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Cluster Of Glitter/sparkles


I have never been a super spiritual person. I believe in certain things and not so much in others. But for some reason I had something happen to me a week ago that I can't help but think it was some sort of angel or spirit.

So about a month and a half ago I lost my mother. She was only 40 years old and died of a drug overdose. We did not have any relationship. I haven't spoken to her in about 7 years. She wasn't able to give my brother, sister, and I a good childhood and there was a lot of questions not answered. Anyway, she was still my mother and I played a big role in arranging her memorial service. Since then I've thought about her here and there but nothing crazy since I wasn't on speaking terms with her when she passed. About a week ago my boyfriend and I were dropping his parents car off at their house and picking up his car. It was at the shop and we were borrowing theirs. As we were getting ready to get in his car we were chit chatting with his parents and all of a sudden I saw a little cluster of silver sparkles/glitter move diagonally. From right to left. It almost looked liked someone opened their hand and let the wind take the glitter. I followed it for like 3 seconds and looked around to see if anyone else was seeing it. No one was paying any attention. I couldn't help but think it was my mom.

I've been looking for a story similar to mine but nothing is quite like mine. The glitter wasn't my whole vision it was just a cluster. I wasn't seeing dots or anything and it came out of no where. I would just like some opinions on what this could be.

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magus120 (2 stories) (1 posts)
3 years ago (2019-07-16)
I, my one son, and one of my piano students see these sparkling beings all the time. I have also seen them in a big cluster. Napoleon Hill talks about them in his book think and grow rich in his chapter on the sixth sense. He says these are eternal beings that never die who can act as guardian angels to help us get our grandest dreams. I was first introduced to one of these cluster beings by a superstar more famous than Oprah, Trump, Elvis, and Michael Jackson all rolled together, he sent his own angel to help me get started in show business.
Sernek (4 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-29)
Well, I want to say that my comment won't be much help except that from time time I see the exact same thing. The first time it was a single blue...? Sparkle? Thought it was glitter bc I was working at a day care, until it floated about three feet off the ground and then disappeared. I do see a whole gambit of otherworldly things but not on any regular basis, however, the sparkles are the one thing that I have never heard anyone else talk about.
If I really had to guess in my situation... I think it may have been my one student's spirit guide? (She was a nonverb autistic kid)
I'll follow this post though, very curious about it.
Final thought, I lost my mom recently too, and for other reasons, we were not close. She took a long to "leave" this plan bc I think she had regrets and didn't want to pass on. I "talked" to her and told her to please move on. She did.
Might help...
Anyway, nice to hear a similar experience.
KingSoI (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-29)
Have any of you guys ever had a speck sparkle when another brought up Death.?

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