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robmkivseries70 in Seeing Energy?
Hi jboarder,
You might try asking people how they are feeling after you seen their energy. It might help you establish a pattern to the meaning by means of the color.
I think you might be seeing into the astral. As we do energy work and raise our vibrations, the bridge between the physical and the astral get closer together, so to say.

You can read more about the astral on my sister site;

I feel exactly the same. When I have a bad feeling, I message my best friend and he's having an issue that I had predicted he was going through. Other times, when people argue, I get that feeling in my stomach like I'm on a roller coaster. I ask them what's wrong, and they tell me that they're angry. When I walk into a room, I'm overwhelmed with so many emotions and feelings that I hadn't felt before I walked into the room.
Hello jlb5685,

I also live in Georgia.

Your account about the dream you had as a child really struck me. I also had a dream very similar to yours on August 4th of this year.

In my dream, I walked into a church and met my Grandfather who has been dead for five years. I don't think a funeral was actually taking place in the dream. I knew that my Grandfather was dead and he said that he was tired. I helped him to sit down. After we were sitting, he told me that my father's aunt was going to die.

I woke up and called various members of my family, including my father - which was an ordeal unto itself as we are not a close nit group of people.

I could only manage to talk to my sister who only said: "Wow, that's weird."

My father's aunt died in her sleep two days later.

After that I talked to my mother who told me that August 4th would have been my Grandfather's birthday. The Grandfather in the dream. I honestly didn't know that beforehand. I had a vague idea that he was a Leo. That's only because I am a Leo and I tend to remember when other people are Leos. I don't know what that part could mean.

I apologize for the length of my comment. I just registered on this site and it surprised me that the very first story that I came upon had content that touches me so near.

Thank you for sharing your story.
So when you are practicing TK with worm feeling and head pressure, you are breaking through your physical body, and expanding yourself, the spiritual energy. Don't fear yourself from the worm feeling and head pressure. Hope this helps. And good luck getting back into TK and the new dimension. ❤
Be immune to the worm feeling and head pressure. Because you have no worm feeling and head pressure.
Nice way to put it lilylove, don't doubt your gut feelings, listen to yourself and you won't be steered wrong. I like the idea of keeping a dream journal as well. I feel like abilities such as these seem to be passed down through the female side of a family more easily. Think of all the stories on this site alone, most all of them that talk about family or genetics are about their mothers, or grandmothers and such. I think if one is more awakened, it gets passed down easier. I used to do similar things all the time though, such as messaging a friend of mine the moment they came online and were about to message me. Just the one thing I try to stress to anyone posting stories like this is you're not crazy and you're not alone. Just look around at all the other stories, people having similar experiences, it would be very hard to explain a mass craziness like that:)
~ Lyro
Honestly, I always consider this a part of Empathy. Empathy, no one can wear masks, no one can hide their true nature. Talking to someone and feeling like a part of them, you know how they feel, who they really are, so it's not really hard to read someones mind when you're a part of it. So I honestly see Empathy and things like mind reading going hand in hand.
~ Lyro
LabadaL isn't exactly wrong either, the point wasn't conveyed very well though. There is no past and there is no future, time is nothing but moments. Moments that have happened, moments that are happening, and moments that haven't happened yet. When you look at time in that way, feeling events that will come, or even seeing them aren't hard to understand. Things that are related to you, so things that will have an impact on you personally will be the easiest to see. Once you start diving into quantum mechanics, it can get really confusing very quickly.
~ Lyro
The easiest way for me to explain it is that emotion is a form of energy. Either yours or others will both be a form of energy, the stronger the emotion the more energy will be produced. Think of it in the way of his father just passed away, he will be emotionally in a wreck, the rest of his family would be, even you will be all because of a loss of a loved one. That's a lot of emotion, and therefor a lot of energy. Just like throwing a pebble into a lake, it'll cause ripples across the whole water, areas no where near the impact. These big emotional events, and that energy that comes from it will ripple out and can be felt. It gets complicated, and I'm sorry for that, but it has to do with how you look at time and the way it flows. The more impact an event has on people, the more emotions that build up, the easier it'll be to feel it before it happens. Many people have similar experiences, I myself included. The big bombing that happened at that race in Boston I believe it was, the night before I could feel something was wrong. I didn't know what it was or why, but I knew something was wrong and that something was going to happen, sure enough the next morning that happened.

