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My Presence Affecting Other People And Vice Versa


I don't know if this a good place for what I want to say and ask. I'm sorry if it isn't. I must try because it's too important for me.

I was never into this stuff before. Never believed in such things. But life surprised me unpleasantly and now I must seek for help. It started happening few years ago and grew into something I can't handle anymore.

I've heard something about body energy, auras etc. I've heard all people have it. I guess it's alright for them because nobody is complaining.

My energy, aura (or whatever should I call it) is different. It's affecting people (little kids and animals also) in a not very pleasant way and it's completely out of my control.

I can sense presence of people without seeing them or hearing. And they somehow know about it. There is this invisible energy field around me. It will make people cough, choke, sniff, scratch their heads, whistle, make some obnoxious sounds or react in other weird, inappropriate way (when I'm out of their sight, silent). I saw them freezing, dropping things on the floor or looking at me with hostility, suspicion, fear. People would follow me when I'm walking in the supermarket until they realize it's not something they really wanted to do (like they would wake up from a hypnosis). When I'm passing by they will stop moving and just stand still with this blank stare. Some will simply run away or whisper something too me (rude things occasionally). When I speak to a single person it feels like my voice is directed to every person around. And they behave like it is. Everybody stops doing their thing and focus on what I'm saying. Not because I have a special or loud voice.

It's difficult for people to have a conversation which is audible for me. My brain will focus on what they are saying and will interfere somehow. They start feeling uncomfortable. Conversation ends awkwardly. If I hear somebody laughing out loud in far distance it will end up instantly making this person cough. I'm entering room full of people (I work in a restaurant) conversations stop, eating stops. Complete silence. I'm in the spotlight now. Some of them watch what am I doing with the biggest concern. Like everybody is waiting for me to do something unexpected. This will not happen because I don't want any attention, I just want to do my thing. I look normal and behave the same. As soon as I leave everything is back to normal, everybody is enjoying with a relief.

Animals are very sensitive to me. This dog ran like crazy when my finger moved. Not to mention other one that bit me.

It's unbelievable how fast people react when I would just look in their direction. For example: I'm riding on a train, some person outside is standing far away in the distance, turned back to me. I look (just a glance), this person feels something and reacts to this immediately. It happens also when I see somebody's reflection in window or when I observe through surveillance cameras. Person will start looking around, searching for something. But nothing is there except me, but I'm too far away to be noticed. Some people can't walk straight when I come close (they tend to go towards me). I'm just moving forward, looking somewhere else, minding my own business. Some have trouble with standing up from a table when sitting next to me. Like they were struggling with some kind of a force. Friend once told me this: "Something is pulling me in your direction. And it's something evil". He was drunk and didn't remember anything the next day. But it only confirmed my theory that I affect people under the influence even more.

Some can't stand my presence. Few flat mates moved out from the same apartment. Many of them complained about feeling weird or having strange dreams. So I avoid people as much as possible. I always try to stay away and be silent at all times, to not to draw any attention. But something inside me wants all of it and I can't help it. It wants everybody to just shut up and focus on me (in short).

I feel this energy mostly in my legs (feet precisely) and also hands (people often look at my hands with unusual attention). It's very uncomfortable and hard to describe feeling. Sometimes shivering occurs. Also I'm feeling some kind of a short circuit in my head when somebody is near and is doing something (making noise, talking, moving). Then this impulse I create will make this person react. These sensations will stop as soon as this person will fall asleep. It also calms down when I listen to my mp3 player, but strikes immediately after song ends. Silence makes energy more effective. Worst is when people cough. They do this a lot. Why? Does it make them feel better? Coughing occurs often when I'm feeling emotions (like fear, sadness, happiness, anger etc). When I would think about saying something to somebody I'm having conversation with, but not actually saying it. When I'm creating a conversation in my mind. When I think about a person near me and in many other various situations. Energy is strongest in the morning right after I wake up and in the evening when I'm tired. There are days when it's weak, but then the next day it will come back stronger. I wish I could explain all this better, but circumstances are against it. I hope you get the idea.

