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"UFO's sittings have increased immensely, the pentagon just confirmed the existence of aliens and UFO's, but why did they do it? Why now?"

Be mindful of making more out of things than are actually happening.

UFO sightings have not increased immensely. Recently there was a former Israeli space security chief (Prof. Haim Eshed) saying there has been contact with aliens, there is a contract to do experiments on Earth and that even US president Trump is in contact with aliens. Eshed is releasing a book. He is obviously making such statements to sell the book.

I was alive in the 70's 80's 90's and all the way to the 2021. There have always been occasional reports of UFO's but once in a while there have been surges of sightings and sometimes these have taken place all over the world. But there have not been many of these for a long long time.
In Quantum Theory there is a premise whereby the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality.

A controlled experiment revealed that the greater the amount of "watching," the greater the observer's influence on what actually takes place.
Everyone has multiple lifeforms attaching to them throughout their lives. I am not speaking of the microscopic world. Some people attract dark entities while others attract kinder gentler beings. The way to eliminate them is to encourage them with love. It sounds cliche and improbable (the whole idea is improbable to many) but it is the way to do it. Kill them with kindness. The dark energies will not be satisfied and leave while the more loving energies will understand it is the right thing to do and just comply.

You two are overwhelmed by the attached beings because both of you are extra sensitive. Because you are extra sensitive you need to learn how to protect yourself and reduce their influence on you.
-o0I0o- in Tarot Channeling
Hey dandydaffodil,

Don't listen to the haters. They want everyone to be like them.

Follow your heart and be true to your soul. You have amazing talent and comprehension with your higher-level senses. You already have more ability and understanding of what you are doing while most readers only have book sense and memorized dogma. You can be of great assistance to other people and/or you can use this exclusively to enrich your own life.

Tarot cards can be used many ways including as a means to convey messages from beings not living with physical body. Historically an Ouija board has had dark connotations but my wife learned how to channel using one. First she sort of felt the urge to spell out words. Then she started hearing the words and soon would narrate everything simultaneously. Eventually she was able to allow her guides to utilize her body and converse as though they had exchanged places. If you turned the lights off and could not see her you could more easily feel the different being across from you. Her guides were not "evil spirits" they were benevolent and full of knowledge and wisdom.
Hello Smoltowngrl,

I agree with PathR in that you are gifted.

Easier said than done I know we all have fears but somehow you need to understand how these signs taking place for you are not to be feared. Try to be passive and not reactive as they unfold. Instead of dreading something "bad" to come observe neutrally without labeling it bad or good. Do you know of the film The Sixth Sense? In that film a very young boy "sees dead people" and eventually learns not to be afraid but to comprehend the message which he then relays to other people. I suspect this is just the introduction to a great talent developing in you. You are learning the language being used to communicate. Later you very likely will have much more reveled to you. You are very special. You are becoming bilingual speaking a language that is uncommon but valuable. Read, seek contact with "mediums" and "psychics"...there are many with great abilities and understanding but like anything there are plenty that are not that good at it and who do not understand what they are doing. Eventually you will have pieces of the puzzle and assemble it seeing the picture.

Best of luck to you!
It certainly is possible to detect scent on a higher level (than the physical plane). It certainly is possible to have sex there with other beings as well. There are many forms of higher-level sexual activity. You can have a form of higher-level sexual interaction with beings living lives on the physical plane as well as with beings who are not currently living lives on the physical plane. There are lost/roaming souls (ghosts). There are multi-dimensional beings without physical bodies. There are souls not currently living on the physical plane. I have personally experienced several forms. Generally, the rules/guideline are similar regarding safety and protection. Whether it is with a physical being or one without a physical body we are interacting with that being on other levels. How do you know whether you are interacting with the same being or not? Look for recognizable characteristics. As above, so below. Look, sense, feel for characteristics. Practice and develop your natural skills.
Your words seem to reference single events but many similar events over a period of time, is this correct? For instance the 7 figures around your bed, this seems to be a single event yet you speak of that event as though it was recurring or at least part of a recurring theme. You may chalk up as having learned that you have control. These beings (?) may not have been your guides, as in your assigned guides. Your guides will give you space if you wish. You are never truly alone. You can request different guides and may or may not succeed. But you cannot banish them. We are here teamed and connected but we do not all have awareness. We do not necessarily have an objective to utilize multi-level capacities. You are jumping to conclusions attributing the "stale, flat, boring" nature of your life to the absence of interactivity with these beings that had been showing up. My suggestion to you is to take a proactive role in changing the "stale, flat, boring" nature of your life. Find an interest and pursue it. Do not expect the beings to return. Move on. Immerse yourself in new interests. Your "guides" have not left you. They continue to do their part. You are the one living here on this plane and they are the guides. Get back to living life and everything will fall into place.
Never mind, I have my answers and since there were no similar responses, I think I am to keep them to myself. Thank you for responding.
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Thanks, I wrote on your story because I couldn't find a way to send a private message haha.

I don't have much to add to my story except that I've actually seen my girlfriend's aura after all, it happened around a month ago. I was in the dining room and she was making food in the kitchen while I was facing away from her. I was lost in my mind when I felt intuitively I needed to turn my head and look at her. Then I felt my vibrational state rise and I distinctly saw a red overlay around her legs, who intensified in color and vibrance as my vibrations rose up. A few seconds later, I was smiling and happy. It felt good. Then I turned around again for a few seconds and when I looked back, her aura had turned to blue.

I also think I had an out-of-body experience recently. I was asleep and woke up in the middle of the corridor outside my apartment. Everything was REAL and I was focusing intensely on a hole in the wall. I felt myself rise above the ground and realizing I was free, I felt the urge to explore a new place. So I went headfirst into someone else's apartment... And everything went black. It felt like I wasn't allowed to go in there. And then I woke up and told my girlfriend about the experience. I checked out the wall the next day and the hole I was focusing on during my moment of freedom was actually there. I never noticed that hole before this happened.
Charles120 in Strange But True
[at] mx384

Hey how are you? I saw your post on my story, sorry it took a while to come back to you I keep forgetting to check the comments 😆

Anyway yeah you can send the PDF you mentioned if you still have it, although I have an idea of what it could be. I'm very interested either way, hopefully you still have it. You can send it to charlesmalodube120 [at]

I liked your story too and I have moments just like you mentioned. I also regularly dream about stuff that happens either the next day or in the following days or weeks. It's odd.

