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I have over the years had many changes in reality. That somehow I have been able to change the outcome of what the future should have been rather than what it turned out to be. One incident was when I was eighteen and was out late with a boy in his car, we were driving in the bluffs and should have gone off the side of the road. We both discussed the situation and knew if we got out of the car and looked over the cliff at that moment we would see ourselves at the bottom of the cliff probably dead.

Another time was several years later when I and another young man were driving over to his grandmother's house and saw that the front was open and lights were on. This might not sound strange but his grandmother was dead and the house was closed up and empty. We both talked about what we should do and both knew that if we walked up and went in that house we would be shot and killed from the intruder. We decided to call the police and have them look into the house. We drove down the street and were fairly freaked out, talking about the moments before we went into the house and how we both had the same (dream) for lack of another word. We were talking about how the phenomenon and speculated that the next thing that would happen to us would be that a man with a missing leg would run up to us while we were driving his car, instead moments later and man with a missing arm ran in front of the car, we just barely missed him. The police later found no one in the house but it had been vandalized.

Another situation was when I was driving during a terrible snow storm and hit a slush pocket; I lost control of the car and headed into on coming traffic which was just as crowded as the three lane street I was on. I closed my eyes and could hear the smashing of metal and braking of glass, when I opened my eyes I was on the my side of the three lane street and there were no other cars on either side of the street. No damage to my car, no broken windows and the only thing hurt was the tire that was bent when I collided with the curb. In my heart I know that time changed and the outcome changed somehow.

Most of these where while I was younger, but just last year I fell into my pond, I could taste the pond water, and the blood in my mouth from the split in my skull when I hit the rocks, my eye makeup was burning my eyes. I cried for help but I couldn't be heard and tired to reach out to get to the side of my pond I was confused as which way was up. This pond is about three feet deep and about six feet across. I closed my eyes and pulled myself out of the pond. My forehead was bleeding from the hitting the rocks and have a fracture that can still be seen across my temple to just above my left eye. My face was not wet and I didn't have the taste of pond water in my mouth. I was wet and walked up the deck where my husband sat and asked me what in the world was I doing. I was trenched from the collar bone down and bleed ran down my left side of my face. He said he heard nothing not he splash or the cry for help and I was gone just a few minuets, not long enough to have fallen in and pulled myself out.

There have been other situations that are similar and the outcome was different from what the rational mind would have thought occurred. Did my changes in reality make changes in other people's lives that were outside my control? Is the whole deja vu thing created by those others that can change their realities and create pockets of repeated memories in the rest of us. My mother has had the same things happen to her though her lifetime. Does this mean that she passed it to me and do other people in the "real" world have the same abilities? Creating pockets of time changes for us and time repeats for them?

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kumarainstitute (1 posts)
1 year ago (2022-05-04)
very good story, keep it up!
Vali733 (8 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-07)
You still live?...Contact me... Ionatanterra [at]
otterman (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-10)
"That somehow I have been able to change the outcome of what the future should have been rather than what it turned out to be."
So true! I sense that you have altered your love life, such that you changed "what the future should have been..." You know you've missed out on a true love, the love of a soul-mate. You've done what the world has expected you to do, and by doing so have lost your peace. Your mind and heart are in conflict, thus your psychic events are without reason or explanation. Your confusion causes you to question yourself, therefore, you know not if you truly have a psychic gift or just a knack for distorting reality. ❤
texasrain (1 stories) (1 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-24)
Has no one out in this psychic world experienced this. I can not be the only one who has caused time changes. Anyone have an idea what kind of psychic skill this is? 🤔

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