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Brooke9494 in The Grim Reaper
Hi, I came by this post because I took a few pictures at a cemetery and a black figure which looks like the grim reaper to me was in a photo. I'm not sure if I can post photos here but I'll try. Just joined this site.
You Have Cryokinetic Abilities. You Can Create And Manipulate Cold. Are You An Aquarius? If So, Then It Males Sense That You Can Do This And That You Could Control Air Too. Meditate Often And Keep Your 3rd Eye Chakra In Good Condition. Your Kind Of Cold Is More Wind Based.I'm Also An Aquarius. If You Are One, Then When You're 16 Years Old You'll Understand That It's Normal For Weird Things To Happen To You. You May Be Doing Telepathy Already Without Knowing It So Just Don't Worry Because It's Only A Few Normal Events.
It Was Probably A Demon Trying To Take Her To It's Nest To Feed On Her. You Were Experiencing Hypnagogia.
How Can I Be Like You? I Don't Feel Like I Fit In To Where I Am. All I Seem To Cause Is Pain And Suffering. I Feel Like I'm The Cause Of My Family's Misfortunes. Please Help Me.
darkassassin92 in She Wants To Go Home
Read Angelica💑 (2nd name Anjerica born Summer 2003 I born February 12th, 1992 I read Zodiac Cancer & Aquarius least compatible be best partners work out I never met models all Websites bio about her reasons most model visit my dreams rare I dreaming other models I know Website not dream interpretation no 1 exact help insight get me thinking I need answers? Try explain I😕🔮soul mate Spiritual connection or Twin flame or no).
[at] dreamer97
Good Day,
The Silva Mind Control people in Laredo TX are working on this very thing. Look up the "Silva Ultra Mind" course. There aren't many courses available for live presentations but distance learning and home study classes are available. The goals of the classes are to leave behind a better world for those that follow us. I'm not selling anything, just a guy doing the home study classes.
[at] dreamer97
Good Day,
The Silva Mind Control people in Laredo TX are working on this very thing. Look up the "Silva Ultra Mind" course. There aren't many courses available for live presentations but distance learning and home study classes are available. I'm not selling anything, just a guy doing the home study classes.
kumarainstitute in What Is Real?
very good story, keep it up!
spookvanger in Open To Interpretation
Good day, GingerRead!
I have not been active for some time therefore only came across your story this morning. To save time and avoid being repetitive I invite you to read my profile which I am positive you will find not only interesting, but also gain more of an insight into Spiritual matters. Seek and ye shall find!
I am battleing right now and don't know how much longer I can take it. They attach to me and squeeze parts of me and pull on me. It feels like extra gravity pulling on me. I have lost my job and even my daughter believe I'm 'lieing. It's hard to type on this phone because of them. Please help me. Tobyl95 [at]
The Board, could of served as a door way.
It sounds as if you are dealing with dense energy, org energy left behind by another persons activities/magic or neg. The type of spiders you describe do feed off of fear. So run some positive music or chants upstairs/downstairs.

You can smudge the rooms to start as well as contact a clairvoyant, whom may be able to read the energy and give you information.

If they determine a portal (door) is open, you will need someone to clear the doorway, and move the beings out, then close the doorway.
trying2understand in Man With Walking Stick Or Staff
Thank you Aros, for commenting on my article.

The only thing I can come up with is that I am protected by God. I tried to research what a walking stick or staff would represent and I came up with "protection".
That satisfies this riddle for me because this is not the first time I saw an angel.
I do feel watched over and I know that some of the things I've said in conversations with a friend, has been shown to me that I was heard from the spirit world.
Thanks so much. I hope to attend future readings and share the experiences with you all.
Did you figure out why you were having that specific repetitive vision? I've been having the same repetitive vision non stop for the past 24 hours.
Any idea why that might be? I'd be happy to share more details
Your 2nd to the last paragraph: remembering parts of dream and having conversations. This is the journey we make out of body.
We visit a plane of existence, as well as work independently there. Sometimes we work in a group. Everything that occurs up there 1st'ly and then it manifest down in the physical plane were we live.

Some say there are 10 laws given by the Elders.

But basically it is about have an optimistic way of being.
Such as putting out our want/request and giving thanks, as well as letting go and not worrying.
Meditation and prayer are helpful as well as eating and just having fun living in the moment and treating people how we wish to be treated.

This can sound a bit preachy. But in reality it works with the Law of attraction and many other laws.

I have to say it is difficult to live, some call it mindfulness.
I call it the Red Road. As the Red road is difficult to do and the Blue/black road is only self serving.

I believe is is important to stay neutral, and give space to allow proof of life after death.
The veil of the physical and spiritual plane is closer then we imagine.

Some gifted tarot readers can actually channel our deceased loved ones, and the Card reader will have a mist or figure behind them, which is nothing for people to be afraid of.

A reading should give evidence by describing the deceased, plus relay messages of love and hope.

Your experience is a perfect example of how we should pose ourselves during a reading.

Thank you for sharing
GingerRead in The Rise Of Dogecoin
Thanks so much. That's very kind of you. I hope to attend more readings eventually.
What a great example of someone keeping an open perspective on mediums and channels. It sounds like it was a rewarding experience for you.