How do you think does it feel for a person when I'm near? What kind of feeling makes them do all these unexplainable things?

Maybe it would be fun to have such ability but only if it was under control. Mine is out of control and is with me all the time. It makes my life really miserable and exhausting. That's why I'm looking for any help.

What is happening to me exactly?

Can anybody help me? Perhaps tell me how to control it or just help me to understand it better? Now it's beyond my comprehension and it scares me. I would be thankful for any advice.

Sorry for my english and thank you for your attention:O

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Joshstr003 (1 posts)
2 years ago (2021-01-26)
I have experienced stuff like this to but I don't think "auras or "energy" is a good explanation for it. I have looked into the term "gangstalking","proactive-policing", or any theory that this is some type of psychological harrasment program and to be honest I while it still has some inconsistencies I think its a better explanation for all of this. Also a lot of my experiences would seem to confirm this leans more towards something of the latter which I stated. Who knows they might spread nonsense about this "spiritual" or "psychic" stuff just to further confuse people. I mean these explanations for things never really helped in the first place for me except as maybe a metaphor. But I'm still willing to talk with whoever is also experiencing this stuff.
kaj (1 stories) (2 posts)
2 years ago (2020-11-10)

I just found my topic here by accident (yes, It's been a while). Is anybody from people who commented still here? Or just anybody who would like to talk about this unusual experience?
welldone (1 posts)
3 years ago (2019-10-28)
Hi, I have had a similar experience. What is working for me it is to no pay too much attention to it and just let it happen without too much worry. Whenever I focused too much on it, it got worse. Learning and meditation are helping a lot too. Also I think that it is important to have good feelings and toughs towards other people and not to become anger when they cough because I do not think that they are doing it on purpose. Just try to be happy and to be a good person! This way I believe that things will get much better for you and others.

I hope this helps you!

PS: sorry for my awful English:p
Jpopova25 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-05-06)
Hay there,

Have you had a spiritual awakening? That could be the reason. Although you're noticing that the reactions from others are more hostile than anything.

I'm experiencing something similar and hence decided to search online to see if anyone could possibly relate. Only my experience is a bit different. I too get followed, starred at, and in a crowd people leave a lot of space between me and them. Or the opposite, they would constantly come too close. Some look and look horrified. I used to model. So it obviously doesn't relate to my physical appearance. Some people get extremely hostile. Some become puppy dogs. So it's usually one way or another. Nothing in between. I also noticed that I started getting anxiety, stomach aches, and nausea around many people. To the point of not wanting to be around anyone. I was always sensitive but it was never this intense.

My advice to you is to embrace who you are and be like a rock. Don't react when others do. Ignore it and keep being yourself. Or another option is that you can possibly have some kind of an entity attached to you so perhaps go see a specialist. It could just be your energy. Especially if you've became spiritual awakened recently and practice meditation, Self-love, and proper nutrition.

