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How Do I Tap In To My Medium Experiences


I've always believed in the supernatural and psychic experiences. I have had premonitions like dreams, seeing numbers, and I have intuition where I know that something will happen. I've also seen spirits when I was young. I was never an imaginative child, yet I would see them in great detail but I could only see them for a fraction of a second. Typically they would be standing in the middle of the streets but they would occasionally appear in my home or in school. It would also happen when I looked up from where I was looking, but it almost felt like something willed me to move my head up to see these spirits.

I once willed myself to continue seeing a spirit out on the street and I was able to see her two more times that day. I wasn't able to see her after that. Unfortunately I'm now 17 and I haven't seen a spirit in years. I also have a hard time trying to focus on intuition instead of it coming naturally. Whenever my intuition comes naturally, it's almost never wrong, but when I try to use it on my own will then it hardly works. I have been able to tap in to it on a few rare occasions and it felt like something turned on in my brain and I was confident in its abilities. I want to tap into my experiences again and I want to see spirits, premonitions, and to get my intuition.

I feel that because I have been able to grasp these skills a few times in the past, I might be able to really use them if I nurture them correctly. A lot of people have said to connect with your chakras and spirit guides, but I've always struggled to find a good place to start and a lot of the sources that I've found clash with each other. I'm not sure where to start, is there anybody that could give me advice?

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6 months ago (2023-11-29)
If you want to tap into your abilities, the simple answer is to be at peace with yourself. You have to know and understand yourself inside out and then accept who you are. The rest comes naturally.
RHM (2 stories) (17 posts)
1 year ago (2023-05-12)
[at] Rhinestone54
I am a big proponent of "The Silva Mind Control Method" There some free meditations on you tube and any number of websites. While the in person classes are the best, they are also expensive. I've used the home study program, which is on sale at the moment, I believe. This can help develop your gift. The home study classes require lots of diligent work and take a bit longer. Hth
ufw57 (36 posts)
1 year ago (2022-12-20)
You could use the psychic test kit that's available at this site. It's accurate and gives you a whole sense of regular & irregular feedback that most people find useful. Start with the Esp test, it's like a questionnaire with a free end result, without pay, just free.

* Don't Use A FullStop in your answers. Please, it will ruin the CPu machine we have here.
Soul-Seeker75 (8 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-19)
YouTube is a good place to start. There are all kinds of videos on Chakras. My suggestion is a channel called: Spiritverse. (It has a little patch-works character who explains "Spirit Science" by breaking it down into understandable sections.)

The first lesson I would start with, since you mentioned Chakras, is titled "Everything You Need to Know About Chakras" followed by "Spirit Science, the series."

It is quite interesting. I hope this helps you!

If you want to begin to channel your Spirit Guides, just allow yourself to... Give yourself permission to acknowledge their presence.

(There are a few exercises you can practice to sharpen your intuition as well. One of my favorites is Psychometry.

My two other favorite things to practice are:
1) Remote Viewing with Picture - scroll up and look under psychic tests at the top of this page. I have been practicing Remote Viewing since 2005. I only spend about 30 seconds on the target number, and have become pretty accurate; I keep a log of my sessions to learn about my gift and how I pull insight out of thin air.

2) Automatic Writing. I sit at my laptop, with a blank word document open. I say a prayer, surround myself with white light, say another prayer and then I "sit" in silence, with my hands on my keyboard. I honestly don't know how or where I go, but when I come back to the present consciousness of my body, there are pages of words written, with profound wisdom! I'll be honest, some of those sessions... STILL have me researching some of the phrases in them, even now, after 6 years. I'm still searching for those meanings.

Here's a website that will help expand your knowledge of the various types of gifts/abilities with the definitions.

Here is a book that will teach you amazing things.
"Hands of Light" by Barbara Brennan.

Look up "Abraham Hicks" along with Esther Hicks. She channels Abraham... THEIR Teachings are enlightening, incredible, accurate, wise, there is just so much! I highly recommend them.

Alright, well, this should keep ya busy for a while. 😊
Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck.

Expecting Success,
Dr. Angela H.

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