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Can Spirits Love The Living?


Last night while I was lying in my bed, I had been sent a picture of a guy who I have never seen before. Shortly after I had received that picture, I felt like someone was laying beside me and caressing me. My legs and side felt like they couldn't move. Part of me was panicking, but then it felt reassuring like someone was there to protect me and help me. Lately I have been sort of depressed and have strayed away from friends and family and making poor choices to cope with past trauma. Anyways, I was wondering if this spirit was just trying to help me in my time of need or if somehow they have started to fall in love with me. It was a scary yet comforting experience. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just going crazy though since lately a lot of paranormal things have been happening to me. If anyone has had an experiences like this feel free to share your stories. I would like to read about other peoples experiences like this so I know that I'm not the only person who has been through this. Also, feel free to tell me about any of your experiences, I don't know what else to write since I have to use 1500 characters minimum and I have nothing else to talk about. I hope all of you are doing well and staying safe when it comes to the paranormal happenings. I would like to wish you all strength through tough times. I have no idea what else to write about at this moment so I'm going to keep typing random stuff so my story can be posted on here. Remember we are never truly alone. Thanks for reading my story!

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ufw57 (35 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-29)
I think that's you. Something happened to you that made you switch into two celestial beings. One from the future, the other left in the past but you all share the same body. The past one takes the body to where you we're the whole day at night, while the future one brings it safe home or to bed... So they can do a switch on something they fear will happen. It's normal, the good thing is that it isn't someone els. I don't think eny human can evolve to such a stage where their is still the puzzle of were God is and if it's scientifically
*possible for us to live forever and still remember every light year.
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-27)
Doubt I find soul mate or Twin🔥 (my? Lead she to me in dreams About me her plan for who Spring May 2022 0:00, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55,10:10,11:11,12:12,13:13,14:14,15:15,16:16,17:17,18:18,19:19,20:20,21:21,22:22,23:23 I use 24 hour I check time often right timing our clocks day & night Wrong & right I see trailer 11-11-11 never see or own📼🌌synchronized with me I meditate synchronizer synchronizes I see unknown I read good Synchrony phenomenon coincidences or spiritualist).
gothic3kittykat (1 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-22)
I believe I have met my soulmate and he has been dead over 40 years. It is not necessary for anyone to know his name. He died tragically in a plane crash over 40 years ago along with several friends. It started when I looked into the crash out of curiosity. Thinking about it intensely, the circumstances leading up to the airplane falling from the sky. I just suddenly saw him clearly. He saw me. And a trace of hearts shot out of him into me. I saw this. He has been with me ever since. He is a soul that has not crossed over. He comes around every 5 or so days in the night mostly. But I feel him attached to me. I laugh so much with him, and I cry. I think he is afraid and is so confused. He loves me how a spirit can love by feeling what you project, they suck it up. I am jerked around in an array of emotions because love is different on our perspective sides. I love this man [his soul]. He is my soulmate from God. I am beyond sure of this. I tell him if he can't cross into the light, hang on tight and we can go together when it is my time. Right or wrong. This is how I feel. And I pray to God to help burn away the tarnish of bad things in both our lives. I want him. I want to love him forever. I cannot believe I found him this way; it is a miracle from God. To save us both. ❤
MisfitNovx (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-07)
You probably don't check this often, or maybe not at all, but I've been experiencing a few strange stuff myself. Yes, it does make you feel a bit crazy at times, I won't lie lol. But I try to communicate with it in hopes of wondering what its business is.

