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Seeing My Third Eye Physically


This might not be a full on psychic experience, like communicating with spirits, but it is completely related to the awakening of my abilities that I am recently becoming aware of. I have never really thought of myself having any kind of psychic ability in my life, though I was always a spiritual person, especially in high school.

Anyway, to the point, immediately after I began to meditate quite often and doing psychic exercises, mainly clairvoyant related things like grounding etc. I developed a very visible dark mark where the center of my third eye is. Now it has developed into an eye shape on my forehead, with the dark spot being the center. There is an oval or almond shape circling around the dark spot, which is a little lighter than the center and not so visible, only under light and the right angle can someone see it. No one in my family has it that I know of so that cancels out genes.

And of course since the awakening I do get occasionally headaches and quite a bit of pressure. I'm also having an easier time seeing energy and auras and I get overwhelmed with others energy because I am quite clairsentient.

So back to the eye on my head, I have asked my mom and a friend of mine and they both agreed on seeing it, mainly the dark spot in the center. So I was wondering if any other psychics had a similar experience upon their awakening. Also I would like to know if this is something bad, like I'm putting too much focus on my sixth chakra. And lastly, do you guys think it is related to my potential in clairvoyance. Just wondering. Anyway I would love to hear what you guys comment on.


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missebee (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-03)
I was searching online for answers as to why I have developed a red spot where the third eye is. I came across this post. It appeared about 2 years ago, at a point in my life where my abilities started sharpening. I now realize I am awakening and hope to find more of us. ❤
Enceladus (guest)
9 years ago (2015-01-13)
I have the same kind of thing, but it is not that visible. I only see the shape of an eye on my forehead very dimly, and if I look hard enough, I can see the indigo colored energy of my third eye.

By the looks of it, your clairvoyance is developing as you mentioned seeing energies and auras easier. I don't know if it means you are focusing on the chakra too much, but one shouldn't focus on one chakra too much. Try to meditate on other chakras, especially the base/root/1st chakra. That is your foundation. Also, you should close the chakras so they are not overactive. I experienced overactive chakras before, and it is NOT pleasant. Good luck on your development! 😁

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