Good luck.
EzProdigy (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-04)
Thank you! I am experiencing the same thing. Like my energy affects people around me too. Like when I feel my energy change or emotions they come out strongly too and people begin to cough out of nowhere and for no reason. Just because of my energy, emotions, and my thinking. I don't think were sorounded by original humans. I knew something wasn't right with society cause I remember how it use to be back then and everybody was full of life and everybody would behave more human. Either that or I think thier minds are being controlled by some puppeteer. You know? Like someone pulling their strings or demons at work aware of me and using people who are easily possesed to send a hostile vibe. Whats weird is that all the people suddenly changed at the exact same time and started doing there fuc**** bullshiat on me and all these symptoms happens anywhere with different people doing the same shiat. I feel like its the same ******* entity over and over. Like copies of them but in different bodies. You know like parasites, viruses, Oh, and I was at church when this happened and they just started to look disrespectful. Wtf am I saying, they were being disrespectful. Even the pastor wasn't acting like one of gods people. I hate all those people in church because they all look sooo ******* fake as fuc*. Supposedly all the people at that church ask the pastor to help them remove pain, bad juju, etc and through prayer they were all cured... I have soo much faith, hope, purity, and I try to be as pure truthful to myself that I do believe in miracles and a savior but I never got cured of the bad energy attached to me. I wanted to believe that it cured me but I knew that I had to search up things logical to help me understand and give me possibilities what it could be or mean which I ended up in sites like this. Thank yall for sharing because now I know that what I went threw wasn't false reality or my mind playing tricks on me. I'm not that ignorant, I hate those type of people. Because of those ignorant selfish people I have to pay 3,000$ for a illness that I don't have. Theyre illness is pure ignorance and selfishness. I don't like to put all my problems on god and expect him to solve it for me like what most people do. Those type of people are what you call self centered, selfish, put no thought or time about what they say, and are the type of people who randomly shows up in your party and only came there for the free binge and doesn't know you. I see them all the time. I just want god to care for me what I'm going through. All I want is a god who isn't a manipulator or a puppeteer or a deciever or a hypocrite or anything close to a demon. I just want the sense of someone and I mean atleast one who cares with such care and love. I'd feel like shiat if I were to find out that nobody was really looking out for me and more down if God hasnt notice my love for him. I keep my mind open and not believe in everything what supposedly happen because we really don't know if someone can actually change events such as the bible. Like contradict the bible by exploding earth before the future events happen. If its true that anything is possible that means we don't have to go through what has been set already. I really don't like it when your future is already been planned out by a higher power and that you been told what's going to happen will happen and we can't change the outcome like the bible. Doesn't that make you question if its possible to what you been told by a higher presence like god and the lack of knowledge that we know about him? Really and this been themselves were involved and thier followers being blinded by thier good deeds and and miracles and for telling the future and establishing morals. For all we know, they just give us things that they know will happen were people church people were doingenergy vampires". They all had some sort of issues and they all got cured... They do it all the time... Fakes... And they do it at such ease that it looks straight up fake... And knowing how society. Sometimes we got to look for clues. Like thier facial expressions, body language, hand movement, reaction, how they act. Like you'll pick up a weird feeling mostly because they do it all the time but we don't really pay attention because were in la la land but if you were to focus and just see how they are youll pick up that person is acting like the other person. The coughs are the most obvious ones cause you can tell a sarcastic cough from a real one and what's irritating is that they pull off the cough naturally like if they were practicing coughing for people like us. I hate those energy sucking parasites, people turning to god just to recieve blessings. They act as if they are smarter than us but in reality they are as ignorant stupid and blind. All those people think thier going to go to heaven just for believing thier good. I know for a fact that they don't know how evil thier ARE insides. There was this time where all the people in my neighborhood like kids and moms where outside watching a fight between me and a sorta friend and I could see how tainted there souls are. I cut myself in front of them and I didn't get no reaction like a disgusted look or reaction or some sort of concern and I was bleeding real bad. All the blood dripping off. Soo much of it and what I been through I can only tell you that I have been through this type of shiat before and my vizions was not random. It actually showed me glimpses of the past life. Who is experiencing the same. The only reason why no one here has said anything about the people who gives them bad vibes is because were all unaware what is really going on and what we just fuc****saw just happened.
when my energy started to go fluctuate and became aware of what I saw, heard, and touch. Trust me, this has nothing to do with a mental illness. All my family history has no mental illness. Just old age type of illness, like diabetes and I been sent to a mental institution just for wanting to kill myself and and for saying that I hear voices and see things and they just
Said that I have schizophrenia. They didn't even do a analysis on my brain. Like wtf, your just going to say that I have schizo when you haven't even done an analysis on my brain and just give me pills to make it go away? Bullshiat, the pills they give don't work for shiat and gives you side effects and chemical change in the brain. What kind of human either that or they are starts to cough annoyingly then another one then another one. I swear in my life that there were multiple of people doing the exact same thing I also hear them prounounce the s' too much. To be honest, I think theyre snake people because no humans is capable of reaching that potential yet. Everywhere I go they do the annoying coughing sound and people start acting weird and it'll feel like theyre mocking me in a way and they'll try to annoy you in any way like the coughing, S' sounds like a snake, "erhm erhm" phrase. Blowing thier nose, intentionally knowing it will affect me, sometimes they'll try to slip in the word stupid without me noticing it but I always catch it but it hurts me when I hear it or absorb it because its a negative word and they'll say stupid in telepathic and hurt my energy and try to piss me off to the point where I just wanted to go up to the source or sources and fuc**** kill them because I know for sure what is considered to be normal and peaceful. All those people doing those reactions is probably a glitch due to our energy and depending how strong your mind is cause I happen to manipulate reality and know when theyre about to do thier annoying reactions towards. Who know you guys won't believe me but I don't think were are mostly humans. I believe there's a type of human being. Like most of them in disguises. Like fuc**** demons morphing into someone you know... Like they will act like fake people and act all rude and annoying. They start to look like not human after they feel my presence Like I can see thier true forms take place. Has anyone notice that people do the same reactions everywhere you go? Has anyone also noticed when you try to trigger them they turn hostile in a low key way and if yall pay close attention you'll start to hear them hiss or hear them stutter and they sound like snakes when your energy is over active. Has anyone heard people sounding like serpents or hissing at you and the coughing, energy sensing and bad vibes, people acting like pricks and people acting like non human?
I hope yall know what the matrix is because were inside it if you haven't noticed the weird things happening to people and other changed events like the mandela effect. I think were in purgatory if people are acting like a glitch when I pass by which means were in a virtual reality simulation and the real reality is gone since we lived it already. I know I had lived before because I got glimpse of things like foresight and if it was my first time alive I shouldn't be having like a flashback of were I was at. If were in the matrix that means someone on the outside can manipulate matrix and theyre basically playing god on a computer or its a super computer that regulates it automatically. I know it sounds far fetched but if you look up all the things that relate to each other youll start to see how things are simply connected together like atoms inside a germ and a germ inside host.