Aurora-Rose-117 in Is It Supposed To Hurt?
Oh and yes I get overwhelmed by the chaos of people's emotions too. My natural reaction used to be anger or anxiety, but I'm slowly developing a working method to be in crowds and around violent energies safely. It's a journey for sure! I lived in Dayton OH for a short while and the veil seems to be thinner there than in other places. Could be all the Selenite in the ground!
Which reminds me, you can try focusing your abilities on reading magnanimous peaceful things like trees. And get yourself a good piece of black kyanite, I mean it!
Aurora-Rose-117 in Is It Supposed To Hurt?
Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the information and sensory stuff? I don't think the stuff you pick up on is useless, a lot of the time it's omens in the environment etc. And correspondences. And they can be made useful. I shut my abilities down tremendously but when I open them up it's somewhat similar to you. Except I read the environment and big scale things. For example I felt like I was getting an omen and opened myself up. I saw a lamp flickering and thought "what is the message?" I knew there was going to be a shooting and left, and got 2 more omens along the way to my car. The next day I looked it up on the news and there was a shooting at the McDonald's drive through a few miles down from where I was.
I can look at your astrological chart to see where your strengths and weaknesses may lie, if you feel inclined.
Cxvii.aurora [at]
Or on FB Okaje Auravictrix (not my real name but it's a sock puppet account to safely connect with people)
Rough times is an understatement. I've been told by a world renowned psychic I've had a hard life, more than most. Honestly, I didn't realize it until I talked to others. Some who have had to watch me do my best said I have gone through more hardship in year than most see in a lifetime. It has only been the last 11 months that I have known any kind of rest, even a little peace. But still with loss.
I had given up on love long ago, like decades ago. Didn't look for it, didn't feel any real need for it, really didn't want to deal with any more complications. I've just been trying to deal with what life hands me.
So, all of this was a surprise to me.
I've been aware of my guides since I was a child. These new ones are different and have amazed me with how active and how much they can affect the physical world.
I hope that answers your question, probably too much.
The reality is there are many dimensions.

There are also people who die, and yet active in the physical realm.
Those who wish to evolve are of service and act as guides.

In your situation it seems there is interacting with you, so you are in this relationship. And as all of us have ability to show love/peace. This is what has been imparted to you and more, from what you are saying.

As you are saying you have gone though rough times, and felt lost in need of love.
I can't say I have your skills or that I know the depth of your loneliness, but I can say that there is more to life. In this world there are those who are hateful, but it's not actually the true nature of things.
As I sit here, contemplating what you need to hear, all my spirit guides have to say, is to let you know you are not alone.
Believe it or not, I am actually very curious about your skills and feel at home in reading your story. As you know, not everyone accepts the unseen elements of life, but as a healer I feel a kinship to you. I would love to hear how you are doing and if you have any questions, please email me at my business email, rae [at] if you are interested in connecting.
Awakening is opening up to the 5 psychic senses: clairvoyance, clairsentient etc. The earth has a voice, and in part, your hearing is nature. The lights red/blue/white are nature & elements. There are various levels we can interact on the earth (physically/mentally/emotionally) these intertwine with etheric and astral plus physical plan. As said according to old tradition, all life is a circle.
But as your are in your region it sounds as if you are hearing thunder and lightning bird called Ndadzi. And when humans show religious homage with prayer this too can be seen/felt/heard.
Munchkin1468 in Hearing The Earth Turn
For a little over a year now I have been having the same experiences minus the "Earth rotating" sound. The ringing in the ears at different frequencies and the little bright lights. Most of them are white but I have also seen some blue and a few red. I've tried to find the source of the lights but I haven't been able to. I've researched and so far they are unexplainable. Last year when I first experienced them I was also in the midst of a really bad year. My husband and I has split up, I lost my job, I became deathly ill with an uncommon disease, and my house burned to the ground. At first when the lights appeared I felt like someone must be playing a trick on me but as I witnessed them more and more I wrote that theory out. I don't feel threatened by them but I am always looking for an explanation which led me here. Last night there were more of them then I had ever seen at once and I felt that the reason was that they were trying to communicate something important to me. It almost looked like they were trying to form objects but as I tried to see more clearly it felt like a haze was in front of my eyes. The more I struggle to see the hazier my eyes got. There were so many of them I felt a little uncomfortable but also felt an urgency from them. I do not know what they want or what if any kind of message they are trying to relay. I can't really tell anyone cause they'll think I am crazy. (maybe I am 🤔) I know they are real and I can always tell when I will see them because the ringing in my ears will get louder. I am hearing the ringing now and I want to know what they want. I am going to try to listen to them tonight more tentatively. Hopefully I can see what they are saying or understand in some form. I can't leave it as unexplained. Quite honestly, I've never been a spiritual person, but someone told me they could "see" that I was going through an "awakening". I don't know what that means really. If anyone has answers or suggestions for I should do please contact me.

