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Hellhounds In Dreams?


my first dream with the creature in it was me walking in this forest and these two black dogs started chasing me, but they were the size of horses and were really dark black, and they looked like really skinny greyhounds and were really fast, but that's not the scary thing about them;for some reason I was REALLY terrified of them and they seemed so real... I don't know what makes them so scary but this wasn't an oridinary nightmare, I felt like there was somthing special about the dream but It didn't have red eyes, in fact they were so black in blended with the skin color (it didn't have fur just black leathery skin) a couple months Past and then I had another dream about the creature but this time the dream felt more important and more terrifying this time, it was stormy, and that creature was next to me, I was still very scared but it didn't hurt me. Apparently I asked a guy who owned it why I didn't try to get me like last time and he said"not all of them are bad"I feel like these dreams have some strong significance but I don't know what (also in the second dream the guy also told me I was special and important for some reason). I have done some research on other mythical animals like it but none fit my description of what I saw (imagine your worst fear times a 10000 that's how scary it was but it wasn't the looks that made it scary I don't know why) but I also heard hellhounds look different to every person but this one looked like a black greyhound to me but real skinny and tall. It also had a really weird body shape like it could change form the first time it had giant see through holes in them and the second time it had a longer snout I wish I could. Draw a picture of what they look like because they are hard to describe with words

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HahaHannahyo (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-14)
Ok so hellhounds relate to the goddess Hekate. U had this dream of being gifted magic babe. She's the goddess of witchcraft. These words can sometime be misleading but she is the goddess I follow and I just had a dream about a giant house sized hellhound with yellow eyes but wet looking fur. Almost mangy looking. I found this and u must know she's with u
Kitter_Kat (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-28)
Well let's just say I had a WAY different experience than you. I was about 6 or 7 at the time when I had my FIRST dream. The environment was not a forest but a rock path that never ended. The sides of the rock path were crumbly and cracked, but the middle was smooth and had no jutting rocks coming out of the path. There was a wall of rock on the right side of me, and an abyss on all other sides. The abyss below me had a red glow. It reminded me of the nether in Minecraft, but there was no blocky texture. I was walking forward on the path when I heard a menacing growl from behind me. Now my first instinct would have been to bolt away (me being deathly afraid of K-9s), but instead I turned around. There was nothing there for about half a second. A dog, almost twice the size of a wolf, jumped from the redness below and landed on the path a few feet in front of me. It had no fur, like yours, and brownish-black skin. It had dark reddish-orange eyes that looked like matte lipstick. Four smaller replicas also jumped out of the redness before giving chase for me. I ran and ran but there was no end. I woke up paralyzed, and I could still see the bright red glow of the abyss. I actually thought I was still in the dream in reality until the red glow faded from sight.😁 I had this dream again the next night. Same thing happened except the two rock paths flanking the one I was on, and there were twice as many hellhounds. Then the rock path started to crumble beneath me in the third dream. It seems like whatever caused these dreams was trying to stop me from running. Like it was trying to get me caught. I'm about to turn thirteen this December, and I had it about seven months ago after years of not having the dream. About two weeks after the last dream, I finally asked my mother what I saw and she said they were hellhounds, but she didn't think much of it. Recently, my girlfriend told me it was an omen that I was going to die soon. I told her it didn't make sense since I had that dream so long ago. She shrugged, and I tried to forget about it. Today I decided to research it. I just wanted to share my story.
jeefwho (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-09)
I have always had special relationship with what some called hellhounds. I battled a half dozen in the most grimy and disturbed forest where a Cabin ending up being my compound until they got through the walls... I found a knife on the floor and stuck the first one through which changed immediately to a Jane doe. After sharing this dream with a friend who happens to be something very special, told me to be prepared... Something notnot emotionally satisfying will happen. Three days later my girl/bestfriend died. What I didn't tell my friend the first time this 'dream' occurred... Well let's just say some interesting things happened. Eyes dark as coal. It feels I have helped these hounds... Depending on who are and your take on perceptions, that could be open... Interested if your still around. Third times the charm the say
Zin (guest)
11 years ago (2013-06-01)
Hmm, well I can say that this dreams seems to have two meanings to it, one symbolic and the other a more literal. In terms of the symbolic, I would say that the dogs represent a negative event, or what appears as a negative event getting closer and closer. Yet, giving the owners warning what appears to be negative at the beginning will end up positive. On the other, hand these could be a form of negative entity, which is feeding off of your fears.

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