Search up; matrix, chakra energy, kundalini energy, super computer, curses that are related to voices, witchcraft affects mind and energy, Puppeteer, selling your soul may also be a factor. A spirit can also cause mind illness. It happened to me when a spirit walked straight through me and it warped my mind. Also, drugs can also open or awaken something inside you. I did a drug that made me see the things I couldn't see. I saw demons as humans, black winged angels as humans, devils as humans, horned people, black eyed people, dead people but they were alive like the undead. Like if I could see a reflection of them and that's how they were seen in my eyes or like if that was the real reality that we live with all kinds of entities and don't know whos really a full human and not half human half etc. Anyways, I didn't explain it clearly but the point is everything is connected to something and that something is connected to that other something and the other something can effect the other or maybe we need to heal all the areas that are related to the mind, brain, heart, chakras, the inside and outside of yourself, the environment, a curse needed to be lifted. If you get a brain scan maybe you can
See what your brain is doing compare to others. They might tell you a specific type of condition it could relate to. If he says there's nothing going on in your head and are signs are normal. Then you should know that you need to start to heal your brain spiritually and not physically. You don't need any pills if they say it'll help it. The fact is they do that to get more money and telling you to take them as prescribed. Pills will have a bad term effect once you stop taking them. Pills won't make it go away only prolong it for a specific time. If you really want the bad to go away your going to have to start being calm and collected. Your going to have to stop being negative which means not doing things that make you feel bad or worst. Dont think too much because that's how your mind starts to get nostalgic because all the anxiety and thinking of something out of nowhere or out of thin air. It changes your vibe cause your focusing your energy on your mind, the brain where the source of the voices. If you focus your energy on where it hurts like the heart except the mind because something blocking the energy flow. Maybe all the things the mind has to do all the time is why we get some type of manifested energy and I guess that energy is stuck because need to circulate your energy flow. Reply back to me, I need a response from someone who knows about the weird coughing people and how they seem to be everywhere we go and in every person we come across it'll do that weird coughing ànnoyingly and theyre not even sick. I'm already close to piecing everything together. I test the people I usually hang out and they been doing the same thing when my energy acts strange. I don't get why they do the same reactions as the others did. I think that were not the ill minded ones but victims of an ill minded one. A parasite, virus. You know, like copies replicas. That would fu***** suck if I found out I was living with a bunch of parasitic type of people. Not the authentic type of people. I will find out who or what those poeple are and why they do thier bullshiat directly at specific people. I'll let yall know if I happen to get a jist of what's going on. It would be a lot of help if you experience the same, to talk to me. It would also clear up things if we could all meet each other and see how we all react to each other. My email is