Thank you
This sounds very similiar to an experience my ex-wife and I had when we were together. At the time I wasn't very spiritual (or rather God-pleasing) and later things got complicated between us. Perhaps this event indicates there will be some changes, or perhaps not. What is most important is your own spiritual walk and what you rely on spiritually when the "winds" pick up in your life, just as in the Bible (if you believe) when Jesus walked on the water and called out to Peter and Peter didn't focus on God, but on the winds and began to sink. During such frightening experiences and even sudden abrupt life changes (such as the pandemic) focus your attention on God. God would not scare or frighten you. I hope this helps, Insha'Allah.
follow your HEART ultimately not your spirit guides, despite them wanting the best for u - your life is ultimately dictated by the choices you make and your mind state of being. But be aware of karma. Cheating leads to bad karma. Cheat and be certain you will get cheated on. This is not meant to discourage you, it is simply the law of the universe. To advise against this, by following your heart, you also stand up for your dignity. If you're unhappy in your marriage and your husband, leave him and be with this guy. If not... What is hidden will always come to light as they say ~
Imagination is simply channeling information. It is not made up - it is as real as this reality. Just as your dreams are. Yes u were channeling. Did u make up the story, or did the story make itself known to u? See
At night is when spirits like to come and play as I call it. There's more silence, less noise in the mind - therefore it is easier for U to perceive them. They always will try to get our attention both during the day and night, but maybe your mind gets quieter during nighttime, and he's easily able to make his presence known. Interesting u smell cologne though. I would say that is more human, but your friend is describing more alien or djinn like. He seems gentle though. Be wary for any sexual interaction or sleep paralysis though. Thats a form of energy sucking. I wouldn't worry about it. If he makes u uncomfortable ask him to leave
Very interesting. If you're spiritual I recommend this book The Mist Filled Path. Different from your story, but still u might like it. Anyways, yes you're absolutely right! The fog contained dense energy which is y u fell asleep. I shift different dimensions all the time while I'm awake, but I've never had anything from this dimension interact with the one I was in. INTERESTING that the place you went to was called crossroads as well. Crossroads between this realm and another? Hahaha. I would simply look into the location of where u were and any experiences. Perhaps there's something spiritual about the specific location you're in. Examples like how certain places are prone to UFO citings. It's strange because when I astral travel while I'm awake to different dimensions I simply feel my consciousness shifting and my perception changes - the energy around me feels different and I feel different entities around me depending on where I traveled to. Where I travel to can also be in the past or future, which means that dimension the time works differently. I wouldn't be surprised when u fell asleep when that fog hit u that the time that passed seemed suspicious? I can't see however, which is a big difference betweeen your story and mine. I just feel like a blind person.
you dreamt it, then you forgot about it while you're awake. Sometimes when we dream time does not work the way it does when we're awake, meaning the past present and future are sort of warped like a circle. It's deju vu basically lol. It's common but u might think you're crazy. Don't worry you're not.
layschips98 in Black Crow And Orbs
Im not going to lie I felt that as well reading the beginning of your text there's something very off about that place, perhaps there's a portal inside that place that is subject to all sorts of negative energies PLURAL. Stay with a friend or motel I advise. Even wearing protection doesn't do much if that place has a portal in it.
healers are empaths. A healer is one with deals with the energy of others and channels into it to a lightform energy. That lightform energy channels that denser energy in whoever your healing into light, that's why they feel better and more flexible. Usually if you're a healer, it means you channel this through the help of your spirit guides. Perhaps archangel Raphael is close to you as he is with all healers. Anyways very cool
Static is interesting because it can be a number of things, but if it's MOVING and looks like it's contained in what looks like a BODY, then it's simply a spirit moving around you. Could be alien in nature. Spirit guides and those of the light move usually through light, so light flashing or orbs around you. Sometimes dots of blue at least with me. Static though is interesting because it's energy, and could be alien. You could be an energy healer as well. Do you have heated hands in the center of your palms?
layschips98 in Hearing The Earth Turn
if it's indeed the earth turning, that's deep. Also meditative music, what do you mean? I've never heard of that. What does it sound like? A certain frequency or pitch or is it like instruments?
layschips98 in Invisible Breathing
Yes it's strange. I sense breathing all around me, or what feels like a heartbeat in the air. It's simply a spirit around you. It's easy to detect if it's positive or negative. Negative is more dense in energy, so you might feel an energy BODY laying next to you, if it's of the light then you will feel the energy in your heart - like your heart opening and you feel lighter in energy.
Hi there, it could be an earthbound spirit has attached to you - synching their emotions to yours. You're a strong empath. Wear black tourmaline.
layschips98 in Seeing Spider
Your third eye was open which made you see into the astral plane - a dimension that is very strange but indeed real, filled with a bunch of dreamy symbols and energy parasites such as spiders and many more (centipedes, cockroaches, etc.) big or small doesn't matter... Sometimes with strange colors. If you saw this, it's meant as a SIGN to SEE the hidden forces around you. Perhaps a small cleanse with sage or palo santo, and a small prayer, and be mindful of your thoughts. These energy parasites can influence your mind and keep you in a negative state of thinking unless you're AWARE - perhaps which is why you were permitted or allowed to see into this dimension. A weird wake up call indeed. Don't be frightened though. You're always in control.
This is very straightforward. Everything in the dream was real. A clear message that tells us that our story does not end when we die. Also you helped him transition towards heaven. That clear light went into heaven is what you saw, or at least into the light... Very beautiful story.
layschips98 in Black Wolf
This could be good or bad. I've heard stories of this and the black wolf can mean either death is coming or can be a guide. Usually though the black wolf or beast follows people in jail or prison, so it can't be that. However, the fact it bit you LITERALLY does not mean it comes from the light. Darkness can touch you though - usually it always does. It can be a negative spirit guide - a guide that wants to protect you and teach you lessons but still can cause harm at the same token... Strange indeed. I wouldn't get paranoid though as you are the master of your own life. The creator or destroyer ultimately, however I would ask God or your spirit guides in love and light to provide you some CLUES what this is. They always answer a message however vague or clear it will seem. Maybe pay attention to your dreams as well... Best of luck ❤
They can't enter your house if you have boundaries. You should ask them they may wait outside to be let in if they need your help. Only reason spirits could be waiting for u is yes if you're a medium and can help them transition or cross over into the light. If your grandparents showed themselves to you perhaps they should also be made guardians of who should be let in as well. Every medium should have a gatekeeper of who should be let in. Get some training you have a lot of abilities.
layschips98 in Neon People
Hmm strange...aliens? Perhaps they know you. I wouldn't get paranoid though.
Yes the sulfur smell was a negative entity that tried to get inside your body. This happens to those who are vunerable and "psychic enough to perceive this". Wear some black tourmaline and get some sage for your house just in case. You astral travel in your sleep and sometimes you're not aware what entities you run into. The astral plane is full of personalities... Safe travels.
layschips98 in 111
You have strong manifestation skills. Because of this ability try to focus on higher vibrational thoughts of love and empathy for yourself. You will see even more coincidences but they will be of good fortune. Also your mind is more perceptive to future events, meaning you are aware of your future influences your present and vice versa - might seem like you're crazy but actually it's science muahaha
layschips98 in Death
Wow you're a seer. You were gifted with this ability for a reason. A unique look into death by perceiving it before it happens. Archangel Azrael (angel of death and transition) may be one of your guides. You can ask him why you have this ability. I'm sure the answer will be given to you through your dreams.
Hi you are pretty psychic, in other words you are susceptible to the energies around you, including the astral plane. Sleep paralysis is when something negative is in your environment that is influencing your consciousness. It's a bit like a trap in your psyche, therefore the paralysis. To break out of it, you must become aware and try to move your toes or fingers - that should snap you back to reality. The shadows and knocking can mean earthbound spirits or negative entities are in your home or around you, but no need to fear. You are ALWAYS in control. Everything else is an illusion. If yoou fear it, ask it to leave and demand it constantly and have protection on you - black tourmaline, saying "Jesus help me", or holy water if you believe in that sort of thing. No need to get scared. You can develop your abilities by asking help from your spirit guides in the name of divine love and light. ❤
Hi ever heard of "sparks fly" when people talk about chemistry between two people? It's real, so are fireworks. When you were having that amazing sex, it was the product of both your energies that vibrationally and energetically created it. Your minds also shifted consciousness since your energies synched up together, so your third eyes were more open than usual. Hope y'all get married or something haha
I know this is very old so I'm not sure if anyone will see this but I'm glad I stumbled across this site. Everyone is describing what I've been seeing perfectly. I honestly thought I was going crazy. We moved into a 200 year old home about 8 months ago and the house has a lot of amazing history. Because of that I did expect some activity but I hadn't seen anything for a while. But for the past few months I've been waking up from a deep sleep and seeing a white mass or fog hovering next to me. We have slanted ceilings in our bedroom and it's usually in the corner where the wall meets the slant which is at eye level. I would stare and it would eventually go away. But last night as I was staring at it I watched it slowly slide up the slant and go through the ceiling into the attic. It really scared me, especially since my husband was away for work. I've also woke him up several times when I see it but he sees nothing and it doesn't wake him up. Has anyone figured out what it is or how to manage it? I'm hoping it's not a bad spirit, I wouldn't be able to stay here if so. We are hoping this is our forever home where we will start our family and I would hate for that to ruin it.
bewhatmay in Young Child
Hi! Thank you for sharing:) Mine would happen during sleep. I would go in my dreams (?) to places I use to be during day time but see it all dark and gloomy I thought it was boring. I was sure I could fly and that everyone could do this, only that adults had forgotten how;) So I would fly to these places.

