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Empath Or Clairvoyant Or Just Crazy?


I'm really kind of scared by this. I can see things that my friends can't and I space out. My friend (who is epileptic) thinks I might be epileptic too, since when she has seizures she spaces out. I don't think I am, but I think I'm psychic in some way. My grandma was clairvoyant, and my dad says psychic-ness skips a generation sometimes. When I space out, I can see this kind of story in my mind. The latest one was a little girl wearing a coarse brown dress and blonde braids tied with pink ribbon. She also had bare feet and she was in the barn at my dad's house. She was balancing on some rotten boards. She fell and broke her leg and she couldn't get up, but she could get into this stall and she starved and died there. Then I spaced out for a tiny bit and Laura said my eyes got really big. I just remember seeing a pen and a piece of paper that said "Gwendolyn" on it. Also, I can feel people's emotions sometimes and every so often, I will hear something spoken that no one said, but Laura will have been thinking that. I have connections to some people in particular, like I think I have a psychic connection to Laura. She'll be thinking something, but I'll hear it said out loud. And when I was little I could tell my mom exactly who we were going to see at the grocery store. Sometimes I can hear these people discussing something, but I'll turn around and no one will be talking. I'm wondering if maybe I'm crazy? Or an empath? It's really confusing because I don't know how to deal with it.

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Smokex12 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-16)
I actually think it's mostly my friend's nerves acting up since she has epilepsy, because I've never been unconscious, I always see something. But thank you for your help:)
philosearcher (2 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-12)
Ah, it is late and I do wish to offer more and any help than what I am about to tell you. Due to the current time, though, I shall tell you this for now: When you mentioned hearing unspoken words my mind clicked and I remembered how I had the same experience at work a few years ago. I was sitting in an assembly tent where 12 or so employees worked together and not everyone got along. Well one day a worker got on another's nerves so bad I could visibly see she was angry. I heard her say "shut up" but I didn't think I saw her mouth move. I asked her what she said, and she said that she had not spoken a word. I told her I thought I heard her say shut up and her eyes became very wide. She couldn't believe it! I was fairly shocked myself and It wouldn't be the only time I had something like that happen to me. I am going to wrap this up soon, at least for now. Sometimes I do feel as though I am crazy, but certain times I feel like I just know it's various psychic abilities coming and going. I believe it is what you are experiencing too, but if you fear epilepsy I advise visiting a doctor just to play it safe. Hopefully I can come back and offer any other stories or assistance, and I hope what I have said helped somehow. Goodluck finding more answers.

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