Thanks for sharing.
I am so glad that I found this post. Something very similar happened to me. I heard that I should marry a certain person months before I met them. I was blown away by this, but thought that was bizarre to hear and highly unlikely to meet this person. I was at an event that they were at and our eyes met and the person looked shocked like they had seen a ghost. I was very surprised because of what I heard previously and didn't give it much thought. Please share what happened with your situation or if you decided what it meant by what happened to you. I would love to know this. I have been searching for answers all over the internet and haven't gotten many answers. Thanks.
Vali733 in What Is Real?
You still live?...Contact me... Ionatanterra [at]
As stated below make sure to rule out any medical factors before anything else. That being said it would make sense. A lot of people when they are developing new gifts will tend to have bad headaches because your body isn't used to doing these new things. When you're really tired yet have to be awake your eyes will get all blurry and kind of hurt, same if you went swimming in a pool for a while. Your eyes aren't used to seeing all of these other frequencies of light, that's the best way I can think of it. Light is seen on a spectrum of frequencies, visible light, and all the light higher and lower than what we normally can see. If you're starting to see auras, spirit orbs (probably the flashes you're seeing, I've seen them too. Rather annoying to be honest) and many other things, I'm sure your eyes are being stressed. Normally if you were stressing your eyes you could just close them, but with the things you're seeing that may not help and could explain why they don't stop hurting. This could be silly... But maybe you could try looking down and closing your eyes for a few minutes? Maybe by looking down you won't be seeing anything and could rest your eyes to keep them from hurting too much. Hopefully you'll get more used to it soon and it'll stop hurting, I know the headaches do, I'm sorry that I can't be more help, I've never had the eye problem before 😨
~ Lyro
I'm sorry to say I am no teacher, though the things you are experiencing are not new to many people here. I found that when I started to ask a question about someone else, the answer tended to just pop into my head. It always worked for other people, but not for myself or any self gain from it. Take a look around others posts, you may find many comments that can answer some of your questions. Also if you wanted to chat more you can always send me an e-mail, I can't claim to answer all your questions, but I can answer what I've experienced.
~ Lyro
. Our thoughts create reality. It is a reality created by our thoughts. No more. In general, it takes a period of time between issuing a thought and turning it into reality. But there are people who instantly change reality. The saints are the ones who managed to stop the thoughts. And to be able to instantly change reality whenever they want. You're like them. You belong to them. You need to meditate and learn to control your thoughts. You can contact me. Ionaterra ()
There's a lot to write about. Our thoughts create reality. It is a reality created by our thoughts. No more. In general, it takes a period of time between issuing a thought and turning it into reality. But there are people who instantly change reality. The saints are the ones who managed to stop the thoughts. And to be able to instantly change reality whenever they want. You're like them. You belong to them. You need to meditate and learn to control your thoughts. You can contact me. Ionaterra () laz73val ()
It's risky to call spirits. You can try again to see if he gives you the lottery numbers. Just that. I know people who have had great trouble calling spirits. Try something else. Meditation. Yoga exercises etc
when I was little I used to play with the rain. I had a glass tube that I had found on the floor. And when I turned it down it was raining. When I turned it up, the rain stopped. Instant. I didn't care. Your post made me remember. My mail ionatanterra [at]
For arthritis daily 3 grams of fish oil and a ginseng pill. Minimum. For skills development can be through superficial hypnosis. My mail ionatanterra [at]
There's a lot to write about. Our thoughts create reality. It is a reality created by our thoughts. No more. In general, it takes a period of time between issuing a thought and turning it into reality. But there are people who instantly change reality. The saints are the ones who managed to stop the thoughts. And to be able to instantly change reality whenever they want. You're like them. You belong to them. You need to meditate and learn to control your thoughts. You can contact me. Laz73val ()
Vali733 in I Feel Energies
There's a lot to write about. Our thoughts create reality. It is a reality created by our thoughts. No more. In general, it takes a period of time between issuing a thought and turning it into reality. But there are people who instantly change reality. The saints are the ones who managed to stop the thoughts. And to be able to instantly change reality whenever they want. You're like them. You belong to them. You need to meditate and learn to control your thoughts. You can contact me. Ionaterra () laz73val ()
robmkivseries70 in A Recent Vision
[at] steve11,
Thanks for joining the conversation, I'd be interested to hear how things work out.
Become a good friend to the one that knows all this and tells you. Perhaps you have felt gratitude for this "one" Ask the "one" if you can help them. Our human connection is secondary to our connection to the "one" that knows. This is my opinion.
steve11 in A Recent Vision
Interestingly, I just unfriended a skeptic on Facebook. My spirit friend told me the skeptic is going to crash his car.
robmkivseries70 in A Recent Vision
[at] PathR
Thanks for the insight. All other ideas are welcome.
You have to go on your own impression.

East highway box of flowers: something new coming into your roadway. Is not negative.
RainingNow, in this planet we share, with people who have died as well as other energy life forms which look like blobs moving. This can be dense energy or other life forms.

Most people who are sensitive see and feel the shadow people.
Shadow people can be earth bound, due to fear or other reasons. The owner of this site has an article which gives further explanations. As you mentioned, parents summing up the experience to an overactive imagination of a child. Can be isolating and make kids feel different. But this is a human experience many of us have encountered. So you are not alone.

I encourage you to understand Grounding and protection to deal with cleansing dense energy in home or work site. Many active locations are hospitals, prisons which have reported sightings of shadow people and dense energy. Dense/org energy can cause us to feel drained, plus struggle to sleep.

I encourage you to rule out any dietary food problems can be culprit of sleep problems. Some foods have been know to case rapid heart rate - anxiety such as caffeine. Many sensitive s require whole foods and lots of water, to support spiritual development.

Thanks for sharing.
Imperfections in Orb Clusters In The Sky?
Leaveherwildxo, I understand completely! I am still trying to figure out what the orbs mean myself, but I believe it has to do with seeing and feeling energy. I would love to talk with you more if you are interested! My email is on my profile:)
Leaveherwildxo in Orb Clusters In The Sky?
Oh wow! I have been searching and searching to find somebody who has had the same experience as me. This is exactly what I see when I look up into the blue sky. Single tiny bubbles that I feel are orbs, and the orbs form in 2 clusters that are attached To one another, Making shapes. As soon as I see them they start to fly away and as I followed them with my eyes they keep leaving but if I bring my eyes back to center, the same shape is there again and again almost as if I can manipulate them with my eyes. If I followed them where they would like to go they eventually disappear into my peripheral And then they are gone. I also thought maybe something is wrong with my eyes But After playing around with it and learning from it, I recognize that this is not the case. I thought maybe it was my eyes moving them but it was my eyes tracing them they go off in all different directions at random. This is something incredible. I may be feel like everybody has the ability but nobody has Stared off in the sky to give it a chance for them to see it. Or maybe we are special? I also see Off shoots of energy almost like sparkles everywhere... Those were the 1st things I noticed and then when I paid more attention as when I started seeing the orbs. Nice to meet you. I hope you get back to me.
For some people the answer lies in their own dedication to a religious belief or self development practice, or ethnic Shamanism.

- Which provides spiritual protection, training and spiritual development: grounding, clearing, centering. Spiritual attachments, curses, psychic attack.
-Meditations such as observation & looking into the nature. Supports personal growth
-breath work, physical exercises.
-Rituals cqn create an umbrella of protection, plus create back-up enery to draw upon though a network.

It is important to practice something that feels comfortable for you in order to allow you to be dedicated.

I practice Curandera, and Native American Indian traditions.

Each of us will have a different journey. Best wishes
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the exact same thing is happening to me. All of it! If you figured out why it happens, I would love to know.