I have a child who says sleeps in the air and does not matter what bed it is, said it just in a quick matter of a fact way.

When you did this as a child were it at times when you were relaxed?
Here I am five years later with an update. Since my last comment so much has happened with me and the world and honestly, I finally understood what all of you meant. When I finally stopped looking for a religion or a god to follow was when I truly felt alive, light as a feather which sounds really strange, huh?

Whatevers quest I was trying to complete only led me to nowhere, only more and more question, and a growing feeling of hopelessness, the evil of men, the inaction of both the law of man and the fairness of the universe.

But one day, about 3 years ago, I just stopped. No more wanting, not more desire, no more endless search, I just stopped and felt my breath, a deep, long and delicious breath. Then all the things in this world that made me sad or anxious were gone. The only trace I had that those negative feelings were real was this feeling of lightness, which was completely new to me, as a proof that no more search was necessary.

And I finally realized one thing that some of you told me: be the very best you can be. This world we live in, the people that live here, nothing truly matters so long as Y O U are the loving person others are not, Y O U are the fair person that others are not, Y O U are the person which you would like others to be. We cannot change the world or the hearts of men, but we can change not only ourselves but how we view the vile of life aswell.

I still have no religion or gods or ways of spirit but I realized that I no longer need them. I have all that I'll ever need inside of M E, in my very own heart. And if the gods, should they exist, decides to punish once I am free of my mortal vessel, then so be it. I live a life of quiet, of caring, of honesty to my beliefs of what is good and what is not, a life where I no longer draw in and shoot out the negativeness of this world, a life of auto-realization and love. If eternal pain and suffering is what awaits someone like me, I fear for those who follow such gods or goddesses, but I do not pity them for their choice, after all, I made my choice aswell and I am more than fine with it.

When I stopped looking at others humans on Earth and deities in the universe, it was when I completed myself. And then there was peace at long last.

I am here to tell to whoevers person that may stumble upon my story, that if you do not find the answers anywhere no matter how hard you try or how hard others make your existence for you, time itself will answer you, so do not fret when nothing comes your away, because it eventually will. If you will accept it or not, I don't know, but I know I did and that the my answer also came from within. When time comes, be honest with yourself and you'll be light aswell. Farewell.

P.S: My fancy friend with his tuxedo hasn't visited me since that time when I had those 13-14yrs old, guess I'm no longer of interest of his.
wiseone in Strange But True
It sounds to me that you had a moment of claircognazance. This particular psychic ability is where information is placed within your mind. It's not delivered via a vision (clairvoyant) or hearing your spirit guides talking to you (clairaudient), you didn't have the answers, then the next moment you do.
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I really have no advice on this front. It comes down to what your friend can handle and if they are open to an alternative way of understanding the world. Some are and some aren't. Sometimes you can have a friendship by just not talking about that part of your life, and sometimes they just aren't in a place to address the idea or reality of psychic abilities.
Hope this helps.
I loved reading about the various experiences you've had. While there is necessary skills and tasks needed to function on earth, I don't agree that we must suffer to be able to access our own innate spiritual gifts.
While we live here, the earth is going through a transformation. The energies and environment is changing. As a direct result, what it takes to succeed on earth is also changing. At one time it was about sacrificing. The healer's job was to help humanity think of the other person. Now, it's about example. A healer's job is to heal themselves, so they not only live a wonderful life but teach others as well. To be able to say, "look and follow in my footsteps," or "I'm living proof that a better life is possible."
If you wish to develop your skills and understanding of life, people, and how the two weave together, then go for it. With so many different tools and philosophies to learn, look around and delve into whatever catches your eye. As time passes, you will have studied a variety of things and learned a variety of skills. As a natural bi-product not only will your abilities grow and strengthen, but you will begin to live a more spiritually based life in a way that works for you. You will never run out of things to learn, so start with what interests you now.
I don't have an easy answer for you. I had a friend many years ago who reject her gift, and so I know you can suppress your abilities. I also know that while we all have gifts, we aren't all going to access them in this lifetime.
Before you suppress or fight your abilities, I would encourage you to look into your Soul Contract. A Soul Contract is the plan we make before we're born. If you have a better idea about why you have your gifts in this lifetime, you might not want to get rid of your abilities.
I've had bad and good experiences. Which is why there isn't an easy answer. What you are looking at is a crossroads. Choose one path, you won't have your skills. Or you can choose the path that holds your abilities. But it will change things. How you see the world, how you understand life, and how you live your life will be different than if you are blind to the skills and knowledge at your disposal. As one who chose to embrace her skills, I can say that this way of life is filled with love, healing, and happiness. If you choose to embrace your skills call on your spirit guides to help keep you safe and guide you to the knowledge you need to grow.
Hope this helped.
You sound like a gifted person, who is seeking to divide the world of spirit and physical realms. You are sensing things, but not allowing your heart/mind to focus on truth or what spirit helpers are trying to show you. Your greatest challenge is a support system. Possibly-Curanderismo which can ground and help you put concerns/worries/deaths/questions up to heaven. It gives courage, spiritual support and the ability to put aside weed/drinking which lowers our own spiritual vibration. The journey of spirit requires one to be completely committed to service. You speak about darkness seen and felt since birth to now, and the reality it is all around us. But it is not there to hurt, but for all Empowered being to go past the veil of darkness, and usher in love, light setting people free. You are an amazing being who is capable of learning and able to grow in spiritual power. I encourage you to be all you can be.
Charles120 Your story is incredible.