If you don't feel ready to talk about it, that's fine, in my own experience most people won't fully understand what they aren't a part of. However, don't feel like a freak, this is what we're supposed to be. There are a lot of people that are the same as you as well, so never feel alone, and don't be afraid to ask for answers.
~ Lyro
I wouldn't hope for a mission like that, all it does is lead to trouble, trust me I know very well. As far as someone coming after you, it could be that you're meant to protect someone and the best way to get to them is to take out the protector. The_real_me has the right idea though, you should try meditation, the one with the most answers for you would be yourself.
~ Lyro
You are correct, I believe we found out why I lost my psychic abilities. I will keep you guys updated when we have the confirmation that my abilities are back, so we know for sure what the exact cause was.
[at] the_real_me, remote viewing requires a lot of practice especially if you can analyze the perspective of your perimeter where you are standing at, it also requires awareness in a different level.
thank you I will so in a few days if not today. Do you have anymore advice or need help with anything specific
I think you should try studying an easy form of meditation, such as sitting silently or perhaps listening to musical tones. You can search places such as YouTube.
You could start by accepting yourself for who you are.
Everything will be ok. You have to trust yourself and love yourself enough to help others.
HI! I'm very excited to read a story like yours! Up until the point where you mention the dream I almost felt like I had written the story myself!
Sadly, I'm in the same boat as you and have just as many questions. I have not been able to find answers so far and I'm in my 30's now, however, I have not given up.
While loneliness does make things easier, I don't feel that it's the only answer. There's got to be someone out there that could guide or train people like us.
I've come to accept that I'm just different... If only I could figure out how to better manage what I have.
Honestly, the best advice I could probably give you is that you should strive to be the best version of you possible. There's definitely a lot of negativity in the world, but there's also TONS of great people and positive things going on. There always has to be a balance. Try to find your balance. There's plenty of free info... But it won't be easy.
If it were easy, everyone would be as blessed as we are.
Hope to hear from you!

Hi Lotus12 I'm really curious about the pictures esspecially the rune.
I don't think that was your Spirit guide. What you are describing is the process of astral projection. Usually when you try to leave your body like that, it allows for another entity (usually one with bad intentions wether it be a demon or angry spirit etc) to jump into your body and possess it. I would be very careful if you try to astral project again. Sage your room before hand and pray or talk to your guides for protection over your home and body. Feel free to email me to if you have more questions 😊 tallerthanyou3 [at]
I honestly think that you can strengthen remote viewing is to practice by using meditation as a method. If there is something going on in front of you, just meditate. Instead of going out your body like astral projection, think about looking through your eyelids. Try to picture what is going on in front of you. This will become more effective as long as you are able to picture what first comes to mind.
I have no idea what you're going through, however I'd suggest not to be overly trusting of these visions, and not to panic, also I'd love to know when you turn 17.

Have you learned how to manifest? If so can you share your stories!
niccceeeee I have a ton of stories I can share more of mine I already have some on my story though just get back to me in you're interested i'm also 15 like actually i'm not a pedophile laughing out loud I promise
the_real_me in Help Me Understand
i don't know what you're experiencing but i've had something call my name in my ear when people were far or when I was in my room alone broad day but try meditating when you feel the presence and you might receive answers
can you help me with my remote viewing? I can do aerokinesis and telekinesis but what you can do t cool and unique
i skimmed over your story it seems to be a spirit guide and a dead loved one, try meditating when you "feel" them and try to see if you can communicate if you want.
i don't know why people don't ever comment but I'm 15 I have the power of telekinesis and aerokinesis but you should try meditating it could be the death of you nut it also could help tremendously meditation helps with focus and could bring your more visions to you could you read my story and help so I can become stronger with the visions and yes meditate listen to more frequencies and try astral projecting to find out what your mission is
i've never seen anything like this but one time I did have a dream my uncle had a baby but he was single then a few years later he did. Check out my story see if anything is similar then I could probably help. You should never fear death it's a beautiful thing 😁 but try meditating I think you could find some answers really fast because of what you've been experiencing so meditate for a long as you can and if you don't find anything then keep trying to meditate.
HahaHannahyo in Hellhounds In Dreams?
Ok so hellhounds relate to the goddess Hekate. U had this dream of being gifted magic babe. She's the goddess of witchcraft. These words can sometime be misleading but she is the goddess I follow and I just had a dream about a giant house sized hellhound with yellow eyes but wet looking fur. Almost mangy looking. I found this and u must know she's with u
Hi DarriuxDarkk

I think you are an empath. You are sensitive in picking up on other people's emotions and you tend to feel the effects of them whether it's something to do with you or not. You can learn to develop psychic protection to "protect" yourself such as by visualising your own shield of white light. In this way you will not feel so emotionally drained.

Many bright blessings xxx
I honestly have had that happen to me before, it turns out that the girl that was involved turned out to be a person that all dimensional versions of me knew. What I mean by that is for every other dimensional me that exists there is an other dimensional version of her that is involved with them somehow. Hope this helps! By the way there could be a more rare situation called twin flames instead that could be happening instead.
Unicorn3 in Shadow Man
Thank you for that. I do not recall anything of emotional significance before it happened. The weird part is that my husband saw it too and he never senses things that I do. I'm just glad it was just once. I have however, woke myself up screaming, but not remember my dream many times In the past.
I know exactly what you are going through I'm the same way about going out I get so overwhelmed with the feeling of depression and anxiety I have been this way for years but still not sure if it can be controlled I had to stop looking people in the eyes before it would slow down any.
Illumin (guest) in Shadow Man
Hello Unicorn3,

Shadow people are a fairly common experience. There is some debate to what they are, but I have always favored the composite of emotional energy theory. The theory is shadow people are a result of the emotions, energy of those emotions that is, that fuse together overtime and form unhuman spirits. They are basically parasites that feed off of the energy from which they formed. Let me ask you, did an argument or some other highly emotion event happen to you before it's appearance?