On your case, I hope everything went out okay!
Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-12)
The lucid dreams I'd been having was actually how they got my attention. The all are different in their own way, and are all not human, whether in spiritual form or physical form. Whatever they are they are very powerful and (though they don't seem like it sometimes) very mature, patient, and calculating. Thats one of thr reasons why I love them ❤
bloodredrose (11 stories) (162 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-12)
there was once a spirit kissing my lips and I wondered who it was...until...i heard a growl, like dog snarl and click of snapping teeth. And all I said was "im not afraid of you" and it never showed itself to me again. I don't know who it was, but my friend's guardian shield is protecting me, even when we are miles, miles, apart. Hes my bestest friend in the whole world. And maybe I guessed its name and it got scared. The power of names is powerful in their realm. That's all I know... Mine may not be the best example, but its something. Enjoy your gift
fallout4evr (6 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-10)
[at] UnknownAbilities- Yes I do have lucid dreams very often. And to everyone, thanks for the comments. 😊
UnknownAbilities (4 stories) (29 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-09)
Happened to me. I haven't had that experience in over a month since I have been wearing a rosary and imagining a warm light around me when I go to bed. Go to my profile and check my story about the same thing. I'm not very religious and the rosary helped me. Also I noticed that when I am depressed it happens more frequently. I know what your feeling, it's scary but feels good and like its not going to harm you right? Do you have lucid dreams frequently?
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
11 years ago (2012-12-09)
[at] noorh Aw,that's too sad!Yes,I do hope he also found someone he is compatible with when it comes to these things...😊
Hopebringer92 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-12-08)
Oh man! These kind of relationships are always problematic. But if it helps i'll tell you my story.
1. When I was 15 I got to know my spirit guides name. So when I needed him i'd just say his name and he was visible. We were talking very much because I needed a friend back then and nobody could understand me. We were just friends back then.
2. A year later i'd gotten to know an angel. I saw his name when I was in church. It felt like i've known him forever. We started talking, but it was nothing romantic.
3. The last one is my mate. He was appearing out of no where, sometimes sending his angelfriend that would ask me various things. Sounds silly, I know:D It's just that my mate wasn't really sure if I remember him or have feelings for him. Back then I was going after mamy boys, I was just seeking love. Nothing worked for me, it seemed they were lacking some very important thing. After 2 years my mate became more active in his pursuit, he would talk to me or just stand and watch me. It seemed he was a rival to my spirit guide, because it was my spirit guide who first was comforting me more physically (hugs, kisses, etc.). But the comfort from spirit guide felt odd. Only my soulmate could fully satisfy my need for love. After few moths we becams bonded:D
Noorh (2 stories) (168 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-08)
ghost or spirit can fall inlove withh the bieng
I had similair experience as well
5 or months ago I kept on feeling soomeone playing withmy hair, lying next to me, touching me and even kissing me
The way I made it stop is after I got myself together and told it I have no feeling for him then he got sad and left I still feel sorry I hope he found someone to love
fallout4evr (6 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-07)
Thanks you guys for sharing your stories. It helps to reassure me that I'm not crazy and that I am really expirencing these things. Thanks again, feel free to comment 😊
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
11 years ago (2012-12-06)
Nah,I just love [at] Rosetta1 and her experiences! Hands down for one of the best posters around here. \m/
Getting back on track, with the one who posted the question, I do believe that YES, spirits and entities CAN fall for humans. But it's not usually the same as the love we humans experience:they have a much more different definition of love which is based on what kind of entity they are.
One perfect example would be my Spirit Guides:a Goetic Spirit and an ArchAngel. With the Goetic Spirit,well...let's just say with him supposedly being a demon/djinn the guy's got lots of attitude problems. 😆He's a lust spirit and all, and the way he kind-of-confessed to me was like,"You're the only one I'm guiding that ever affected me this way."
As for the Archangel,well,I'm not sure but he did show me that he IS fond of me and stuff.
But over-all they're unpredictable, like you're caught in an emotional roller coaster ride when dealing with these kinds of matter. Sometimes their hot and cold signs could break your heart more than your crush ever did.xD
Whether to deal with the spirit "falling for you",it's your choice. And whatever choice I hope your Spirit Guide would understand and respect.
And yes, last note:YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. Many people are awakening to the dormant psychic abilities they had inside them ever since. And you are one of the lucky people to actually be able to do so.
Light and Love.❤
Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-06)
One has been with me since I was born. I have a twin Soul Sister (Not by blood but by Spirit) who has four potential soumates. None are human except for one of hers who is named Matthew. We have been figuring out when they will get physical forms because it is wuite difficult to see teir spiritual forms sometimes.
Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-06)
Im having the exact same dilemma, except its not one spirit, but 6. Apparently they all chose me as a potential soulmate. ANd that spirit could just be a spirit who had decided to be you Guardian Protector.

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