I have a pdf book that should make you fell right at home, now this book is no stranger to knowledge seekers.

But I think this book is more useful to you.

Give me your email if you interested.

WOW! This is crazy.

I know some people who called themselves gatekeepers and they say the gate are in Heaven, and hearing them say such a think just gives me a good laugh.

But now after reading your story, I have to admit these people are not crazy at all. So all I can tell you is you are a gatekeeper.

All the best and I hope you find a way to closed the gate.:)
Hearing ones own Higher Self or Intuition (Knowing)
Adds up to spirituality. Yes this ability can be clear and open and can get stopped up (clogged), as well as open into full bloom.

All people have psychic ability.

Best wishes
jadisas in Asking For Help
Thank you for the responses. I've never been one to do a lot of meditating, Chakra Belief, or Spiritual healing. I pretty basic here, and just a simple person. We do use essential oils, and quite extensively, some are helping to treat the lyme. As for my spirit, chakra, and inner energy... No idea. I've had just always been that way and never able to afford the tools needed for most of the studies. I have always thought I was just a simple person with a little inside knowledge when it's needed. Now it's turned into more of a fear, since I have no control over what I sense. I know it's there, I just can tell what it is. A person, a happening, what someone is feeling. By the way, I tested negative for Parkinson's, Schizophrenia, Syphilis, and no brain tumors... Thank God... Lol. I just pretty much always have a feeling, like someone is yelling at me from a sound proof room. And no, its not always a person, it is a feeling, person, spirit, emotion... Everything. Like when you turn the am radio to the wrong dial...

I just found my topic here by accident (yes, It's been a while). Is anybody from people who commented still here? Or just anybody who would like to talk about this unusual experience?
As you are intimating it could Kundalini awakening.
But I only sense something that covers left side of head and down
Over back of neck... With Kundalini and Awakening you have no one to
Give instructions: Breathwork, diet and symptom management.

As you are under Doctors care.
You can seek Homeopathy and also look into books by Antony Williams
Medical Medium regarding diet. All of these help to clean the body and human chakras.
Did you ever find this place? I may can help you if you havent. Actually j know I can.
PathR in Seeing Spider
It sounds as if you were in the precognitive state (asleep yet
Awake). When people are in this position we see things.
Some say-etheric others say astral.

In your situation it sounds as if you were observing it move over
Your area. They do use space/houses to just move in through a direction
Like a road.

I have read people speak about the spider as if it is only negative.
I personally have experienced it differently, as warning or showing me things to come.
Can I ask if you have been practicing meditation?
If yes what kind?
try no fap challenge... Not masturbating could help with your odor and your confidence... I hope your/have been doing aright
Also, if you want some great reading material on this, both of Barbara Brennan's books are excellent; Hands of Light and Light Emerging.
Health, for better or worse, affects our psychic ability. This is because the physical body is just a filter for our higher selves. This filter can get damaged and of course at some point, we shed it altogether. Healing, in my opinion, has to start at your energy body. By the time illness is evident in our shell (our body), the damage has long been done and it always starts in our energy body unless it's from an accident. More and more, qualified hypnotists are finding residual negative energy from past lives that seep through to this one. If all else fails, I would seek a highly qualified past life regressionist and see if they can uncover any unresolved issues that are affecting this incarnation.

Thanks for sharing.
Dude, first of all you GIVE energy; and being so young and losing it means you're going about it the wrong way. Taking energy from anywhere means you are a parasite. Sound worse than it is but it's true. Youngin's always have energy and you don't start losing it until you are an adult. If you feel like you are taking it, Psycologically or metaphysically, that should worry you. You should make your own energy. Others energy is not your own and has no where near the strength of the energy you have inside. Using what you have inside is cleaner and makes you feel so much cleaner and at ease.
Is it possible that I have super hearing because when people are whispering I can hear them clearly as if they are not whispering. 🤔
Dreamerdreamin in Hell Hounds
So recently came about this post while searching for the meaning behind the hellhound which I saw in a dream right before The President was elected. I didn't know how to interpret it at the moment, but after speaking to my sister in law, she said there was a name for them called "hellhounds" in my dream the dog tried to bite me... It jumped through my window even. It was exactly as you described! Creepishly Exact. With the election this year, I now wonder was it Trump who owns the hell hounds, or was Trump saving me from the hellhound. I can't remember if he walked by before or after the the dark Hound tried to bite me. Either way... If he isn't here now, then I take this as a true sign he will be soon. I'd like to know others thoughts on my dream as well.
Thank you Johnfly for your questions. I am sorry that it took so long to reply. When I was asked in college to join a group of mind readers, it was not in person. It is hard to explain but I could hear them clearly in one specific place like they were standing there and their voices would be outside my body as if they were talking to me like another person was. When they tried to erase my memory, which now looking back they might have been doing a ritual, they asked me to move a pillow and they tried to grab it, and I could feel the pillow suspend in the air for a second. This leads me to believe that they may be people that astral-projected themselves so their souls were there but their bodies weren't.
When I have experiences with the mind readers like having my movement controlled, it feels like someone is controlling my hands without my intention. They also make me constantly look up and I have a bad feeling. When this happens I feel a pressure on my forehead between my eyebrows. Months ago, I sensed the mind readers were there like a presence next to me that I couldn't see. But recently, I hear them in my head as if they are in my body. Sometimes their voices are muffled as if they are far away.
When I wake up from the dreams that they can manipulate, I feel scared and my body feels as if I am in sleep paralysis. I have woken up before where I see black shadows either around me or going inside of me. I have heard that this is common in sleep paralysis but this has only happened to me after the mind reader situation has occurred.
With the smelling or tasting things, it is usually the smell of sulfur. Thank you for your questions, it gives me hope and gives me a will to live.
Thank you PeacefulWolf, for sharing your story and your advice. I agree with you, the Holy Spirit is real and I will try to ask someone I trust for prayers. Right now things are tough but I hope that everything that is happening is for a reason.
I mean it feels that it would be better for you to leave the vicinity.
I think that LightMight's comment may be correct, that it us perhaps a spirit or consciousness of the land, or elemental. You may be on a power center or ley line, or vortex of energy that has attracted spirits, not all good! I think it feels that your energy is being used to reawaken akasha, i.e. Spiritual memories and spirits that are better left alone. My feeling is that it feels it would be better for you and your family, and also the spirits and the land there.
The message is, "Move in Haste!" The visual you are seeing and your impression is the message, translated as language.
[at] ArcticEyez Thank you for your kind comment. I wouldn't say remembering these things was entirely pleasant as it came as a massive shock to me back in 2015 and 2016 but I've grown used to remembering things by now. I would say it made me understand and accept that knowing everything is impossible - and not necessary. I feel like I remembered what I needed to feel better.