Illumin (guest) in Dark Man And Illuminati
Hello Monty,

What another person does will not have an effect on you, only your choices will. So I suspect that you traded your abilities to remove this demon in a ritual? Nevertheless, you should be able to get them back in exchange for something else or simply letting your desire pull them back. Desire when free and unrestrained is unstoppable and more powerful than any force in the universe. Just break those restraints and become truly free.

i hate to tell you this but it sounds like you were maybe abused somehow, possibly through hypnosis.
The tapping of the shoulder is s common hypnosis technique to bring someone out of the hypnotic state. Google it.
ebay82 in Dreams Or Obe?
Dmek3 I just saw your comments for the first time yesterday
I have been thinking of her recently more and I didn't know why. So I googled to see if by chance there were any updates in her case and I see it's been pretty active.
That's also how I found your comments.
It weighs heavy on my heart and what to do because I don't want to seem like some random idiot giving information to the police. I don't know how this came to me.
I've always thought of psychic gifts as an extension of one's self. And yours are no different.

Because they are a part of you, I think of them as 'sentient' in a way, or being able to react to your mental, physical, or emotional states.

I would say that if you ARE holding your powers back, you should stop. And stop fearing them. Your fear of losing control, or hurting someone, or even exposing yourself, is causing your powers to react this way.

To sum up this advice: Stop holding back. And just release everything.

If you wish to contact me, email me. It is on my profile page.
so was once this woman "Nina Kulagina" and she had telekinetic power and when people found out they (the scientist/government) started testing her abilities and she would do telekinesis for 2-4 hours straight long story short by the time the test were over she would feel a burning sensation or what felt like a ton of telekinetic energy running through her almost as if it wanted to be used... So maybe you should slow down on you telekinesis or use it more
what you experienced is exactly the same as mine even to the details regarding the tingling pressures especially on the head.
i wonder... The truth will unfold as time passes just wait time will tell
the_real_me in Wind And Water Control
first comment lol but if you're still trying to learn I ca help i'm an aerokinetic I don't know if I can help with the water though. So when it comes to wind you want to be the wind feel the wind imagine the wind flowing through your fingers pushing against your body feel the temp. Change until it gets slightly colder and just imagine it as if its already hitting you think wind stay focused.
Hello Secretlittlething,

I wouldn't worry about it, you are young and things will become clearer as you grow older. Eventually, you will figure out who you are and what you want in life and once you have that you will have a direction to follow. At this point in your life I would just look into things you are interested in and see if you really like it or not. It is best way to figure out yourself.

The exact same thing happens to me! The times when I use telekinesis or other abilities the most effectively is when I go into a subconscious, almost serene state. Once this happens, pens/pencils roll, paper shifts, and small objects move. Your TK is exceptionally strong. It's nice to know that you are still practicing to this day!
ha11o-wor_ld in Atmeokinesis
[at] the_real_me, thank you! I used to have a lot of doubt aswell, but I decided to try my best to overcome it. Anytime you have doubtful thoughts, just try clearing your mind or meditating. To try to get those thoughts out of my head, I usually just watch videos/ read stories of other people using psychic abilities and think "if they can do it, why can't I?"
I think everyone has powerful abilities, you just need to know that you have them. Even if they may not be strong at first, they will gradually grow stronger. I guarantee it 😁
If anyone has seen my other comment I also want to include that my grandmas sister was a witch when she was younger and then died and disappeared. Also when I was younger my parents took me to this lady's house and bathed me in something and said a prayer to god my parents paid good money for her for some reason but that's when I started feeling more darkness.
I don't know where to put this but I've always felt different from everyone else in a way. I feel this darkness inside of me waiting to crawl out and I don't know what to do. I feel like I have something special inside of me but I'm not sure what it is or why I feel like this. I might just be going crazy and that's why but I'm only 14 I still don't have a life and still haven't lived long enough. I have no idea why I feel this way but contact me if you can help thank you but I don't think anyone is on here anymore. Though.
nicee I have the abilities of telekinesis,aerokinesis, and had two accidental cases of remote viewing and I have some electrokinesis but I stopped ek because its one of the hardest abilities to have/control
the_real_me in Atmeokinesis
hm... You seem stronger than everyone else lol I can do telekinesis and aerokinesis and I think remote viewing i've had two accidental cases of that but I want to actually get into it now but yeah it seems to be that you have literally no doubt in what you do at all which could be why you're so strong when it comes to physic abilities because when I do any ability I have some doubt not on purpose it just will arise which holds me back but let me know how you next physic experience goes!
yeah your third eye is most likely open or opening and the "demon" could be from thinking negative thoughts try thinking more positively or try listening to positive frequencies that might help and try not to tell anyone they'll label you as crazy because they don't understand
Hey! I'm an empath and I'm quite convinced that I've also heard people's voices a few times in my own mind.