Joel9bartolo [at]
Rikoeip (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2017-12-27)
I have had similar experiences but I think what your experiencing isn't supernatural (which is fake by the way, ghosts, auras etc don't exist) I think it all ties in with energy your energy you give off and your interperation of others create these situations since I think logically and not spiritually this is a perfectly good explanation
My mom is similar to you her energy messes up with others around her whether its her animals or not

Everybody is energy whether emotional or not and your idea on the world reflect those around you trust me I struggle with the same things too it is crazy that's also why I am a hermit most of the time except for work I don't want to deal with others issues but that's life sadly
power00000 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-12-26)
Wow thank you for posting this I have exactly the same experience and here's how I think about it

Either for genetics or other reasons people who have this simply have stronger psychic and supernatural abilities then other people it's just they have not yet learned what these abilities are nor how to control them

It's like If the baby had big muscles without the control of an adult it would be causing chaos everywhere even without intending to express harm

Same thing with us we have a very big psychicMuscles and before we learn what they can do and how to control them we are like the strong baby flapping its arms everywhere hitting everything

So in order to reduce the incidence of reactions around us that we perceive as negative or not useful we need to learn more about our abilities and how to control and direct them

Through keeping my body healthy resolving my emotional issues achieving a sense of personal freedom and using things like yoga and meditation as well as reflecting deeply on these experiences and on my abilities and by using my abilities I am learning some element of control ❤
betterlife (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-07-19)
Any updates Kaj? It has been a good while. I have nothing else to say, I'm just reaching the 50 character threshold now. However, hearing your progress or decline would be interesting and good to know,
Amirzeus (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-07-14)
I feel the same thing too. Not sure what it is. People freakout and cough non-stop. And once I'm out of the room/sight everything turns back to normal. Even animals are scared of me just by looking at them. Also, people cannot stop staring at my hands as well. My hands are cute and have nothing wrong with them. Probably its the aura that we cannot control. At times, peoples cough is so annoying that I start thinking are people crazy. 😜
Natural1 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-05-16)
For Dog Barking: This is given by an ''Indian Guru'', please follow below for recitation

- Please Thank Guru (Teacher) for this procedure given by him, and mantra before reciting.

- call wolf on your own thought and pray to it for the barking to stop.
Chant or say " Mimulus" as many times as possible daily.
- before going anywhere thank dog (s) and be grateful to them for not barking at you, do this daily.
Thank God for blessings.
Natural1 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-05-13)
For Coughing in presence: This spiritual website might has Answer, it is just a guess, so please read/study their website, after all it's your own wisdom and intuition.