I should note that I forgot a few things when I wrote this text, I will write them now:

I talked about the kaleidoscope/pattern of colorful triangles we see in our mind when we just "entered" our growing body, but I forgot to mention that what follows is pain and suffering. Once the triangles vanish into the background, our ego starts to form and he is experienced as one very real person in your mind. A very real and very negative person. What follows is weeks of battling your own mind and being attacked by it. As the ego grows, it gets smarter and smarter (and meaner and meaner) as it starts using your thoughts against you - just like it does when we're alive but it's 100 times more intense, depressing and painful when we're still growing in the womb. You eventually gain control over it though.

I also remember having, at some point, being told I had to create a code of conduct for myself. I remember a vast blue landscape in my mind and telepathically receiving the message "Now you have to create a code of conduct and morals for yourself" which would follow me through my life. I had to decide things like no hurting people, no stealing, no killing and so on for myself.

Choosing this life wasn't my first choice. I was explained my next life lesson was going to be patience and I was shown a few lives I could choose. None of them had any guarantee I was going to learn patience, but they had strong similarities to my previous life, which made me feel more comfortable towards them. However, I told them I wanted to make sure I would learn what I had to learn, so I sacrificed things that mattered to me (whom I had in my previous life) in favor of this current life because it was GUARANTEED I was going to learn patience with this one, on top of other very important things someone told me. That person had an INCREDIBLE level of intelligence - probably in the hundreds or even thousands of IQ. He appeared before me and telepathically sent me ideas, patterns and emotions with an insane level of complexity - all within a mere second or two. No one thinks like on Earth, which leads me to think that person has been around for a very, very, very long time and hasn't had the need to incarnate probably in millions of years. I unfortunately don't remember the exact content of his message, I only remember what it felt like. It made me 100% confident in choosing this life. I also shown a vision of what I would visually look like (one of the things I asked for was being handsome, as it mattered to me.)

I've learned about the red overlay some people with strong negative early years have in their auras and can confirm I remember when it was granted to me. It happened when I was still in my mother's womb - I was severely traumatized from the visions of the future I was sent and I was asked if I wanted this red "shield" around me to protect me. I said yes and immediately felt better and safe. I saw this red overly a few weeks ago in the mirror when I was feeling horribly anxious.

I also spent time trying to see my girlfriend's aura and while I haven't seen color overlays yet (except a few dashes of blue above her head, who might have been her etheric body), I keep seeing intense white light around her head whenever I doze off looking at her. At one point, it was so intense that everything else in my vision looked dim and pale in comparison. I did see black holes surrounded with dark green just above my mom's head, though. I have no experience in energy healing however and I really, really don't feel confident enough to try and help her (too scared of doing a mistake) so I sadly can't do anything about it.

That's about it for now, I'll come back if I remember more.
I believe you have an amazing gift! And that you were chosen to do wonderful things with it, while being of service to humanity.

I do Automatic Writing (a form of Channeling). Although I stopped a few years ago, after I received a "message" in June 2016 that my Mother was going to pass away; which did happen October 9, 2019. At the time, I didn't exactly realize that's what was being conveyed, until I went back and read it.

Sometimes, now, when I'm hyper-focused on reading or painting, I will suddenly become "aware" that there are people/spirits sitting beside me, in front of me, on the couch, standing, etc...