When you started speaking of this entity, it started sounding similar to what I'm experiencing, I feel like something is attached to my head, however I'm not hurt.

I'd like for u to know that you aren't alone in experiencing these types of unusual activities, and also that you should just relax no matter.

If you want to message, we can.
Drstee, thank you I had a wonderful day. I have seen a psychiatrist and was too scared to tell him about the voices so I only told him how stressed I was which he visibly noticed. I've been dealing with this well, I'm just going to starve whatever entity is on me and try to destroy it. I have also looked up symptoms of schizophrenia and I don't really line up to 100% of the symptoms, more like 25-30.
Hey, I am going through the same thing, the only difference is that I am dealing with ones that are trying to take control over me. They go on and on sometimes but I just ignore them or block them out. I'm happy that the ones you hear are positive but just try not to listen to them or do what they say. But it your case hear them.
I know exactly what you're talking about. As a kid, I wrote it off, but recently, especially this last year I've had the same experiences.

Before it would be mirrors cracking, or glass falling off random stuff which actually scared my dad once. But this year or lat least year I went outside and was feeling so many emotions and the wind picked up a little, I thought I'd "flex" my other skills I guess and the wind picked up, eventually I felt like I was an air bender;D but then I was like "okay, no... I might have some gifts, but weather?!"

Fast forward to April 16th, my sister committed suicide and that night I went back outside. I was so mad, so upset, so sad (mind you the day was "normal"before this.). I started concentrating my whole will into a small breeze, soon enough my whole area was blowing with strong winds, so strong that it started shaking this metal thing against my fence.

On the way to her "funeral" I had to take the bus, and there were crying babies and eventually a storm came, before this but after the air thing, I looked EVERYWHERE on the internet until I came across - Tempestarii (I think is how its spelled) a kind of witch that use to specialize in storms. Either making them come, or trapping them. Google "Storm witch" its easier that way. You'll come across some obviously fake articles, but eventually you'll find the right one - that will explain your gift to you.

While on the bus, everyone was freaking out, the bus was definitely not going to make it 7 hours more, so I started muttering something and twisting my hair (to capture the storm). People around me, were confused, and the guy beside me eventually asked me WTF I was saying and doing, LOL, the storm eventually stopped, but if I didn't twist my hair, it started again. Everyone was happy it just stopped and we didn't die, the back of the bus I think had no clue.

I believe you're like that, and with that is kind of being advance, so it's no surprise (but still awesome) you feel vibes and things like that! I don't think your heads playing tricks, I think you're coming into yourself.
Hi, I have had a similar experience. What is working for me it is to no pay too much attention to it and just let it happen without too much worry. Whenever I focused too much on it, it got worse. Learning and meditation are helping a lot too. Also I think that it is important to have good feelings and toughs towards other people and not to become anger when they cough because I do not think that they are doing it on purpose. Just try to be happy and to be a good person! This way I believe that things will get much better for you and others.

I hope this helps you!

PS: sorry for my awful English:p
All you said sounds so familiar. Mine didn't start until my mid twenties. It's been 20 years now. I have seen 3 loved ones pass, and I really hate it. None of them listen to me. I often wonder if I pushed harder. Could I have changed it?
It wasn't a feeling, it was a smell.

15 years ago I was camping with me aunt. She grabbed her chest. I asked if she was ok, she replied yes just heartburn. Instantly I was overwhelmed with a smell. It was nothing I ever felt before. 2 months later she was gone. Heart attack.

It was five years after that at work. A fellow worked was about 10 foot from me. That overwhelming smell was back. I asked when he seen his Dr. Last. He didn't know, but two weeks later a blood clot moved to his lung.

I then went to my Dr. So I could get something to remove the twisted stomach feeling, and knowing when bad things where on thier way.
ha11o-wor_ld in Atmeokinesis
My bad, I spelled 'atmeokinesis' wrong. I originally thought it was 'atmeokinesis,' I will try to get my spellings right - in case I post any more experiences.
Hi...I would advice you to see a psychiatrist, your first experience was induced by Weed, the voices seems to be increasingly stressful and makes you depressive, you only hear voices of people commenting about you (auditory hallucination), not really other people's thought! It really sounds like Schizophrenia or drug induced Psychosis. Have a nice Day
Unicron1000 (guest) in My Strange "visions"
[at] LabadaL

How dare you say, "Please don't take it as a gift."