Afro (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-04-27)

I am experiencing the same thing... Everything! I don't know what to do... As soon I step outside it is like the whole city is aware of me, I am litteraly scared to even breath for I noticed that I can hear coughing at windows, dogs bark at me et see me almost like a strange creature... I lost a 6 years relationship as these "powers" are getting stronger... I quit my job for I started to become the guy everyone try to stay away from... I did some research and found that it is a kundalini awakening for it all started with an energy surge at the base of my spine... They say that you have to get rid of your negative blocks for the whole thing to turn positive and improve your life by attracting positive reactions, people, etc. As of now I'm at the very bottom feeling like I'm punished or possessed... They say kundalini yoga should help regulate... I'm looking into it because I can not live this way... May be we could create a whatsapp chat forum or something? I feel slightly better to know that I am not the only one. I will keep you posted as soon as I find a way to control whatever that is... Be blessed!
teeni (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-23)
I googled and found some more stories of people like me noticing people coughing. Other people say it's paranoia, and they just have a sore throat, and how do you know they weren't coughing before or after you were there?
See that's the crazy/confusing/great thing about this- you make it into existence by THINKING about it.
When you thinking about it, you get nervous/angry/whatever, and give off energy, cueing the cough.
It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The only way to stop it is to solve any problems you may have (for me, my anger/fear towards my dad), to stop the reason (either unconscious or obvious) for the potential anger/retaliation.
The thing is not to make it about it coughing.
If you make it about the coughing it'll go on forever. Afraid/angry people will cough--> emit energy --> people cough --> cycle begins again.
If you don't have any problems (such as the abusive dad, anger towards some family member) then just try to ignore it. You're making it happen by thinking it's real. Just try to remember people can be nice. Just because they cough doesn't mean they think badly of you. You could be unconsciously letting out some subtle negativity or doubt or fear and they're just responding to it, but they don't actually think badly of you. You'll find what you see. If you look for the good in people, you may be pleasantly surprised- if you concentrate on the bad, that's all you'll see or get.
Also yes it happened to me with animals and kids too. They would cry, dogs would growl at me, bark, howl. The thing is not to think badly of them or let it get to you. Don't think they are attacking you. If you do you'll just get angrier and prolong the episode. (All this information was specific for me, it may be slightly different for other people).
teeni (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-23)
Hi I had the exact same problem. I felt like I was giving off large amounts of energy, and I couldn't control it, and people would cough, look at me intensely, etc.
This has become much better lately.
I think it came from me thinking emotions were bad to express/problems with my abusive father confirming this (I stayed with him for one year, then he left). Whenever I was around guys I would get angry/scared, and would release large amounts of energy. Because of this I began feeling all emotion was bad and whenever I'd feel any intense emotion- whether joy, sadness, anger, despair- it would come out in a very intense way. Normally people feel those emotions, but it doesn't really do anything to other people. It was the fact the emotions were so taboo to me, that when any emotion came out it came out extra strong and with a very rebellious/angry tint to it. I had anxiety along with this/relating to this, and lived in a group home. As I went outside more and tried to just ignore the energy etc while trying to minimize my energy, my anxiety got better. Recently I reconnected with my dad, and this removed the anger/fear I felt towards men, and recently this has decreased my energy a lot. People still occasionally cough around me, but I try not to let it bother me. I realized before the more I focused on it, the more angry I got they were coughing, the more they would cough. Before it was also before I had the reason for the anger/coughing- my anger/fear of men. Now that that is gone I am just able to ignore the coughing mostly, while still trying to minimize my own energy obviously.
elaineee (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-27)
I havê myself the same experiences for years, always get worst when I AM tired, I know I havê a good vibe I pray and meditate a lot, but why I feel Like I make people and dogs chock, Water their eyes and scrach their noses, I try só hard to control, but I can not, people also havê a tendency to turnê their heads my way and I AM nota even good looking, is magnetic pull, I wish I knew more about it. Can anybody realy help?
Elrisae (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-02)
I have these problems sometimes too, but mine is more of people feel lethargic and sluggish when around me while I feel more vibrant and happy. It's the same when I'm not around them, but vice-versa. I'm the one that feels lethargic when I'm not around people and they feel like their normal self. The only this doesn't happen is when I am in a large group like at a concert or something.