Raising your vibration keeps the bad or wicked ones away. Also brightening, shining and beaming your light from within helps protect you. "Golden light seals your roots to ground."
I have a memorie that isn't my memory but I can still feel the pain of the memory if anyone knows anyway to explain this please contact me on my Snapchat landon_rios someone please help
I keep hearing that weed helps to open your 7th chakra and hash helps open your 8th. I have had recent experiences where I have sensed things across the world and have slowly come to get in touch with my emotions and allow them to guide me to the truth. I would describe using weed to access your psychic abilities as feeling around in the darkness and if you can learn to control them while sober as a whole different ball game, but at the same time the abilities won't be as sensitive. Recently while walking home after smoking an extremely high grade J I stared a man in the eyes for 2 seconds and ended up reading lots of his life and experiences. Unfortunately he was someone raised in a violent way to be a deadly martial artist and my mind couldn't cope with the knot of negative emotions that I absorbed from him. I spent the next 2 days feeling as if my mind was splitting (schizophrenia) and unable to think any thoughts without them being voiced out in a hyper fashion. I did some research and attempted to heal myself through strumming a guitar while projecting out my emotions through the melody and it actually helped me bring my thoughts back in my head and my mind and emotions merged once again. I will never regret smoking weed since there was a point in my adolescence where I couldn't control my abilities and ended up absorbing negative emotions and amplifying them within myself leading to thoughts of suicide. Luckily my friend helped me get access to weed on a regular basis and I used it to calm my mind and emotions whenever they spiraled. Its been over 10 years now and I have smoked on a daily basis, I would guess that my brain has been altered in ways I can't understand by this abuse of this spiritual drug, but I will also say that if I hadn't smoked there was a chance that I would have done something horrible since I didn't understand what was happening to me through my life. Even now I barely understand what I am capable of, but I do know that it relates to theoretical thought and pushing my emotions to extreme limits to predict the possible future and things happening around the world related to what I am theorizing. I am not saying this without personal proof of my statements, but at the same time it feels like I am feeling around in the darkness and every time I make a prediction and use it to affect reality at the right time it feels like I start to lose my mind a bit when I realize what I just did. Meditation has saved me on several occasions so far, music helps heal the mind if you are able to use it to project your negative emotions outward too. I would recommend that you take up an instrument if you do develop psychic abilities you do lots of research and be very careful in exploring these abilities if you choose to do so since it can lead to many side effects. If your serious about learning more I would suggest finding a TRUSTWORTHY teacher who can guide and explain how your specific abilities work since there will come times when you will need their help to avoid potential life damaging side effects. Psychic abilities are also related to the afterlife and many psychics can talk to spirits, but the kicker is that if you don't have a teacher you will most likely get invaded by negative thoughts from the many restless spirits that have left their imprints in this world so don't try all that past life regression and astral projection unless your an adept or have a guide.
Eagle95 in Looking For Help
Hi Tara
Sorry for your husband and your family. Sometimes, I can see some died people but I can see only if I see his face. If my angel permiss me to enter in relation with your husband, I will give you what he gives to me. No money. It is not my speciality (I have some visions of future, also prophetic visions). If you post a photography, you will be secure that nobody can use it (for example, make some treatment of picture, etc).
God bless you
SPECTRE800 in Tarot Channeling
Wouldn.t you get more of a thrill playing football, practicing cartooning, or working making money at a real world job That won. T endanger your mind and heart?
SPECTRE800 in Tarot Channeling absolutely right about the 3rd chakra. It. S a warning sign. 🤐🤐🤐
SPECTRE800 in Tarot Channeling
I know this seems very exciting to channel people and work with the tarot, yet as you say, you're a young petson. You need to get more education on metapysical studies, and for god sakes wait until you. Re older to do this stuff.
I tried this myself when I was 19, and I developed schizophrenia. You. Re very lucky you didn, t go off the deep end,
Zen Buddhism says carry water, chop wood, gain enlightment, then, carry more water, chip more wood. The bible says the age of 40 is the right time for metaphysical activity.
Wow. That. S a good one. The mirror comment. Sounds like an independence condition again. Or maybe you want people to notice you for something, yet it has yet to happen.
Have you been thinking of the number 13 lately.? And 6? And the empress card, 2? These repetive numbers the other guy was talking about, in an abstract way, they mean something. Get a tarot deck and watch the cars go by a bus stop.
Sounds like the car accident came out of independence issues. Or maybe a lack of closeness with your mother. Who can say. You have to figure It out. We strangers shouldn. T be guessing, yet here we are. been a full moon. A LOVELY FULL MOON. Maybe you. Re both of the same astrological flame. Leo Aries Aries Gemini
Thought forms are curious things, yet combined with the earth realm, they can provide clues on how to develop our character. According to the Tao, everything is one. It. S just a matter of translation.
However, the spirit world can be very myopic. Wouldn, t a traditional education be more beneficial? Wouldn, t want your friends to laugh at you.
I wish my ghosts would leave me. Yet I believe my conflicts are there so I help others not to journey down my path of arrogance.
I think you're right. Yet I feel like his wife exerts more power in the relationship, he's probably terrified of her. She'S domineering, possibly controlling, as demonstrated by her name. Tara. She has too much earth energy. She needs a man who dosn, t mind a strong woman. Kinda reminds me of Tara Markov of the teen titans Ref Dc Comics.
Seeing repetitive numbers usually means this person is very goal orientated. The quality of the numbers are very specific though. And very personal for each person, a so called spiritualist would. Nt know. The person should figure that out for themselves. When I see the number 84 or 108 it usually means good luck with that number,
SPECTRE800 in Large White Shadow
I really don. T believe an angel would do that. Even a cherub.
Do you imbebe?
Trinkets like gold necklaces will not help. She needs to clean her house, she needs to go to a good church, she needs to garden, she needs to practice grounding techniques, none of this vegetarianism. Hard work, good strong exercise, good thoughts, maybe a little yoga, then, when she is 40 years old, maybe, maybe then she should get into the metaphysical arts.
The spirit world is nothing to fool around with by a novice. The devil can appear as a friend.
I meant a dead relative. Living people have more ectoplasm and resonance then a deceased expired person.
I disagree, a relative would never do these things. I believe these are spirits in the material world, actual living people causing disruptive thought forms, like fearful christians in oklahoma, doing the so-called right thing out of fear, not love. Causing tornados.
Tara means sacred or magic earth.
I guess you were meant to have these experiences. These are thought forms on a large scale, full floating apparitions, drew Barrymore once bought a haunted house. My old house was invaded by a large swarm of bees for no logical reason. It could be there is unresolved anger in your boyfriend towards someone. My mother, my special needs brother, my Aunt were all expressing hostility towards me at the time.
A possibility? Even our cable serviices was having unusual outages.
Hi, You sound quite normal to me. You are young with very little experience but with an inquiring mind. Keep it up. If you are destined to have psychic experiences, they will come, but only when you are ready for them.
As far as the spirit which is following you is concerned, it happens to most people. It is usually a relative who is concerned about you, or an earthbound spirit who does not realise that it has passed over.
If you think that you have experienced weird things, think again. Please read my blogs, 26 of them, to see what I mean. These will also be of spiritual value to you.
Read at:
God bless.
Diannaaa - I am so sorry that I only came across your post a few minutes ago. But I trust that the Creator will guide you back to this site.
I don't know where to start - you are so blessed with spiritual gifts! Don't ever suppress or deny them, they are gifts from God which once developed can be used for the spiritual upliftment of many seeking for the Truth. Nurture it!
First of all, when you played and talked to kids when young, they were real spirits. Adults will tell you that they are your imagination and you will start to doubt. As soon as doubt sets in you will loose the ability to see or hear them. In your life you will find many people who would regard you as loony, but that is the price one has to pay. If you are an early bird, take 10 or 15 minutes every morning just to be quiet. In body, mind and spirit. Your Spirit Guide, or Guardian Angel will communicate with you. Should you get disturbing thoughts, do not fight them as fighting strengthens them. Allow them to go and fade.
Look on the internet for a list of Psychic Gifts, which will show you your blessings. I have been looking for the Truth since my school days and found it when still young. But, one will never know everything. At 86 years old I realise how little I know.
I can write you a book but it will be so much easier to read my blogs. These contain my life experiences as well as a number of lectures received via a medium from the spirit world. You can read these at: Most of your questions will be answered. You can also read my profile on this site which will also be of assistance. I have published 26 blogs for you to read.
I know you will blossom in your Spiritual Wisdom, and that the Great White Spirit of the Universe will guide and protect you. God bless.