It is a gift! 😠
Please don't take it as a gift. I am trying to say everyone; time is 1 peace. Everything on future already happened. Some events are so strong that their effects can reach to some special people (%8 of population) through past from their time. Sometimes the time is so mixed up you can catch many things and they may scare you. Just don't be afraid. There is nothing can hurt you. If you afraid, your brain will add hallucinations and bad senses which leads you untrue events. Stay cool. It's all about time. It's beyond of our knowledge. Mayans were drawing planes, astronauts on their walls (you can still see them). Because some of them were seeing future. Time... It's all about time is in 1 peace.
It's calling sleep paralysis. It's happening to me since I was a little child. I was afraid to sleep but I got used. I do recommend take some aspirin before sleep. Forget about over natural staffs. There are no ghosts but there are many things stuck in time which some people can see (%8 of population). Don't be afraid. If you stuck in the bed just concentrate to breath, know that your body is paralysed between sleeping and awaking. Once you wake up, it will pass. Make some breath exercise before sleep, always drink some water before sleep and take some aspirin (small dosage). It will help.
I got through this same thing right now, having people see through my eyes and reacting to it in there heads or far away. I almost have super hearing and am also dealing with a dark energy. Please be careful around them. Do not think about them or talk to them or listen to them because they will often try to trick you. Like the one on my now. I realize this was posted 4 years ago but this experience started about 4 months ago for me. Strange how the number 4 has be significant to me a some way. Never self harm please. I also need help I'm not lucky enough to have had people tell me that they can hear me broadcasting face to face I can only hear their thoughts of a reaction or from far away. It's definitely because of this entity clouding me. But I'm doing a good job I think dealing with the stress and dark energy around me, for some reason I can only hear everything about me. I've read someone else's story about this before and they had a better word for the only hearing thoughts and things about themselves.
I am actually going through this exact same thing, I'm under the age of 18. And I've realized that it isn't just people you are hearing, it's spirits too. Dark entities. I hear them a lot and they are one of the main things messing with me about me broadcasting so loudly. Thank you for saying that because I would think that they were in my head because that's what some people would say and that's what it felt like because I could also hear them react to seeing through my eyes. Just remember don't ever kill your a self I'm still figuring this out and I'm under 18 so we could probably help each other because I've been dealing with this for exactly 4 months.
Maybe the wind is trying lead you to lose control more often. Not in a reckless sense, let yourself be... Quit controlling your thoughts. This is part of you, listen to it. The more you listen the less afraid you will be, I promise
Headphones and 20 minute alone daily help provide clarity for yours truly (I literally have to make myself do it no matter what every morning, otherwise my thoughts are like bouncy balls and I can't see the real me)
I was just having a vivid dream where I was in a different house and found a door I hadn't noticed before in my bedroom that led to outside and it wasn't locked. Later (in the dream) realized that someone was stalking me and sneaking in to watch me sleep at night. I was woken abruptly by this dream by a male voice I'm not familiar with calling my name from the hall. I got up to check and called out my dads name to see if he was home and he's not. I did lock the back door earlier in the night (where the noise was coming from). When I got back in bed I was looking across the room and saw a ziplock bag that had my cats meds get swiped hard off the desk 2 feet across from where it was laying. I'm still in shock at the chain of events as there were no windows open for any wind. I know people have died in this house I don't think that's who called my name, but what could they want and is it bad?
lavielefevre_9 in How I Saw Death
, well. Congrats. On that power. My mother can smell death. Everything has a smell... I love smells... So many, and so many express times and feelings, but there's much to learn. Good luck.
lavielefevre_9 in The Letter H
well, my story is, that my soulmate, my girl, I gave her a number, 2. When I think about her, I see 2. Evrywhere, as it is on car plates, they tell me a whole story because I give numbers names and feelings and it guides me along,. My current boyfriend, (I love. Boy and girl but I feel like I am lesbian) ... Its difficult and not everybody understands. Still, his number is 8. Or 3. And sometimes, life tells me, through numbers and letters, what needs to happen. I think 8+2 is 10, that is smaller than 8+3, which means. I have to let him by himself, and I cannot have both, I need her, or him, I am 9. So,,,, think deep. 9 +2, the goal of mine. Is 11. 11 is part of my big spirit number which I call 2911. 2911 means me in full happiness". So I don't even consider adding his numbers into mine. Fact is. He can be happy without me, I need her. To be real happy with her. U understand =?!?!?!
hey, my mother told me that, with time when you are an older human, it gets all better, you get, what you can handle.
At a young age I have been able to hear voice's and sometimes see ghostly images around me. I was about 14yrs old when my best friend died and I was at his mother's house when he came to me to give his mother a message and "he said for her not the worry that his death was his fault not anyone else's he was in a hurry and didn't think that he needed any help and the house jack failed".
On a day to day I find myself talking to family or friends that have passed, I have lived like this since I was 14 I am now 48 years old and I still have spirits come to me and ask questions, some I can answer some I can't, but I do find the answer for the most part.
I've been having a few 'episodes' aswell. My powers aren't relatively too strong (I currently have a compact amount of telekinesis, and a strong amount of aerokinesis). I'm currently 11 years old, so as expected, I, too have trouble controlling my emotions. Yesterday, I got extremely frustrated and perturbed, due to the fact that I wanted my abilities to be a bit stronger. I spent the entire day venting, e.t.c. Today, my family's dishwasher and sink broke down, and they are now overflowing. When I am in a particularly bad mood, the wind increases in intensity greatly, and my abilities tend to get out of control. As of right now, I'm not too dangerous, but I just hope I won't actually hurt anyone. I can control my telekinesis to an extent, but most of the time it happens inadvertently.
it was not your imagination, I wave to them all the time and they wave, the tree people I see also wave, the fact you didn't feel fear is the very important point, your being shown into the other dimensions and they choose a way to attract you that would make you feel its safe. Not excuse it away as something you must not of really saw, and lastly you are now searching, they have shown me angels just like you said with the details, I have seen all the layers of feathers, I have seen how clouds are used to "hide" ufo's, I saw this one that was a rectangle shape and two square like decks formed one on each side and I could see clouds beings in them like seeing a pilot in his cockpit, the clouds have come down so low I see them slowly vibrating as they go through the trees, that I have seen a lot but this one time they surprised me with a show of the clouds coming s low they were seeping through the stockade wood fense and then these almost pipe shape cmes outof them and all the cloud people were coming and going fro the tree's. I would get fustrated at times allowing the human ego to interupt the meaning or teaching they were trying to provide me with and realized after all these years since this started we are not going to have a human word convo, it is telepathic from me to them, and they respond through symbolism. I read on another persons response a guy talk about a friend who talks to a ufo and has a way to have it say yes or no, that's actually the same way I started it to when we first met each other, up/down for yes side/side for no, funny thing I had asked them if they were also contacting others around the world like I was being contacted and the moon moved up and down... The first two years couldn't find anything with other sharing my experiences and look at us all now... The golden age is upon my beautiful brothers and sisters... Love u all
Hi Miniature Michael,
I just felt the desire to share my experience with you, and maybe it will help you out. I was also under the age of 18 when it first happened to me and I had no one I could talk to that wouldn't think I was utterly crazy, wierd, or had an overactive imagination. I won't relay all my experiences here, but the one that is similar to what you have described goes like this: After a night out going to a boxing match, the next few days I felt incredibly "off". I felt drained and tired for absolutely no reason... And I mean utterly fatigued. I was taking a nap, and during this nap, my mind was awake, and the "shadow thing" that had clung on to me at the crowded boxing event was revealed. I heard its voice and felt its heavy energy hovering directly over my head. It was draining my energy from me, and having had past shadow experiences as a teenager, this time I knew what to do. I called for help from the Light (if you had a flash image of yourself standing in the light, you may be the type of person that has such a bright energy that it attracts the shadow entities who want to draw from your light). The first thing I do is make a firm decision that this shadow is not wanted or welcome on my mind, body, or spirit. Then I ask for help from the highest good I know of (whatever credence, religion, or belief you have, or even if you don't have one, just draw from the highest power you believe in). And I ask for help in removing this shadow from my being. And in a flash, an opposite being, a being of the Light, appeared before me and the Shadow being retreated. My fatigue lifted immediately as this Shadow thing was no longer attached and sucking from my energy.