AlorahKuroKitsune in Seeing White Smoke
At my grandmother's funeral, my Nanny had invited her church pasture to speak and pray. I noticed that when he spoke white smoke would come from his mouth. He wasn't smoking and it's like I could see it tangible but also ethereal. I didn't like the feeling I got from him, very distant and cold even though he was outwardly compassionate
AlorahKuroKitsune in The Fields Of Sharrot
I am so excited, I hope you respond to my comment! Every adjective you used to describe the planet was spot on, I've used the exact same words when describing it to a select few people, hoping they would be able to shed some light on the experience. No one was able to and I finally stumbled upon some information that partially explained it. Or at least how I got there.
I have always had intense, vivid, sometimes prophetic dreams, since I was a child. I didn't realize until later that I was astral traveling. Different timelines, dimensions, planets, lives, wherever. This one dream stood out and impacted me for a long time. Just the feelings I got from it, dread, hopeless, afraid. I love the stars and for a while after the dream I was afraid to look up at the night sky. I would rather send this in email but maybe someone can relate.
In my dream it started with me in a funnel in space. The funnel is rotating, not very fast, and the gravity isn't right. I'm trying to hold onto the inside walls of this cone but they keep spinning and on the walls are constellations in gold on a blue background. But like a map sometimes with the picture representing the star formations. I think there might have been a horse. One end of the funnel is a pen point and the other is a wide open circle leading into open space and I look out the funnel and I see a planet below me and I'm instantly terrified. I just want to get away, I don't want to look at it. I don't feel like this often, I know how to be brave but in that moment was wild, suffering, lost, desolate, something beyond agony and grief and hopelessness. Like living dead. I realize I'm repeating what you've said but this is my exact experience. The sky was dusty like brownish reddish. The ground looked almost like hard cracked sand but there was concrete too. And buildings, that were maybe sky scrapers at one time but now were ruins, crumbling in pieces, dark, abandoned. Like they had been intentionally destroyed a long time ago. Paved roads were by them, also cracked and only showing in places through the dirt covering everything. And finally the cars, rusted, decaying, left everywhere. Rust red and dirt, there was a stack of cars reaching the sky, stacked on top of each other making a column. I had to get away and I was so scared I was going to float out of my funnel.
Then I was gone, I wasn't in space anymore, I was laying on my great grandmothers bed in her dark dark room with the door shut. She was lying next to me asleep. I'm on my back and suddenly I get jolted with what felt like an electric shock. It's disorienting and painful, through my whole body. Quick and sharp then I'm rolling on the bed trying to ease the sensations. Happens again and again maybe 5 more times, I'm sick with it and the for the next shock I accidentally roll off the bed and when I hit the ground, jolted again, and instantly I throw up. I'm miserable. I'm on my stomach on the floor and I start pulling myself forward on the ground, crawling towards the foot of the bed. I reach the end of the bed on the floor and look around the corner. Sitting there on the floor at the end of the bed are a woman and child. The child looks like a baby, maybe a year old sitting on his butt. Behind him is the woman, early 20s to maybe 30, and she's crouching on her feet, hands touching the floor for support, leaning and looking at me like a wild thing. They were both naked but completely covered in blood, mostly black and reddish, head to foot. I couldn't see their skin color but I knew they had darker colored skin, maybe light brown. Thick hair, short and kinky, saturated with the blood on the woman. There was something off about the baby, the shape of his head didn't look right, not elongated but large and slightly misshapen. I was so afraid to see them. I started to back away. And then it ended. Or that's all I remember.
After some research I came to the belief that the funnel I was in was maybe one of my chakras, most likely the 8th above the crown, which has been known for interdimensional travel and other relatable things. If it was recently opened and I was unaware it would explain the sluggish rotation and lack of stability. Maybe it was a past life, or just part of a celestial damage we're sometimes here to heal. I won't run next time. Thank you for sharing your experiences, I don't know about the fields but it definitely resonates.
Angelica visits my dreams 8 or 9 times (Anjerica Candy Doll, Fashion Land🙆‍♂️own Dolls,MoeMoeTv,Silver Star, Teen Model similar as me blue eyes me black dot left eye her right eye brown hair past blonde I never dye leg scars me triangle arm & freckle right rib her freckle right rib & triangle arm stomach I see star triangle she wear broken heart necklace & red&🐻‍❄️dress same📛my last I heart fire my tree red & blue light burn out coincidences).
robmkivseries70 in Knowing Without Knowing
[at] AtlasArtworks
Good Day,
Search for "Silva Method Mind Control or Silva Ultra Mind. All of these lead to the same place. The Silva people have been in business since about 1966. What they do offer is "Mind Control" for psychic gifts. I'm not selling anything and have only used the home study classes. HTH
Archangel Michael! Please assist me directly in cleansing my energy and reversing any negative energetic patterns, curses or energies of psychic attack. Release any distorted energy from my field, and dissipate any stuck, stagnant or challenging energies. Break any curses that are negatively impacting me now, and release any negative or distorted energy into the light...Amen!
Hi, I just discovered this site today and just decided to read your story. I don't really know what to say except that perhaps if you haven't already, you could reach out to a reader who might be able to direct you to a mentor who can help you control things, even if it's just a little bit. I have had many experiences too, but not as much as you have so I do understand but not all the way. I wish I could help more, but please be encouraged that you will find someone to help you control the abilities you have so you can have a better time of it. Good luck!
Hello, I'm ahmetcan. I live in Turkey, I am 23 years old. For a long time I thought I was the only one with this behavior. I dream too much and I can't sleep at night anymore, I don't want to sleep. I don't want to describe the dreams I had, but I can summarize. When I have a dream it comes true and I can't help it, too many people have died and been injured. I couldn't help anyone, I couldn't prevent it, and I always blamed myself, I don't know what to do. There are so many details in my dreams and I see so many technologies that I don't know, I can't make sense of it. I feel that I have improved myself in a few areas, I feel that I am in a dream and I take it under control, that is, I can control my dream. I want to tell you something that happens sometimes and rarely. I fall asleep in the dream again and I start to dream, when I wake up, the dream continues, when I wake up again, I wake up in the parallel universe where we are. Are we seeing the future or is our brain playing tricks on us? This feeling makes us feel like rare people maybe, and we are abnormal people maybe... We are sick? There are so many things I want to talk to you about. Please feel free to talk about this topic and share your ideas. Contact: ahmethacmatov [at]
It's been five years since I had posted my story and yet, no one else except for Praveen had commented. Is there really no one that might have input on what I have shared?
Thank you for the comments. It is nice to know that I might have reached someone. I hesitated posting this but was compelled to. I just don't want to see people blindly stumble down a bad path that could be avoided. Thank you again.
Thank you very much for sharing this! I agree that people are playing around with this without knowing or caring about the dangers they let into this reality, only to discover it too late. I have never played with it, never wished it and been and am still dealing with it. I try to stay positive and pray and keep myself busy. They drain people of their energy, and some can't even tell it is them who is doing it and that too helps keep them down close to their level, which is bad.

