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Feeling Guilty That I Didn't Warn Someone About My Prediction

People have written this site feeling guilty (even for years) that they had a negative prediction come true which they feel they might have been able to stop if they had shared it with someone.. This article is addressing that issue.

First, most people you tell a prediction to won't believe you, especially if it's a large scale predication, like 9/11. Even if you told authorities, they too are likely to dismiss it. It's only those with established credibility in the psychic field that will get any kind of positive reaction and follow up. Then there is the danger that you could be blamed for being involved. One psychic show I recently watched depicted a woman who told authorities she could see the body of a missing woman in the hills behind her town. They ignored her so she went to find it herself, succeeded, and she let them know where it was. They promptly arrested her and put her in jail and treated her as the prime murderer suspect. They later released her but she said she'd never come forward again for how badly she was treated in jail. Unfortunately for her, she didn't have the established reputation I mentioned earlier so she came across as guilty, not psychic.

Feeling Guilty That I Didn't Warn Someone About My Prediction Another unfortunate aspect to dreams and visions is that they often don't come true (even with the very best of psychics and remote viewers). They start out as a dream or a vision and turn into a "predication" after an event confirms it as accurate. So if we sound all sorts of warning bells that we dreamt of some ill fated event the night before, and they don't come true, we lose our credibility for the ones that might. Additionally, we can cause a lot of stress to the very person we think we are helping. Does that mean we shouldn't share it with them? I'd say go ahead and share it as a caring statement that you want them to be careful or be mindful of something they can fix (assuming they can).

Visions can also be highly symbolic like a dream and interpretation can lead in multiple directions. As an example, we can wring our hands worrying over the affair we dreamt that our husband had when it really turned out to be the brother of the husband who was having the affair. The subconscious mind links events and people in multitudes of ways. Sometimes it's literal and sometimes it's symbolic so we can step on our own foot when trying to decipher a message that may or may not be accurate. I dreamt once my sister shot herself in the head and I immediately called her to see if she was okay and she told me she recently had suicidal thoughts. Years have passed since that dream (so too the bad time in her life that caused those thoughts) but my point is, visions can be highly symbolic and aren't always literal.

If you had a psychic vision and didn't share it, and the result was negative, I still wouldn't beat yourself up over it. We experience hardships and difficulty for a reason. We can't grow without them. To think we could have "saved" them is egotistical because by saying that you've elected yourself God. We cannot ever know someone's path (for that matter, we can't even know our own!) If you share it then it was meant to be that you did. If you didn't for whatever reason, that was meant to be too. With or without your intervention, every person will experience exactly what they need in order to grow. Their higher self is far more aware of what they need in their life compared to your conscious self so rest assured, they are in able hands, even if you don't get the lesson yourself. We busily label "good and bad" to everyone and everything, but there is just life and everyone's life is at various levels which means they need various lessons to match.


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