I did not realize it at the time, but I had also had something clinging onto me through several of my teenage years that caused me much fatigue and even mild depression. If you are able to sense these energies that are not your own, you may be born as a highly sensitive person yourself and it already sounds like you have a good handle on what you are sensing. And it even sounds like you have a good gut feeling... TRUST IT! You are not paranoid... I thought I was crazy too at the time but I now know I was far from it. Go with your gut instincts and intuition. If it feels off to you, its because it IS. Trust in it, and do a little reading on third eye clairvoyance, meditation, and intuitive awareness. Sounds like you may be born with some extra sensory awareness that you can develop. I really hope this helps you. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
[at] Goldrush

I thought I was the only one who used love to help control their powers. 😊
I am the same way. I have found that what helps me the most was to put down all of my fears on paper and the things that I love on another. Then tore up the paper with fears leaving only love. This made me imagine my worries dissolving into Nothing. I'm sorry if that doesn't help
robmkivseries70 in My Strange "visions"
Good Day,
Sounds real to me, I'd recommend a meditation program to grow your gift.
Gsdlover1971 in Waking To White Mist
I also have seen this white mist recently it was my brother who passed away recently from a heart attack and my nan coming through as I was having a hard time with my brothers passing just to let me know my brother is fine I have also had other paranormal things going on in the past when I was a kid my family are healers and my other side are Roman gypsies but everything was done behind closed doors back then.
robmkivseries70 in First Time Seeing Aura
Hi CCtiger,
I would say yes, that's very possible. If you'd like to develop your abilities, I'd suggest the Silva Method of Mind Control, there are both Live Seminars or courses on CDs. I'm not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
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lilylove in Inherited Memories
This used to happen to me when I was a kid. I used to have memories of going to places or remembering things. Turned out for those memories I wasn't even born yet. I think I just picked up on the energy of the memories because they were meaningful. I used to look up information on this but I really didn't find much but that was years ago so I do believe you can find information online.
Cayce17 I am so happy for you! It's been a few years since you posted the story but I am so happy you met him and for the update! I hope you are still together and will be for a long time. I wish you the best!
Hi! This reminds me of me from a long time ago. I haven't been on in a long time and your story is the first one I read. You are not crazy. You are intuitive. You pick up things before they happen whether its through random thoughts, dreams, and other signs. Some people call it a 6th sense, premonition, precognition and a few other names. I just call it intuition. Its pretty much the same. I used to dream a lot so I used to keep a notebook and I would write down my dreams. Later on when my dreams would happen I used to double check what I wrote to see how close it was to the actual dream. When ever you get a strong feeling or dream take note of it. Don't doubt yourself. It may be really important. Good luck!
Your fear is only making it worse. I suggest that you learn to control each power by taking time to calmly train them.