Thank you for all your great work! Please look out for yourself too!
robmkivseries70 in My Eyes Burn All The Time
[at] highluvlight
Just to be sure, get a check up at your Eye Dr. And rule out any physiological causes.
Hi ThulsaDune,

I believe everything you wrote and I support your intention. Even more so cause I personally experienced evil (demonic/devil entity) - I saw it and felt it's wickedness.
I don't believe in everything that new age theories are trying to promote cause, in my opinion, those are leading people in the wrong direction. There are many misleading information out there and people are not cautious while in the same time they are curious or want to experience power no matter what the cost.
Anyway, I respect your fight and it's great that someone warned about the dangers.
I have had many premonitions, usually positive. The only negative one I remember was when I was reading a novel and fell asleep on the sofa. I saw my house and then I walked away and into another neighborhood I never even went too and don't know the way. It was quiet when suddenly a fire started raging in one of the bush behind the house. Days later, top news, California forest fire started by boy with matches. I was stunned, in shock and just confused. The news showed the exact same neighborhood from exact same angle.
It isn't shadow magic that you see some magicians use. A good illusionist will use tricks and misdirection. He knows how to trick or play with people's subconscious mind. Those magicians who claim the term shadow magic are normally covering up for something else.

If you see things materialize out of thin air or impossible objects it is normally Dark or Demon magic. If you see things or objects move sometimes it is Telekinesis and sometimes it is Demon magic. You need to be sure of the difference. Do not perform rituals or intention asking for help from outside this reality or plane.

I have come face to face with one such street magician and called him out on it when he singled me out of the crowd.

I have the ability to sense and see these entities and they know I can. I have seen 3 major magicians that have Demon links. Please don't play with that stuff and protect yourself.

You can study hard and become an illusionist and it will be far more rewarding and not endanger you.

Just a word of caution.

Maybe you truly are telekinetic. Try this. Fill a small glass half way up with water and put a wood match stick in it to float on the surface. Then grab a larger glass and turn it upside down over the smaller one to block air currents. Try to use your mind to spun the match stick one way then stop it and spin it the opposite. This will show if you have the gift and help you learn to control it.
jillharris in Remote Viewing
Hello! Such a fantastic piece of writing. I need nursing pico writing help I am a medical student. Medicine is a very interesting field for me. I want to learn more.
That's very interesting! I have to ask, I assume the placement of the dashboard cam and the lens allows for you to be able to fully see the left sidewalk from your driving (and camera's) vantage point? I don't know how wide-angled your camera's lens is but that's the only thing I could think of... Perhaps just off screen the camera's view? If that's not the case and you have the time of day correct and all of that then indeed that is odd. Thank you for sharing!
I've been lurking on this site for many years, trying to find out the reasons for what I've been going through and it never seemed to be right until this one. I've seen synchronicity so much it is daunting and I, too, share the same feelings you do about humans and this place. I didn't think anyone else saw it the same way I did as well as experienced the repeating numbers. I'm not sure what it all means because I'm pretty sure people here make things up for comfort and not for the sake of truth and knowledge. Even the state that is on your account is a strange synchronicity to me. Gnosticism was something I was trying to study but when I was younger it was harder for me to grasp because of the disinformation about spirituality. Another strange synchronicity for me since not many people talk about them. I'd share more but I think it's enough that you know that someone in the modern era gets it.

When I was three I had baby keys and with determination I tried to open the door and leave to go where I actually belonged. Without even thinking as I grew older I told my mom I knew she wasn't the real one. Even looking at my hands often I know they don't look right, none of this is right. It's like I woke up in this new world in the middle of the one I was just on and now I'm stuck here. I've thought about getting out and so me and a friend attempted while I was fully conscious. Pushing and pulling my soul and consciousness to a place with energies that suited me. I've done it but have been pulled back down to this awful place every time. I've even died fully (by accident from choking on water) and saw the other side it looked normal but it felt much better like the energy was clean. I know this planet is not very clean energy-wise and the populous are too willful in ignoring the spiritual for material gain or waxing poetic about it without being serious. I've had all manner of "magical" and extraterrestrial things happening to me that helped base my thoughts on humans and the sad state of this planet. I don't find it a coincidence that I've always just known I'm the odd one out and I swear it's like humans can sense that and act differently. Since those experiences I feel like I can mask my difference better but it's so lonely. To meet with beings beyond this place and then to just be alone because a vast majority are just so low thinking. To see a different and functioning society and then come back to this dying one. It's depressing, it's lonely, it's sad.

It's an empty comfort to know that someone understands but if it helps...
Ok so I'm back, I recieved a message to post what's going on at this point. I have still been battling these entities, infact got bit/stung and drained a little last night but was able to ward them off some. They leave a toxin in your energy that causes sleep and lack of energy. You can feel them bite when your muscles twitch and it feels like a sting and then numb. They attach to the weaker chakra areas (right now my root chakra so legs and sacral so yes genitalia very unfortunately and very uncomfortably) What I learned with ALOT of trial and error is:

1. Yes! Reaching into them and loving them will stun them at least, also surrounding yourself with love energy will help protect your aura.

2. They can only eat from the cracks in your energy defense system (they can still bite you all over but if they can't get to the energy/aura they will give up and leave you alone). You have to strengthen yourself by getting rid of hate, self-hate, insecurities, anger and I had to forgive myself through shadow work. I managed to be one with the universe after meditating and forgiving myself and everyone else in my life who wronged me. I felt my aura align and just this wave of happiness, peace and euphoria. This is when they completely left me alone.

3. They stick around for a while so you have to keep doing spiritual self care. They have been here for almost a year. But maybe this was meant to happen for the purification of our souls. Don't know.

4. Spirit guides can help:
"spiritual guides of the highest order of truth & compassion you are welcome to speak to me" you can also invite angels to do spiritual healing work while you sleep!

