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Shadow People Story And The Shadow Man With Purple Eyes


I was 6 years old when I encountered my first shadow person.

Most shadow people, to my understanding, are quick to run if you look directly at them, or will stand in dark corners/dark closets, staring from afar. This shadow person was quite repetitive. Every other night for a year, it would peek his head around the corner and stare. Then, SLOWLY move to the open doorway (my parents always kept my door open), then walk slowly towards me, then continue to stand at the foot of my bed. I always felt paralyzed, and for awhile, I couldn't stop looking as it kept coming towards me. But I learned to expect it. I would cower and shake under the covers, childishly hoping it would act as my barrier. After awhile, when I felt the terror in the air become less intense, I would peak up and it would be gone. It wasn't the hat man or the hooded man, however, it did have the common outline of a man. It wasn't see through, it was pitch black, and had a slight black mist around its figure.

During that year, I had a dream that I believe were related to its frequent visits. It was the hooded man. I was standing on the sidewalk. It was nighttime, buildings were burning and people were screaming and running every which way. I turned to my left and I saw my mom. I rushed over to her, frightened, screaming that we needed to get out of here. But she kept staring forward, completely frozen. Even shaking her wasn't doing anything. It was like she was a statue. Then, a man with a hooded black cloak with red eyes came riding up on a black horse who also had red eyes. He grabbed my mom and me and forced us onto the back of the horse. He then took us to a dark facility, where he experimented on us, only claiming once that we were going to become just like him. And we did. And then I woke up.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I was asleep next to my boyfriend when I was awoken by my boyfriend whimpering frantically in his sleep. I woke up, and my eyes were directly drawn to a figure in the closet. He was pitch black, I don't remember if he had a hat on, but what I remember distinctly was it's PURPLE eyes. I've scoured the internet, but I haven't found any stories of a shadow man with purple eyes, only a couple of claims. For the past 2 years, I've seen shadow figures every day. "Sentinels" in my closet and corners of my room, shadow people flickering in the corner of my eye during the day and night.

I just want to know what people think of what I've said, and especially if anyone has encountered a shadow person with purple eyes. And if people are "haunted" by shadow people as frequently as I am.

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Nate86 (1 posts)
2 years ago (2021-08-10)
[at] yameenmir
"I saw it today at 5:00 AM in the morning and yes it has purple eyes. Completely white skin with some sort of scars on its face and dark shadow around its complete figure.
I saw it when I was sleeping and seeing a dream of my friends becoming soldiers haha:D when the thing came and said I made them all like this (It was like my dream was completely hijacked)."

I saw this figure yesterday in the early hours of the morning.
White skin, purple glowing eyes, scars on the face (around the mouth) slender, no hair, all black around it. Just saw the head. Almost non human (extraterrestrial style) kind of had a zoidberg look (from Futurama) sort of thing going on but not comical at all. I wasn't threatened by it at all. In fact as soon as I saw it I said hello. And asked who are you? And what are you doing here in a pleasant way. To invite a conversation. I guess it was startled as it vanished while looking at me. I tried to call it back for a few minutes afterwards. But it the experience has stuck with me. By the way I was completely awake and was being moved in and out of a central consciousness of a mass of people (well I guess that's what you call it) I was seeing people's faces and people doing tasks in daily life that I have never met before. (I get that a lot).

I will try and do a drawing of what I saw if that helps (but I'm no artist)

Hope this helps
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
3 years ago (2020-08-01)
L I have been away for awhile because of what I have been doing in my area. I was compelled to check back into the site tonight. It has been a very long time since I have been on here. I am sure others will engage with you also if you need help or someone to talk to or give you advice. Sometimes it takes a few days.
_L_ (1 posts)
3 years ago (2020-07-30)
I don't know if anyone is still posting on here but I made an account because I've had similar experiences. I have a few memories as a young child about seeing a strange shadowy figure. It was black and there was like this fog around it's figure, which was in the general shape of a human's. I specifically remember a kind of purple glow and it's eyes were purple as well. I kind of remember seeing the person a few times and being afraid because I didn't know what it was, but eventually I grew used to it and even considered it friendly. I don't remember what happened but I haven't seen anything similar in years, like they just vanished. I don't remember it moving from place to place, it would just stand there in plain sight.
TempleofA (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-05-22)
I recorded audio of myself sleeping on May 18th and what I captured was my voice sounding startled and saying "woah you have purple eyes, weird." Then fell back asleep
yameenmir (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-06-30)
I saw it today at 5:00 AM in the morning and yes it has purple eyes. Completely white skin with some sort of scars on its face and dark shadow around its complete figure.
I saw it when I was sleeping and seeing a dream of my friends becoming soldiers haha:D when the thing came and said I made them all like this (It was like my dream was completely hijacked).