Whenever you are alone, train your powers to follow your commands. Learn to turn them on and off at will. To do that, try imagining a light switch.

If you want more advice, email me. It is on my profile page.
It sounds like there is nothing to fear. When someone you know passes away they always watch over you and try to communicate. Make a list of those you know who have passed away. Look at the list and the list its self will tell you who you have strongest ties with. I highly doubt a haunting would help the little kittens out and even put them back knowing that you don't want them out.
Denkatsu in I See Visions
Your visions are a spirit showing you a mirror of yourself. You need to focus on improving yourself and self worth. Disconnect from everyone. Dont feed your ego. Find peace without materials. Beware of socializing because it will distract you. I also suggest you sober up from weed and alcohol if you have not already. Spirits of loved ones and spirits of people you don't know are ALWAYS watching.
I know someone whose newborn kept looking at something he couldn't see. He did a cleansing on the house and cast non holy energy out. He found an apparition that had black skin, red tribal marking and a large amount of small horns starring at him from outside his living room window. My friend is a doctor who is very into the occult world. He said the thing REALLY wanted into his house and he doesn't know why it was there. Be very careful. ❤
NavidiS in Controlling Rain
U know. Even I got something like that... Cuz whenever I cry or am sad it starts to get cloudy and when I cry it's start to rain
And if my feelings are too bad., it turns into a heavy storm
And it had been like this for a while
And I really want to know... Wats the meaning behind it!? 🤔 😁

I know, what you feel. The connection is real, you do know her from your past life. I really do not know, what role in this life she will have for you. But it is the beginning of a beautiful yet (it might be) difficult spiritual journey and growth in your life.

You might end up together... Or not... But I wish you many beautiful insights on your path. It is worth it, even when it is painful.

PS! Self-love is the first part, what is needed to be done, because it is important to feel complete and whole without any other person would be involved or being within a mindset, "she will fulfil my empty places." No! You need to fill them first with lots of self-love & self-respect! That way you feel the best and all good, what comes is from within.

Positive affirmations would lead you to be the man you picture yourself to be.

Positive mindset will let you live your life in simpler matter, even when outside is difficult. It is art, what you could or should master!

Hope it helps!