5. Burn Sage & listen to healing frequency or aura clearing music while you sleep. I listen to The Meditative Mind 741 Hz Full Body Detox Cleanse Aura

I also listen to and watch Ella Ringrose, she really helped me. I used the tips others gave in this post but nothing worked as well as these. I really hope this helps someone, its a rough ride but you can do it ❤

Sending Love,
I experienced the energy pushing down on my head and into my body and then into my aura. What I found interesting was my brain felt so much heat. I experienced going back in time to view viking's running up a hill to fight with swords and mental item in their hands. This battle occured in this particular area.

Another time the heat came down I knew I was on another plane.
Again the heat pushed down on my head and my head/brain felt so hot as if it was on fire.

I was so aware of this heat.

Interesting to hear another persons experience. Thanks for sharing
I experienced the energy pushing down on my head and into my body and then into my aura. What I found interesting was my brain felt so much heat. I experienced going back in time to view viking's running up a hill to fight with swords and mental item in their hands. This battle occured in this particular area.

Another time the heat came down I knew I was on another plane.
Again the heat pushed down on my head and my head/brain felt so hot as if it was on fire.

I was so aware of this heat.

Interesting to hear another persons experience. Thanks for sharing
awakenedzero in Loss Of Psychic Power
I don't know much myself about chakras, cleansing them and all that but I do believe in mind over matter. Always remember these things:
You have not because you ask not. Ask God for anything and if you KNOW you'll get it, it should come to you.
You are the master of your own mind, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Maybe there are energy theives n stuff, wouldn't doubt it, but once you use psycho/telekenisis (which is what I believe you performed) you've become "one" with the universe and/or God... God becomes like the master sword from Zelda, God wants to work for you and give you anything you want LITERALLY but, you gotta spend some time with your "master sword" meaning, you gotta spend some time alone with you and God. And there will be times when it's time to take a break. And there will be times you may not be able to control it. It's your emotions and your thoughts becoming one force which means there's a subconscious as well.
You could also been under attack from a dark magic spell, but all you gotta do is pray, tell God, and it's gone.
Always pray before you open your chakras. I've been studying psychokenisis on my self for about 10 years and I didn't know about chakras and I've had 100% better results from praying before hand. Prayer is also meditation actually. But I'm pretty sure that if you're healthy enough and all that they should be about ready to go, you just gotta be "one" or "sync" to the atoms and particles that make up our universe the best you can. I've only recently been searching the internet for people like me and someone I can help... Alot of things online are false. I've found ONE person on YouTube that has the same EXACT gift I have.
I decided to respond to your post because I hate thieves. And you seek guidance. However, I'm not a professional, I've done all my experaments in my living room but I'm positive I can give you a better answers. Also, never believe someone that wants money. That's a false prophet. Money is the root of all evil.
So if you wish, contact me and I'd be more than happy to show you the real answers, no purchase neccessary.
Hello PathR and AnneV,

I think maybe, you might be responding to someone else by the name of LightMind?
Perhaps there's a glitch in messaging here?...

Take Care
I sometimes see faces or objects when laying down to sleep and sometimes even say words or names that I honestly feel must be a true word in some language. It happens without any thought and when it happens I wonder where the hell that just came from. Maybe its just my mind half asleep misfiring or starting to dream, I have no idea but I am a student of neville goddard and believe in his teachings and I do believe remote viewing is possible but I don't try it!
I had purchased a ring which looked, Victorian/Art Deco.
Upon returning home I placed it in the kitchen. My neighbour arrived
At my door. After taking to him, I sought his opinion about the ring as he is a vender who has been selling Antiques and vintage items.

Upon approaching the ring which which sat on the kitchen counter, I viewed a large mist which stood as a oval shape in front of the ring, and sensed a presence.

After talking to my neighbour.

I sat down and meditated, and spoke to the female presence. I explained I would help her. I was to learn she was the 2nd owner of this ring which was passed down to her. She was in a auto accident.

I asked this presence to relax and make her self at home after I ran my errands.

When I returned home I saw a window opened in the sitting room.

I was able to support this deceased soul to cross over later that day and cleared the ring. I did not experience any other physical manifestations.
LightMind, there are two views regarding speaking in a different language that one has not learned. Xenoglossy-wikkipedia (google) and Christians: Speaking in Tongues, which is considered the tongues of men and of angels, cited in the Bible. Are the two areas.
hi, sorry for the late reply. I think about this often and still don't have any clear answers. Maybe I was supposed to assist in changing the direction of this person, we were supposed to be together I think, but it failed miserably. His higher self was an extremely talented psychic and energy worker, but the bodily expression was very wicked and out of touch with the higher spirit. And this spirit-body relationship was reflected in his Bazi chart (Chinese birth chart). Another thing is this relationship was very educational to me, in terms of compassion and discernment and becoming less naive of a person. I have gone through a rapid education and ascension in having to learn to really rely on my heart and intuition. This relationship also started and ended with my saturn return. A lot of karma burned off too. So a lot of things were coalescing. This world is also not necessarily a just world. Sometimes evil winds and kindness loses, but like everything else that is all temporary. I have had a lot of expansion and broadened perspective of possibilities because of this. I think our higher selves met, tried, and failed
Ramona34 in Inception
PathR sorry for the late reaction, I want to thank you for your help 😊.
PathR in White Being
The bright white light sounds like a discarnate soul haunting. With haunting, there are other symptoms such as feeling cold/heat, seeing the discarnate soul responds differently in their actions. The UK has many discarnate souls which have no rest due to fear of after life, guilt etc. The history of United Kingdom is very old, and had many wars, invasions. Prisons are a haven, as are cemetery, murdered sites.

Some of your other situations could be psychic imprint. Is when a situation replays because the situation imprinted like a roll of film, such as acts the same situation over and over.

Some people see and sense these situations. Some people you work with do not see nor believe. But that does not discount your experiences.
Hi i'm avian and i'm a 13 year old boy also i'm late for this but anyway,i'm pretty sure I was a natural born one few...i've been looking up my power and how to make it visible,i've known I had a power for 3 years now and the more I get older the more signs start to show, a few days ago my friend had gotten bullied by this kid in school online and once I knew I ended up getting angry then my body started to hurt I was really mad and it hurted well not as bad but bad that was the first it had happened and so for it hasn't happened anymore every now and then my arms or legs hurt but its mostly my arms, this happened a few weeks ago I was meditating and I felt a slight shock in my palm and fingers I had my eyes closed so I couldn't see the shock, How do I make my power be visible to me I want to see it move... Am I to young?... Do I need to practice more?...i need answers.
Hello booboo,

Wow, that must've been quite unnerving for your wife to have witnessed you popping up in bed speaking another language! Sounds like psychic mediumship on your part - has it ever happened to you before?