Animals and babies on the other hand seem to love me and brighten up around me, so I don't exactly have that in common with you.
Giorgi (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-01)
i have the same problems. People are yawning and coughing permanently while around me even from a distance. It is so stressful. I want you to be friends. Maybe we should find any way to solve our problem
Joe1982 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
It is like if you looked at a person with such intensity and focus, others around will follow the peculiar gaze towards them.

The problem is you're looking at yourself this way, all the time. People follow the intense gaze at yourself... 'What's up with this guy?'
Start looking outward. Confidence and happiness are key with losing this extreme self-consciousness.

Good Luck,
Joe1982 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
All this, it sounds terribly like you're very self- conscious. Not super-natural.
You don't sound awkward and nervous but then again, this isn't you in person. I agree you sound such a nice person. But you also sound, from what you've described, completely self-conscious of every person in the room. Maybe you over- ascribe focus to yourself, a common facet of self-conscious and very introverted people.

For instance, people scrutinising your hands, your feet. Body language is most detected there. Nervous people are always using their hands and feet to give off 'i'm uncomfortable' signals.

You looking so uncomfortable, IMO, is why these people are reacting to you.

You're over-thinking and constantly giving yourself situation-feedback and over-analysing situations. (That's the impression I get from your post).

We all have 'auras'. How we're socially perceived according to our immediate body language and presence. Yours is often 'I'm uncomfortable' I imagine. I'm guessing it makes others uncomfortable, and

I don't think you're to blame though. We can't help what's in our heads, how we are. A lot of people coughing at you aren't exactly evil, but it's not exactly pleasant to do that either.

Solution - Be less self-conscious. There's nothing wrong with you, but this is making you look uncomfortable in social situations with others. Try Paul Mckenna 'I can make you confident' and other confidence books.

Everything in your post sounds like you might always looking in at yourself and this is how you live every second of your life. You need to look out instead of in.

Really hope this comes naturally to you soon, so you can get on with a more normal life. All the best. Joe.
TIGERKING (2 stories) (70 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-09)
This is really interesting. To me you sound like your a good person. Maybe it isn't you who has the negativity. Maybe you have such a stong energy field that people can't help but be affected. Or maybe you have a lot of karma which has the same effect. Either way your energy carries a presence that can be felt by others. Eagle is right about people loving to see a happy face with a smile, and in turn you will feel better. If I experience this I try to turn it around into something positive, and it usualy works. If not I try to avoid the situation like you.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-09)
I'm glad you understand. Unfortunately, you need to change your vibe for the sake of others. You don't need to lower your power. Trust me, I am well aware of why you must do this.
kaj (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-09)
Thanks for you comments.
It doesn't matter if I smile friendly or not. No matter how do I look or how I feel. My existence= bad vibe all around the place. Happy people who make me laugh are not happy anymore after a while with me. That's why I'm trying to avoid them or anybody else. I don't want to ruin their mood.
OK, so I have "a wide and highly vibrational field that it reacts with all that it comes in contact with". I have it and can't get rid of it, but maybe there is a way to lower it's power? Except that I should "surround yourself with positive and happy things" which I will try to do. Thanks again.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-09)

Yes, it is exactly like you say. Some people just have such a wide and highly vibrational field that it reacts with all that it comes in contact with whether they want to or not.


That's probably why you don't understand the reactions you get from others. I hope these explanations help you with more understanding of your situation.
bbdeathspark (4 stories) (617 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-09)
This happens a lot of times =D. Things like auric fields can attract attention and clash with others and cause this. Or they could feel your vibes or intentions.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-09)

All living things have an aura and they give off a vibration to all others. It seems to me that your vibes that you are sending out is not open or receptive to interaction. To change this vibe you should try to surround yourself with positive and happy things. People who make you laugh are good. People who are very happy. You get the idea. It's only a suggestion. Besides, this positive change will help you in your career too. Everyone loves to see a happy face with a friendly smile.

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