Good luck! 😊
DeLeon94 in Those With Cloaks
I believe that they're wraiths. I've seen a few when I was young and as I got older. I did research on what I saw. They're vengeful spirits that despises life and they feed on emotions to strengthen their existence.
When I was 28 my mom started acting strange forgetting stuff and fainting. I knew there was something wrong before she was diagnosed. I was on a trip to New York and started worrying about her we left the next day for home I got a call from my dad he was coming over to talk. He told me my mom had a brain tumor in the frontal cortex of her brain. It was terminal. That was the beginning of four months of horrible tragedy watching my mom go through that. The day she passed at home my brother and my father were with her I came home and sat with her waiting. My thought processes were on high alert. My dad said you go home we'llstay with her. I hesitated but decided to go. I'll never forget how bad I felt she passed away within two hours. I still think about it 35 years later I should have stayed. I knew something bad was going to take place. I knew she would be going to be with the Lord. I just didn't want to see her take her last breath.
I always feel when something is going to happen bad to someone. At times I can identify who it is at other times the bad thing happens to another person just the same it's a bad thing. I dream of someone and my mind tells me to reach out to them. Usually something is happening to them. I get this nagging feeling and try to reach them. It's hard because I know a lot don't believe in this intuition but it's real. I had one today about my friend In Maryland just waiting for a call back
Wow, I'm not sure if anyone will see this soon but lately I've been evolving. Well technically we all are but this new energy activation has allowed me to gain control over all the elements. The influence is only little as of now but my air element is strong. I noticed that my control over them is heavily influenced by my emotions and state of mind. Before I would always try to resist the negative energy that came my way instead of embracing it and transmuting it into a positive so my energy stayed trapped inside me waiting to be set free. So now I don't even have to think about influencing the wind, just being happy or excited or joyful powers it. Even while Walking independently and satisfied the air swirls the leaves around me like mini tornados moving small things out of my path. It's quite remarkable and it still scares me that so much power is at my the palm of hands. When I focus my mind and allow my third eye to see objects in my near vicinity will pop or make a sound as if my energy has connected to it, which I believe to be the first stages of telekinesis. There's so much I want to speak about I really do have a lot to say on this topic, if anyone wants to speak more about you can contact me here or [at] tonimcknight24 [at]
Kitter_Kat in Hellhounds In Dreams?
Well let's just say I had a WAY different experience than you. I was about 6 or 7 at the time when I had my FIRST dream. The environment was not a forest but a rock path that never ended. The sides of the rock path were crumbly and cracked, but the middle was smooth and had no jutting rocks coming out of the path. There was a wall of rock on the right side of me, and an abyss on all other sides. The abyss below me had a red glow. It reminded me of the nether in Minecraft, but there was no blocky texture. I was walking forward on the path when I heard a menacing growl from behind me. Now my first instinct would have been to bolt away (me being deathly afraid of K-9s), but instead I turned around. There was nothing there for about half a second. A dog, almost twice the size of a wolf, jumped from the redness below and landed on the path a few feet in front of me. It had no fur, like yours, and brownish-black skin. It had dark reddish-orange eyes that looked like matte lipstick. Four smaller replicas also jumped out of the redness before giving chase for me. I ran and ran but there was no end. I woke up paralyzed, and I could still see the bright red glow of the abyss. I actually thought I was still in the dream in reality until the red glow faded from sight.😁 I had this dream again the next night. Same thing happened except the two rock paths flanking the one I was on, and there were twice as many hellhounds. Then the rock path started to crumble beneath me in the third dream. It seems like whatever caused these dreams was trying to stop me from running. Like it was trying to get me caught. I'm about to turn thirteen this December, and I had it about seven months ago after years of not having the dream. About two weeks after the last dream, I finally asked my mother what I saw and she said they were hellhounds, but she didn't think much of it. Recently, my girlfriend told me it was an omen that I was going to die soon. I told her it didn't make sense since I had that dream so long ago. She shrugged, and I tried to forget about it. Today I decided to research it. I just wanted to share my story.
TrueLight I also suffer from thought broadcasting can you tell how you can help
Also I apologize for taking so long to respond as I had a super busy week
Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one going through something like this. I don't use any social media apps or websites but if you want to help me unlock this part of my brain please contact me through my email. Email:longliveatari [at]
You're not going crazy, you're seeing your own future that is yet to happen and it either is a promise or a warning. I'm an alchemist and I have seen dreams of my future and they all have happened later on in life, the deja vu you felt is your inner soul telling you to be aware of what is to come soon. Whenever I felt deja vu, I stop and carefully consider the possible paths I'm about to take as they can serve as a warning of the outcomes.
You're not alone in seeing your future in dreams, it is your soul that managed to cross the Time barrier and see what is to come soon, I havee seen several dreams that I crossed the barrier and then I go backward to the beginning and there is someone that runs to me yelling "you were not meant to see this! Now wake up!" and I would jolt awake with the visions still fresh. Many of them I have never forgotten and while the dreams is never clear (think of how hazy and hard to see at times they sometimes are) and I could hear someone (usually my cats that's passed on) talking to me but is never clear until that moment happens and it gets very clear. Meditating and listening to your soul will help you be more aware of what dreams and visions happens. Hope this helps you know you're not alone and that you're not crazy.
That's awesome! I can't really do it on demand either unless I am constantly thinking about it throughout the day, which may have to do with the power of manifestation. If I lucid dream too frequently, I get depressed because it's much better than waking life LOL. Flying around, making objects, controlling the weather... It's like a vacation you never want to leave. I do believe everyone has abilities though. It's just a matter of how much we can open our mind. I just wish I knew where I (my soul) came from, because it's not where the rest of my family did. I've always felt so "out of place". Good luck with your lucid travels!
I have this ability, but I can't lucid dream or leave my body on demand efficiently yet. It usually happens randomly but the sleep paralysis or vibrations will become too intense so I immediately panic, manisfesting negative things while I struggle to wake up. That's amazing you can lucid dream whenever you want, you have a gift most people don't. You're not different or weird, everyone has the ability to lucid dream, it just depends on how connected to the universe people are. Most people have conformed to society, brainwashed by the news and other fear causing outlets... Stay Woke:)
Immediately after I posted that, the song that I heard minutes after finding out my brother passed came on the radio.
Hello, I have seen eyes too. A few years ago I would shut my eyes and see eyes looking back at me that just looked deep into me. After a few weeks, one day I was mediating and stared back at them with equal force and my perception "zoomed out" and I saw my older brothers face. If it didn't zoom out I never would have recognized him. It kept zooming out and I recieved a "this is the last goodbye" feeling and never saw eyes with such power ever again. Weeks of having a 24/7 staring competition ended in 30 seconds. My older brother passed away about 2 months before I started seeing eyes and I was the last to see him alive before his unexpected passing. I researched it later and eyes means you need to pay more attention to your life because you are overlooking something that's right in front of you.
What if they're humans on another plane who see us in the same way as creatures and dark and scary... Maybe so the universe doesn't collide as one... I saw one standing on my bed with a hand on my chest... But it seemed to be investigating me as if I were in its place... And slowly backed off I rolled over and went back to bed thinking I really just saw that creature fade away...

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