Wouldn't that be interesting to find out what the words meant in whatever language you were speaking?!? Yes, I agree, I think that there are definitely some people who are more likely to be influenced by the spirit world than others...
Take Care:)
Hi PathR,

Yes, I understand what you mean about an entity trying to attach to ones spine, since the spine is where 5 of the 7 Chakras reside, what you're saying makes sense. And yes, I have a feeling that I've had lower than usual energy levels in the last few months that certainly may have contributed to this entity trying to pull a fast one on me!

My house used to be a rental property before I purchased it, which was used as a tri-plex (3 separate living quarters) for several decades. It's hard to tell how many occupants my home has had, but because it is located nearby a State University, I'm sure it's housed many students in its time. Who knows what went on within the walls?

Well, I've definitely learned from this experience I've had; most importantly, I need to keep on top of my personal health in regard to my stress levels. Also, I'm back to conducting my weekly house cleansings which have made a huge difference in how my home feels! 😊
Thank you for dropping by with a comment and great advice!
I just started seeing these orbs/ bubbles too, they are mainly see through and a little pinkish... Usually it looks more like a "disturbance" in the energy of what is already there like when the road is hot. Only it's just a small space and they float all around me. I noticed tons of them floating above church the other day. I am noticing them more and more. I would love to develop this connection more but I don't know how. Can anyone help?
this has sort have happened to me I never gave any spirit the use of my body just remember going to sleep that night and nothing no dreams just nothing I woke to my wife staring at me and well what was the matter with you last night I said what do you mean. She said I shot out out of bed in a sitting position looking around all confused and started talking in a foreign lanuage I said don't be daft I don't know any foreign languages apart from my own, I said what happened after that she said I just flopped back on the pillows I said well as far as I'm concerned it was like I did not exist until opened my eyes that morning it seems some of use are susceptible to been taken over by spirit
i can pretty much understand the problem of clairvoyant dreaming I have a lot of ill give you one instance I remember having a dream of a neighbour hanging or sitting on the window ledge this was on a level were if he fell he would have surly broken something well the one year we had new neighbours who were troublesome late night parties etc me and the wife was walking back from the town after a small shopping trip when I saw the same neighbour hanging out of the window I was struck with terror I held back a bit the wife said what's the matter luve I said you would not beleave it if I told you so I kept it to my self and yes you can have shared consciouness there is also ther empath side which I don't miss cause I live on my own as human beings we are more then what you realise yes your scared but once you start to understand what you really are and let you ego rule less your spiritual side becomes more known and your less afraid
harrypotterrules in The Tammy Tracey Murder
Idk about you guys but the fact that they mentioned exactly how many times the woman was stabbed makes me think that at least part of the story is fiction. Also, where did some of those quotes come from after the fifth paragraph?
Luna_Celestia85 in Instantly Knowing A Stranger
All of these comments are DEAD WRONG. I, too, have experienced the same kind of instant recognition of a stranger. What I have learned about this... Is that this instant recognition is leftover residue from our past lives. The universe is most likely warning you that this person is BAD for you, and to stay far away from them.
Just an update. Someone who her family knew (an older man) was arrested in her murder. Details not released as to what led police to this man- possibly DNA. They arrested him several states away, he was an over the road truck driver
Man you are way off. Tammy wasn't found until nearly a year to the day later, and there was no way they could determine if she'd been stabbed 99 times. There wasn't enough left to determine that. I'd say the psychic abilities are way off here
I wanted to let you all know that I believe the pentacle of solomon really works as well as at least one of the spells suggested. Thank you so much!
LightMight normally entity attach to a part of the spine. The spine seems to be the area which funnels all the senses-hear/smell/see/touch/taste.

What some call Spirit Attachment/Possession-is normally achieved only through a duration of time. The Human Host, is aware of the aim of
An entity.

Through the mental plane-we and Entities, or humans are able to communicate. Mental telepathy is the normal way of communicating.

It just feels like the issue is with who ever previously inhabited your home. The fact that your energy was strong enough to keep it away, and the stress due to a loss of relationship or possibly work stress can have been the opening, with low energy.

You did the correct thing by Cleansing the home. But if that has not elevated the problem, and you still sense the entity. You may need help in helping them to leave.

Working in Hospitals is draining. But it does not feel like that is the source.

I do find it interesting that even if these situations are terrible, we can grow and learn.

Checking out the history of the home, may be helpful. Best wishes
Athiestthinkingmaybewrong in I Think My Dad Just Tried To Take My Soul
Omg thank you path r. I think that makes more sense. I'll look into it. And be cautious thanks. I just had a vision of a grizzly bears face mouth open in a very threatening way and it woke me out of my sleep. I called my sister to see if she's ok. She is. Searched the house and nothing. I'm trying to forgive out what it means maybe I'll just make another post
I thought I would also reply because I have had some similiar experiences. It started about 6 years ago. I lived in another town then and I was writing a book about some spiritual experences that I was having.

Just giving you a bit of background as it may have some bearing on the occurances. At the time it had been a while since I had been doing meduimship, and I was in contact with a spiritual teacher and whilst writing the communication down I had opened all my Chakaras. This happened automatically and I was not consciously aware of it.

One evening I went to bed and woke up in the night. There was a shadow in the doorway of my bedroom. It looked like the shadow of an old witch. It was a totally stereotypical image. I was not particularly alarmed. I was watching the shadow and it seemed to have a lamp in its hand. Really I could just simply see the shadow of a lamp.

From the lamp a mist was entering the room. I could clearly see the mist running along the ceiling. As I watched the mist I began to see figures in the mist. People. Then as the mist thickened they began to appear more clearly. The bottom half of the people, from the waist down appeared encompassed by the mist. Then a figure entered the room and he was the same, though he was much larger. They seemned to be gesturing to me, as if commenting on me, then the man, who seemed to some sort of authority, looked down at me and seemed to dismiss me and then moved out of the room.

There was a previous experience which was similiar but this time there was a woman dressed in a wedding dress. I remembered my Mother talking about a friend of hers who died the day before she was due to be married. I think somehow this was related.

Two days ago, which effectively is 9 years later than the previous experiences I was in bed (in a totally different house) and I had woken up about 2:00 aim. I looked to the right of me at my alarm clock and I could see mist rolling over the little table that my alarm clock was on. What is peculiar about these experiences is that I am fully awake and I can clearly see the mist. I sat up in bed and could clearly see the mist happening again. It was happening for about 5 minutes. It was still happening but I turned away from it and went to sleep.