PS Should you need any help or explanation don't hesitate to contact me. It will be a blessing for me to be of assistance. My email address:
benenbabsmulder [at]

I lived most of my life in South Africa, but has recently emigrated. We now reside in Edmonton, Canada.
Hi! I feel first he needs to work on his inability to be vulnerable. It's our own traumas, that such entities can attach to and leech energy from if we don't have proper protection around us. Just ask him to chant if he's not willing to do anything. Just say 'Om' whenever such entities come around, and you can also use it. It's a very powerful word vibrating with the 12th dimensional frequency. And you need to take care of yourself too, if he drains you, learn to balance to take care of himself and you. You should be your priority, and you can also take care of his well being. Don't let your empathy burn you out. If he doesn't want to use the word Om, then just ask him (you can do this too), to call for Archangel Michael for help. Just say, " Thank you Archangel Michael for protecting me and covering me in your purple aura ". ❤️
LightMight in Large White Shadow
hello irish-guy,

I'm just going to take a wild guess as to what this could be - do you think this may be an elemental, or possibly a 'nature spirit' that's attached itself to the land?

Also, it would interesting to see if it could be caught on a night vision camera (or trail cam), just to see if you could capture any type of form from this fast moving shadow?

I enjoyed reading your story, and wish you luck!
Hi Animus15... Things like this happening to me too... People around me are scared that wtever bad I say it will come true... I realised this has been happening to me ever since I was little
What is your progress on controlling this... Can u help me? Can u share some tips you have figured out?
We soon might be the ones to let others rise up. It might be up to us soon to help humanity.
I too feel as though we don't have much time left. It's a very confusing feeling that happens when I'm at my extreme vulnerability to myself. It's a strange feeling of strength that seems to just stop. Something will happen for us to be cut off, and it makes me so extremely sad. This is how I've grown, these abilities have made me who I am today. I believe it is a cut off from the higher beings. Not a lost cause for humanity, but simply yes. Them giving up? Whenever I try to go in with my energy to try and read the situation and understand what it/I am saying when this happens it is an automatic strong wall.
I believe maybe it's their way of saying if we need them, we will open up to them, and then they will be here. But maybe they are tired of trying when nothing seems to be happening? No one executing the information they are giving them?

Re Astral spiders. Have you Cleared your room energetically?
Are you keeping positive in mind and emotions?

You do not have to answer. But these are things that we do consciously and unconsciously, which can lead to other energies taking advantage of us.
Your husband is reaching out to you by using others. You ask why he does not reach out to you. But he has with leaving a scent. You sound as if your grief is blocking you. It is affecting your body, mind and emotions (the 3 lower chakras). I encourage you to ask for confirmation of what ever messages comes to you by family/children.

Best wishes
LightMight in Looking For Help
Hi there Tara,

First, I want to say that you have my deepest sympathy in regard to the loss of your husband ~ your story really struck a chord with me. Secondly, I think the two previous posters, AnneV and DarriuxDarkk, offered some good advice. Also, I wanted to add a few comments of my own, and a couple of suggestions here.

Dealing with overwhelming loss and trying to cope with daily anxiety from losing someone you love, all by yourself, can really tear your world apart. After we lose someone, feeling lonely, scared, and stressed-out are just some of the symptoms of the depression we go through.

Unfortuantely, being a parent and having to deal with grieving, along with raising young children is going to be the toughest challenge of your life. It can feel like a dark cloud hanging around, that never allows the sunshine in. But here's the thing: it's important not to let all the painful emotions and anxiety take over your life. I know that it's easier said than done sometimes, but right now it's so crucial for you to connect with someone who has gone through, or someone who is going through, the same situation that you are dealing with. Aside from seeking help from a counselor, or a psychic medium, would you consider connecting with a support group? Due to Covid-19, it's hard to meet up with groups locally, but there are support groups online that can offer services and help through group messaging, group chat, and personal email if needed. It's as easy as getting on social media, and searching for 'grief support groups'.

A few months ago, I lost both my husband and my mother to cancer, within the same week. I'm a mother of three children; 2 teenagers and a 9 year old. I'm sure you can understand exactly what I was going through for the first few weeks, so I won't go into detail about that. Even though I was coping the best way I could on my own, I still felt alone and confused about my future for me and my kids. Then one day, my sister suggested to me that our family and my in-laws get together on group chat every week. Her thinking behind this idea was so that my children would feel that their family was there to support them. At first, I didn't really like the idea because I knew that many of my family members didn't get along with eachother. To make a long story short, I invited everybody on both sides of the family to join us, no matter if they got along with eachother or not. At first it was a little awkward, but slowly over the course of a few weeks everybody came together to lend support for the sake of my children. It turned out to be one of the best things that could've ever happened to us ~ we have found a way to cope with our loss through support, and we now have some inner peace.

I still struggle with sleepless nights from time to time, and I still have a good daily cry for my husband and mom, but I no longer feel totally alone and anxious like I used to.

Tara, I hope you will consider some of the suggestions you have been given here at YGS. Please keep us posted on how you are doing, if possible.

Wishing you and your family all the best ❤ LightMight
DarriuxDarkk in Looking For Help
hi, agree on Annev. Most of the time the deceased can interact with the living through a dream. I believe on that one.

My brother passed away 7 years ago. We were close and it really hit us hard as a family. There was one point that I had a dream about him. He was smiling and happy as if trying to say he is ok now. He was dressed in white and he left just like that. I believe on that dream he was telling me that he is at peace and happy so we wouldn't have to worry about him. That gave us a sense of peace as well.

If you feel like your husband is trying to reach out to you, try to have a good sleep and maybe he will visit you in your dreams. If you are religious, try to offer prayers for his soul so he can rest.

God bless.

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