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Sparkles In The Air


Many times I see on web people asking about sparkles swirling in front of their eyes, sometimes they see them on clear blue sky, sometimes when they sneeze or lift something heavy, sometimes when they don't sleep for days, and then they ask doctors about and get funny answers about dead cells flowing through eyes and I don't know how many other funny ideas they get.

I was born seeing energy, I see auras of living beings, energy coming from earth, energy coming from space, I see where sickness comes from, I see blocked chakras and I can heal them, I see twisters of negative energy on places where people are building houses and of course I feel that energy but I don't belong to this world, but since more and more people are seeing energy again I will talk about, there are so many of you blocking your self because of doctors answers, everything is made of those sparkles, body and even mind and you are the source of sparkles, every atom is made of those sparkles and they are filling the space and gathering around everything, around every object, twisting around every living being, they are keeping together material world and every information from material world is made of them.

Sometimes it looks like they are on your eyes because if you move your head the sparkles will move with you, that's because they are around you, it's your own aura you're looking infront of your eyes but if you look another man sparles around him will not move with your body, ofcourse nothing but a bit of your own energy can be seen when you sneeze, too see creation you have to listen to it.

There is no spoon! Spoon is a made up sound used for communication, matrix of signs you call words, we could call it a car instead of spoon, everything is made up and the fact is that the energy transformed into metal and formed into object used for eating could be used for anything else, it could be a part of engine, but people see only spoon, a clear illusion that doesn't exist and they have made their whole world of sounds and signs in their head and now they don't listen the source anymore, when people are thinking they don't look the reality, they look into ther own forehead, they are disconnected, can't feel telepathy, their world is as big as how many sounds and signs they made up, it's very small and isolated.

I promise infinite intelligence and health to everyone of you who will do this.

Put spoon infront of you and watch it, watch it until you forget the word spoon, it's made up and it has nothing to do with the reality, it's not in you, the object you are looking will be there when you are gone and you are not the reason for it's creatin, for you its there on it's own, the object will tell you what it is, you will feel it, it doesn't come from your brains, forget every word you have ever been taught, then you will see the truth

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doublewings (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-11)
seeblue the world is filled with energies, I would have to be with you to tell you from which source energy you see is emitting from, you can stand on one place but on that place also ten another ghost can stand and million flowers emitting to you or other sources, yes I see all flashes
seeblue (2 stories) (25 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-25)
I see this energy outside all around me. I only see Auras when I try to see them, they don't jsut appear to me unfortunatly. Do you see different coloured flashes of light? I see blue alot, sometimes green and pink. What are your thoughts on that?
ajna (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-24)
I have very vividly seen sparkles inside plain as day and tried to catch them - I thought they were really there! I agree that they are more than an "optical illusion" or made up by our eyes, like some people say. It is living breathing energy, and it surrounds us whether or not we have the eyes to see. Thanks for sharing doublewings:)
LadyDraconis (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-23)
I see the same things also... The first time I saw them it quite freaked me out.
dreamer01 (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-23)
hello doublewings,

From memory, I don, t think I have seen sparkles
As you have described, but, I understand your train of thought about energy and reality. I have been thinking this way since a very young age. Infact, it got to the point where nothing seemed real at all and I thought I was going insane and maybe I was.

So thank you for sharing your thoughts. 😊

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