I will keep posting if it happens again.
Yes, I did see 'the grim reaper' or 'death'. It was actually quite scary. I am not sure how much I should say. I always thought it was symbolic, never thought it would be a real being until my encounter.
Hi LightMight,

Thank you for your comments. I certainly share your frustration! It always drove me crazy that I could do nothing to prevent them, similarly to your bridge collapse premonition. I often wonder what the point is? If we are given the gift of foresight yet can do nothing about it, why see it at all? My current hypothesis is that we are all connected and each one of us (to varying degree) has the ability to tap into that collective consciousness that resides outside of space/time. Tragedies are like ripples (think a proverbial pebble dropped in a pond) that move out from its center concentrically.

It is those ripples that are easier for some of us to pick up on. They are not meant to contain the solution to the imminent event, simply that is is going to occur.

Thanks again and take care!
If it had been just one person, I can see dismissing the event, but two, is indeed odd. Especially since your husband is not generally, from the sounds of it, receptive to such things.

I can't tell by your submission if you're in an apartment or a home but it feels more "home". But considering orbs can go through dense material, I wonder why it stayed outside? There may have been something going on energetically outside that had little to do with you two and when you entered its space, it rejected that. I wonder if something happened in the past where the truck was? Something to draw it? But that is hard to place as it could be many things.

Too bad you couldn't have recorded it on your security monitor. That would have been interesting to review later, maybe even in slow motion.

Sorry I'm not more help in terms of insight.

Thanks for sharing.
Kitkatt33 in Telekinetic Trees?
I think the same way as you do. I have woods in my yard and strange things happen there. I decided to figure out what was here before they built our home. I found sites with aerial photographs and maps going back to the early 1900's. I found that this area of land was virtually untouched by builders. I did find the name of the Indian tribes in the Midwest that lived in my area. I don't know if that helps at all but maybe these things that happen have to do with very old spirits.
I agree with all the comments here.

We ask how this can be because we have lived a life where we have shut ourselves off from such things.

But every now and again some experience comes along and shows us that our rigid, restricted views of live are keeping us from seeing how things really are.

It is possible because that is how life is.

If we let go of even more opinions and rigidities, maybe we would see even more extraordinary things.

Thanks for sharing.
I have had similar experiences in the past and yes I consider them to be parasitic entities or larvae. The texts I know of describe them as beings generated by negative thoughts, habits and desires (this is not a condemnation, no one is exempt from life).

I don't consider them to be sentient things, though they have a basic kind of intelligence. For me, they disappeared when I started a more serious pursuit of spirituality, sitting with a spiritual teacher more regularly, controlling the mind a bit, and raising my energetic vibrations through vital force accumulations and pore breathing (google Franz Bardon).

If you think this sounds like too much effort, you could trying professional help. For example Samuel Sagan's Clairvision School specialize in this kind of thing and could likely very easily help you.
You're not (just) psychic. The world is psychic and you are a part of it. It's just natural.
Hi Autumn,

Its an interesting experience but it is a bit hard to say what it means just based on that alone, because there could be a number of explanations. Like:

1. It is an actual clairvoyant experience of a mental realm with some kind of objective meaning. 2. It is a normal projection of your subconscious mind (though you have quite a powerful imaginative faculty) which is not beyond subjecting you to a few frights or a touch of an inner negativity you already possess 3. You are undergoing a psychic awakening and have triggered a kind of nadi that causes experiences similar to clairvoyance but are more like fantasies.

I would say experience will eventually give you more insight. But you might want to consider whether you are ready yet to continue with these guided meditations that could end up just channeling inner psychological or energetic problems more powerfully.

If you were to practice more contemplative exercises like breath work, rhythmic breathing or pranayama and thought observation (sometimes called samantha meditation) you could help establish and perfect your inner balance, detachment and energy, then when you eventually go back to guided meditations, you may find that there are fewer negative aspects, as you will be in better order. I would follow that kind of approach, if I were in that position but your mileage may vary:)

Be blessed!
Hi India_V,

What does it mean? You have three fairly clear examples, so most likely the most obvious solution is the case. You have a gift of premonition that has the possibility of saving lives.

It proves that the soul is eternal or at least part of it transcends mind and is beyond time and space, otherwise how could you know what you knew?

You can easily prove to your son that he is mistaken. If you have the ability to cause evil things through your psychic intention, then you should also have the ability to cause beneficial things. Imagine he has great success, wisdom and all the fulfillment he needs. If it comes true in the same same short length of time, then he is right. If not, then he is mistaken.

Although you can probably accomplish many things, the ability to alter others fate according to your intention on demand is probably not one of them. Sorry;)

You are blessed and should not fear your boon. Mostly likely, what will happen, will happen, regardless of whether you know in advance or not. Do your best to limit suffering where you can but do not become attached to the goodness of the results, they are beyond your control, no one can guarantee even the best laid plans. Offer up the results to the Divine.

Reassure your family that they are not their physical bodies but are immortal soul and so ultimately cannot be harmed by disease, old age, suffering or death.
[at] yameenmir
"I saw it today at 5:00 AM in the morning and yes it has purple eyes. Completely white skin with some sort of scars on its face and dark shadow around its complete figure.
I saw it when I was sleeping and seeing a dream of my friends becoming soldiers haha:D when the thing came and said I made them all like this (It was like my dream was completely hijacked)."

I saw this figure yesterday in the early hours of the morning.
White skin, purple glowing eyes, scars on the face (around the mouth) slender, no hair, all black around it. Just saw the head. Almost non human (extraterrestrial style) kind of had a zoidberg look (from Futurama) sort of thing going on but not comical at all. I wasn't threatened by it at all. In fact as soon as I saw it I said hello. And asked who are you? And what are you doing here in a pleasant way. To invite a conversation. I guess it was startled as it vanished while looking at me. I tried to call it back for a few minutes afterwards. But it the experience has stuck with me. By the way I was completely awake and was being moved in and out of a central consciousness of a mass of people (well I guess that's what you call it) I was seeing people's faces and people doing tasks in daily life that I have never met before. (I get that a lot).

I will try and do a drawing of what I saw if that helps (but I'm no artist)

Hope this helps
Hello Anne,

Thank you for replying so quickly, I'm so glad you have shared your thoughts on the experiences I've had recently!