I directly asked her who are you and it said I am this.
That thing showed me her face which was the same I described above with purple eyes, White face.

At the same time I woke up completely and felt something standing behind me at the corner of my bed. I could Feel her legs touching my back.

I could not move my self and I completely believe it was not sleep paralysis because I am completely aware of SP and I have already experienced it many times.
It was just Identical to SP. I was completely awake. Then I just woke up and looked behind me but nothing was there I just felt something like a dark brown and black figure almost 5.5 ft tall running toward the drawing room. I just saw a glimpse of it.
At the same time I decided to see it for whatever happens.
I kept staring at the door and then I fell into sleep (Tried hard to stay awake but of no use).

I don't know how I woke up again and felt myself paralyzed (Again not moving my body) but I was able to open my eyelids just a bit with a blurred and faded view of the drawing room's door the iron stand, Kitchen and the lawns door. I could hear the water dripping out of pipes and it was raining like cats and dogs.
Then I saw it again this time clear glimpse of about 1 second.

Black shadow with some dark brown color of it figure and a little transparent came out of the drawing room's door ran towards the kitchen with no walking sounds. It was walking like it flying.
Like lifted up a little inches above the floor.

I completely shivered and goose bumping and I felt needles in my whole body from head to feet. It was just a glimpse and I saw it for one second.
Besides all this, I was only afraid if it could hurt me but it didn't. It was like she never wanted me to see her around or feel her presence.
I saw her white face (Like blood was completely drained out of her body) when I was dreaming and after that all of this happened.
This is real. If someone says that I am crazy I don't care I will keep believing What I experience today.
It was completely paranormal.
Devonbroughton (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-06-26)
I've been searching for this post like this for years! My only encounter with a spirit was when I was 14 years old, in my late grandmothers house. My grandmother was a very religious lady and I would often sleep over at her house in my own room. One night I was laying in bed and all the corners and edges of the room turned pitch black and all moved towards the one corner of the room by the cupboards. This tall dark shadow (not in human form) rose up with bright shining purple eyes staring at me from the corner. I was so scared for my life, I prayed and prayed but he stayed there. I eventually spoke to him and said "I speak the blood of Jesus over you!" He grinned and everything became a bit darker. His eyes were what scared me the most. I called for my grandmother but she was asleep and didn't hear me. I abruptly turned on my bedside light when he disappeared. I left the light on and wanted to cry in was so real. At the time I thought it was a demon (as demons normally go to good people, and my grandmother was a very religious Christian) after the years it has stuck with me. Before my gran died I spoke to her about it and she prayed for me and I never saw him again. I also searched the internet for ages looking for someone who had had an encounter with the purple eyed shadow spirit but couldn't find anything. Until today, I would love to know more about this spirit and why he came to us? And also more details about your experience.
knownconfusion (4 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-21)
I've never seen anyone post about this anywhere before so I actually made this account specifically because I saw this. I've seen many shadow figure as well and currently have... For lack of a different expression, befriended one such entity. It sounds insane but it is what it is. He takes up residence within my shadow when he is with me. Mind you he isn't within my being merely safely hidden by my side. He isn't always here but a tiny bit of him is always near me. Its a lot to explain that I've never attempted before, but he looks exactly like what you're speaking of. Blacker than darkness, looks like black fire surrounded by or moving through a smoke with purple "eyes". I say eyes because up close at they are purple flames emanating the light you perceive to be eyes like we have. I really don't know what else to say at the moment but please do respond. I'm intrigued because he is going to be very interested when he returns from whatever gallivanting he has been up to. You may have seen him or another like him, if so he will figure it out. So please contact me asap!:)
DefinitelyNotShazz (2 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-10)
I've encountered black shadows too but I am not familiar with the red/purple eyes. I've actually written my experience on my profile although I will not include it here (In case you're not interested in long paragraphs 😆) yes I have experienced its fast moving and looking/looming over my bed but in my experience, this shadow thing wasn't always in a human figure but a blob - as if it would disperse and re-form again. I feel that this (your) shadow's objective is to get your negative energy and so, attacking you and your loved ones to get it. I recommend white sage (quite an affordable cleanser) and recommend to not give it any attention as it may move on if it doesn't get what it wants.
Stay safe and strong! ❤

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