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Odd Dreams And Images That Come True


for years, whenever I have a specific type of dream, or even occasionally a daytime vision, the type that I just can't shake the image from, it seems to come true. And it can be the most random thing to the most world shattering thing. These dreams are not normal dreams, they are intense and so clear and feel so real that I sometimes have to draw it just to get it out of my system. And I used to show people the drawings, and then 2-3 days later, the event would happen.

A "random" example:

Dreamt that I was camping at a large body of water. An ocean or a giant lake that I couldn't see the edges of. And I looked up and saw a rocket or something. I pointed up to the sky and the rocket was coming towards us, we ditched it, and it landed in the giant lake. Ok, boring dream, but it was super vivid and I drew a picture of it and showed it to my roommates. A couple days later I saw a news story that a rogue Russian rocket/satellite landed in the middle of one of the great lakes.

A less random example:

Dreamt that I was in my office in nyc and a bunch of men from the middle east stormed our building and were attacking us. People were running out of the building and around the city blocks surrounding us. They had intense weapons, like machine guns and were shooting at people. A week later, 9/11 happened. Prior to the dream, I had not given any thought to our relationship with the middle east.

A waking (non-dream) example:

I was working at a building in nyc on the 19th floor. As always, there were guys on scaffolding washing windows across the way. I was looking at them and suddenly got a feeling of fear, as in, what if a freak storm came out of nowhere? (it was summer, but a sunny day). Which way would the go? They are far from the roof and the ground. And I made people come look and try to feel what I was feeling. I pulled my friend terry to the window and asked her the same thing I asked myself, what would they do? She laughed it off. I brought it to the attention of others too. I couldn't shake the image. Anyway, I started feeling sick so I went home for the day. When I got home, I turned on the news, and sure enough, a freak storm came out of nowhere and THE VERY SAME GUYS were on tv dangling from the scaffolding. The people inside the building were heroes and broke the windows and pulled them in. My friend terry was impressed that I'd predicted that.

I'm only on this site because I had a pretty vivid dream last night about a bomb coming down on me, and the country was being attacked. We weren't in the city, but it was pretty vivid. I won't go into details because dreams bore people but it's got me a bit concerned. It could just be a metaphor dream, time will tell.

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gggggg (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-24)
lulululululu... I have these dreams all the time., you are not alone, most of my dreams and experiences come true, I did a ouiga board at age 8 and since then..., I have had paranormal, poltergiest, visions you name it, the dreams, I have drawn, written and proven they are real/true. The worst ones are the ones that don't hit the headlines... I often feel the pain and have marks and bruises after the dreams
SnowAngel12 (guest)
12 years ago (2011-11-11)
very interesting but frightening to think about. Your dream/vision, and Anne V's dream/vision reminds me of what my friend visioned as well. He randomly told me one day the same excat thing that you guys wrote down. A bomb hitting the soil of America a war starting in the middle east. Death of thousands, but he never told me the ending of the vision because he didn't see more than what was given.

There was this one vision that sounded really out there, but interesting to hear. It was about a black dragon with gold markings and had a green aura. It had 3 pairs of snake like eyes with six ghastly wings. It had I think if I remembered correctly of what he told me sharp pointed horns on his head, spine, and face. Apparently it was HUGE and could be seen in outer space. It tore through all the barriers and demons spilled out in every dimensions.

Random, coincidentally, or real. Time will tell.
quixoticqt (2 stories) (53 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-10)
Ok... I know this sight says not to tell us what your dreams are but when it's something to do with the future count?
Dreams are not boring. I would think there the funniest part (besides nightmares) of being alive.
I could only imagine something bad happening to America.
I know something is going to go down in the future, I know mother earth has started her "labor pains." Too many unexplained things are happening already.
If at any way possible you could write down what your dream is I would love to read it.

❤ Qt
Pyrope (4 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-10)
Wow! Your experiences made me sign up on this website! So I have to tell you, I've also have these types of dreams that do occur to me in reality. Not the dream storyline itself like yours but I tend to notice the symbol of the dream and I see them in real life. For example, I've dreamed about a certain house and I will see the same exact house in real life. Sometimes it doesn't appear immediatly but it does over time. Just the other day I dreamed about a ton of crows at my doorstep, and later that day there were crows every where. Usually I don't see crows at all, but that day was different. A coincident?
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2011-11-09)
Time is a funny thing. I just posted a comment not too many stories ago about coming up with a global dream link and posting ones like this. Dreams are symbolic (because that's how the subconscious works) but often accurate. I wrote an article about what dreams mean but precognition is definitely one of the attributes.


Not go into detail and keep us poor folks in suspense!? Please, I'd love to hear more on that last dream. I had a dream not too long ago about bombs hitting American soil. I also have recently dreamed of charred wasteland that was impossible to walk on (I thought maybe a volcano, now I don't know). I also saw the start of WWIII with Israel as the instigator, and I've never dreamt of Israel before in my life. I didn't even know what their national borders or landscape looked like until after the dream and I looked it up on-line - it was dead accurate. I hope you keep a dream journal as it becomes really fascinating as it plays out.

Can you share your last dream more fully? I would be very interested to read more.


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