In regard to your first question; no, there is no one new in my life (a little over a year ago I became a widow and have no interest in bringing anyone new into my life at this time). There have been no purchases of antiques or used goods. I'm actually at a really good place in my life right now, aside from the weird stuff that happened while I was asleep, I have no complaints or added stressors that I'm aware of. One thing that I have often wondered about is the possibilty of something attaching itself to me from my workplace; I work in a busy hospital doing 12 hours shifts...

Much like you suggested in your comment, I did consider sleep paralysis, and also the possibility of 'hypnopompic hallucinations'. Yet with the second incident, once I was awake and sitting on the edge of my bed, I was still battling whatever that entity was - it felt like a tug-of-war for several minutes afterward.

Unfortunately, I think you may have nailed it, I have been suspecting that it is lower level and very strong. Thinking back on when I first moved into my home (3 years ago), I had a series of very weird dreams of a man who would appear in my home and follow me around; his presence was intense but not threatening. The thing that stood out to me the most was that he communicated with images, he never spoke which is something that I found odd. At the time, I really didn't think much about those dreams. Now I'm wondering if that 'man' and this recent entity are one in the same? Perhaps I've let my guard down and have become too complacent in the last few months?

Thank you for listening ❤ LightMight

Everything you did post traumatic incident I would have recommended (prayer, shield, cleanse).

Is there anything new in your life (a person, a purchase of something perhaps old, a new residence, a new scary show you're watching, or a stress incident?). These things, especially of this magnitude, don't generally just crop up like that. This is a pretty low level entity. It had to find some channel that was open to you to make this contact. I'd start by looking for some path that this thing took to you.

Etheric anomalies as I call them are not all that uncommon (sleep paralysis, hearing voices while in an altered state, being touched, etc.) but for these images to be projected to you and such an intense body drain following the episode says that this entity is of a stronger variety. Definitely keep cleansing and let this thing know it is NOT welcome! Command it to leave.

Hope this helps.

In my opinion, I don't see your experience as being weird or necessarily coincidental - I think you are both very lucky to have such a close friendship and an obviously deep connection with each other. Perhaps you two were related or knew in each other in some other lifetime or dimension, and have come together once again? It's a common misconception about many who have autism; it was once believed that people who live with autism are unable to feel or sense emotions. They too, can possess psychic abilities and experience emotions as empaths do - often it comes down to how and if they choose to express their feelings on the subject.

Here's a link below that might shine some light on the subject:
Hi Aros,

Your premonitions are extraordinary and a bit frightening!

Similarly, I've had several of my own experiences since childhood, yet usually they involve my family and/or friends. One in particular though happened in an area that I've never been to, with people I've never met. It was a series of visions that happened while I was on my commute home from work one morning in 2007. The visions were of people driving over a bridge in traffic, then complete chaos erupts when the bridge begins to collapse. The visions were so horrible that I took the next exit (off ramp) and drove to the nearest parking lot, so that I could park and pull myself together before finishing the drive home. That afternoon, I saw national news that a bridge collapsed in downtown Minneapolis, with many injuries and several fatalities. I have no idea why these visions came to me; I don't know anyone who lives in Minnesota and I've never traveled to that state (I lived in Washington)...

The other thing that bothered me about these visions was the fact that there is no way that I could've helped or warned any of the people involved, so what was the point of having these premonitions if they served no apparent purpose?

What I find to be frustrating about the premonitions I've had, is that when I've tried to warn the people involved in my visions or dreams, I'm usually not taken seriously...

Take care!
It is spoken that people who are schizophrenic have a very thin aura which has tears, and what you describe actually sounds as if your fathers body attached to your spine and this is why you felt the pulling. Once his energy body attached to the spine: You became a Conduct to channel his feelings of remorse to apologise. This is referred to as Trance channelling, which allowed him to say, "sorry". I think if you look/listen to the tape which you took of the actions (words) which came out of your mouth you will see energy around your body, and the voice is somewhat different. The feelings that you were dying is what your father experienced, heart stopping. For a Trance Channelling-observers can see shadow over the Conduits face, or behind.

I say this as it fits your scenario." Peace and release after the Person (entity) left you. Peace would come from your Gate Keeper, "Protector" as well as Kundalini energy (root chakra). The fact is we are Energy as human beings, housed in this earthen clay. When the deceased visit us, soon after death. They demonstrate-how they died. Heart stopping, feeling body dying.

Look up Trance and Trance Channelling (Arthur Findley College in UK, there are varying degree's of this which people can do. It looks as if you just did this very thing. Most likely you are one of the few people who are born this way to be a conduit. Just use knowledge and caution.
PathR in Help Me
Your very sensitive. Most likely an empathy-who feels and senses those around them. Being open like this can make one feel sad, drained and overwhelmed. It can also affect ones mental well-being.

My deepest condolences for the passing of your loved one. Please be kind to yourself, eat and sleep plus support yourself with relaxing herbal tinctures which do not conflict with any medication, or a homeopathy such as Ignatia Amara used for grief and loss.

I encourage you to keep talking. Plus find a meditation which makes you feel peaceful and centred. Also research grounding and protection for yourself.

You must bear in mind, we do not always sense oncoming events for our loved ones. As my own experience of sensing death of loved ones, I would smell smoke burning. Last year I just sense death thoughout my whole being when my Dad passed.
I too have had expirences with multiple entities that can manipulate regular household items to take their form no matter how strange it may be but always have a face of some sort to make them recognizable and they all stand out in their own way. Now where ever that are or have been they leave a trail or small thin hairlike fibers that seem to be either magnetic or static and a sticky smoky film all over the surfaces all around where that have been. This substance it not only ominous but difficult to clean up and seems to be super sharp as it leaves scratching through mirror and glass. Is this a common occurrence to others that have semi
Regular unwanted visits
Or is this just happening to me? My house is filthy today and was spotless yesterday. Mostly the kitchen and all the reflective materials. Please tell me how to stop them and what to clean this spirit crud up with.
That must have been truly shocking that there was such a powerful facilitator to death there before you and what had you done or why was he looking at you... His coming into sight with only the colors you mentioned make his presence that much
More powerful that not even a logical mind could dismiss him. As from what I have seen his presence is extremely powerful and not even a childish person trying to scare you was a possibility. I was and would be asking yourself why he was taking the time to see you personally while your living. Also he is so easily dismissed quickly as there is now way to make sense of the truth. I hope that's the last time you see him again until his boat.
Thank you Beachstar83

But that time have gone a lone time ago and I never seen her since and even if I did I will not know because I don't remember what she looks like.

And thank you also for all the advice.

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