broke down and got into a state of chock I miss him more than anything he was the best friend you can possibly have I'm happy we got almost 16 years together 16 years of love and happiness. I want him to know how much I loved him and want to him to know that I feel sorry for not perhaps spending enough mtime with him the weeks before his passing. How do get intouch with your deceased pet in the best way.
I do agree whith illiums answers and would like to mention that in most cases the mind is a terrible thing to taste. We can however rewind our brain by the power of thought just by trying to think positive which is not always easy. I do believe that dark forces exist and that they can in rare cases effect you. I recently saw three black orbs dart across my bedroom. When I looked the meaning of this it said that it doesn't have to be of evil nature it could be a warning about something or someone then three days later on Friday the 13th we took my cat to the vets and it turned out he had cancer and only three days to a week to live sadly we had to say farewell I miss him terribly. It made me think if something dark was involved in his passing.
Hey, about the shielding and grounding, maybe, meditation will help? I usually meditate to shield and ground. Also, there might be books to help? I'm taking help from internet and this forum. Haven't found books yet.

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