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A fan of this great gift I am. Fully aware how to use it I am not. I recently dreamt of a friend who I have not seen for 7 years nor spoken on facebook in 3 years. She came to me in a dream 4 weeks ago with a disconcerting look in her eyes, reveals her breasts. The feeling left me low, my initial interpretation was breast cancer. How do you tell this person who you not seen or spoken to in years? I told it straight, she told me she had found a lump. She booked herself in for a thermal screening and hasn't spoken to me since. I knew this silence was to come as after the 1st dream I had 2 more, the 3rd was a door closing on me, still I wait to hear her results.

I've caught girlfriends cheating in my dreams. I was unable to stop my best friend killing himself though as I couldn't work the dream out- I knew it was important but could work it out not until after. Dream of so many things that happen. Only my family and 2 close friends do I share this with and of course the woman I'm still waiting to hear back from. My entire life I'm able to do this, they only way to stop it for me is to smoke weed, incidentally I do that a lot.

I have now started to log all my dreams by sending myself an email from me to me so it is logged with time and date, last night I cannot recall my dream, shame. Previous night was strange though, I dreamt I was in space looking at the sun expanding into a red giant, within less than a heart-beat I was back on earth and everything was heating-up, searing heat exhausting us all.

I am looking for someone who is an experienced dreamer, someone who can help take me to the next level. I wish to be able to do more to help others, I wish to LUCID dream. Please help. Thank you for your time.

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Rosered12 (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-11)
A global dream analysis submission link would be great! I also have dreams and visions during meditation about what is happening on our planet and solar system, and would love to hear what other people experience.
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-11)
Hey enigmazane,

While I cannot teach you to become lucid in your dreams, I can recommend a few things that helps me:

1. Try to listen to music as you fall asleep - I recommend this because numerous times I found myself to be mildly lucid (I call it a "controlled" lucid dream, because I know I am dreaming, and yet I seem to be "guided" through the dream), and able to hear the music.

2. Hemi-Sync: There are plenty of places to find brainwaves, binaural beats, hypnosis, or special music to help with lucid dreaming (both free & paid). As I don't usually post links, feel free to contact me via email.

Like everything, try to find something that relaxes you, and not just because the description makes the claim that "you will instantly be lucid in your dream within seconds!" (paraphrasing many of the files out there making such claims).

NOTE: I have tried a few in the past, and sometimes it works, sometimes not.

3. Try "Astral Projection exercises": Check AnneV's astral projection site (or your preference), and try some of them out.

I know your goal is to have a lucid dream, but I recommend those exercises because they keep your mind "focused" on something as your body drifts off to sleep (instead of just shutting down completely). Plus, you could end up with an astral projection, rather than a lucid dream.

4. Like previously mentioned, question whether you are dreaming right now. Constantly ask yourself "Am I Dreaming?" and try to prove that you are not; you could try pinching yourself, or try to fly.

NOTE: Don't get too crazy with your tests, unless you are sure no-one can see you (I mean, try to "fly" around your bedroom first, rather than in front of a large crowd).

5. Don't get discouraged or frustrated - even the most experienced of people still can have a "bad day"; if you don't get lucid the first time, shrug it off and try again at some other point.

As for helping people:
-One thing I've noticed with precognitive dreams is that you have to be careful when deciding to tell someone about them; sometimes the events you see may come true because you've told them, whereas they may happen also if you don't.

When you get a dream like that, as yourself first if this dream is just a dream (or a symbolic one), or if it is an actual event. For example, if I were to have a dream about it raining jellybeans, it was probably a dream (unless a tornado ripped through a jellybean factory the night before - in which case it would have been an odd precognitive dream).

If you think that the dream is precognitive, then go with your intuition as best as possible (Should you tell someone? Keep Quiet?, etc). Just a warning though, if you decide to tell them, they may listen (and the event would still happen, or not), or they may not listen (and the event still happens, or nothing does). This really only applies when the situation can be "controlled" (for example, the sun becoming a red giant really cannot be controlled, while the number of people that manage to escape by some means can be).

Finally (on a side note), our sun is slowly dying, and eventually (I'd say with a 98% percent chance) it will become a red dwarf beyond our lifetime, or even the next couple generations' lifetimes. So while I would not call the dream a "premonition" (as this is close to common knowledge that it will happen), I would rather place it under a "Remote Viewing" category. Or, it could be that your mind was focused on something similar, and it represented this information in the dream.

PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-09)
Some scientist's have written of an Astroid
Hitting the earth around Jan 2017.

I met a man a few years ago that felt that he and six
Other would help deflect some cataclysimic event.
Alice Bailey whom wrote books on esoteric books, Spoke of the seven whom meet every 7 years
And work together for the planet and some other things.

There was an article a friend told me that, affects earth which was due to some force pulling toward the
Earth and had nothing to do with global warming.

Now with the Mayan prophecy people take many views.
Dooms day Dec 23 2012, but many believe is the ending
Of a cycle. As we are seeing the economic cycle can
Go any day and the world leaders are trying to keep
It afloat.

If your having dreams as AnnV has given the best advice.
I can only add: do a little study
On planets during that particular day or month.
Also check which County and look for any
Earth chakras which can give you understanding.
The root chakras are in different counties.
Iceland which had an erruption had an earth chakra
And it also is connected to another county close to it.
There is actually a website that can show earthquake

What do planets/or earth chakras have to do with world events.
They can point out alot.
For instance with the Mayan the Milky Way will be aligned in
A certain way. But you will be able to see pictures of these
Planets or earth chakras that may confirm your dream.

Thanks for you post and looking forward to your next. 😁
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-11-09)
Your dreams are the classical precognition type and I applaud you for keeping some record of yours. I put mine in a database so that I can later query key words and then it will pull up all dreams related to that (solar flares, aliens, 2012, it doesn't matter).

To become lucid is something you can work on while you're awake. How do you know you're not dreaming now? If you constantly question the 'nowness' of your state, this will follow through to your dreams. Look at your hand numerous times during the day and ask if you are dreaming. However, in dreams, you generally say, "Of course I'm not dreaming for this is too real." This is why I follow it up with some type of levitation attempt. If it seems too real to be a dream, I try and levitate something. If it works, I know this hyper real experience is a dream. Dreams are just disguised astral projections. So if you do go lucid, have a plan for what you want to do, go or see. I too can talk to friends from years ago, know who is cheating, who will die and upcoming world events. I also do this when I astral project. When the event is super clear, I levitate my own body before going anywhere. There have been too many wasted attempts where I just think it's too real to be an AP only to get zapped back to my body.

On a side note, a bit like your sun dream, I dream of global events as well (rarely of my own life, but many of the kind that affect mankind). I find these the most fascinating kind because they are not only rare but because it's not self directed, and are more apt to come true. I was thinking about adding a 'global dream analysis' submission link to this site. I would be very interested to compare global event dreams. I too have dreamt of the sun's effect on earth and to pair that up with others is revealing.

Thanks for sharing. We'll see what this upcoming solar maximum has in store for us.


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