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Seeing "invisible" Energy?


I'm a 37 year old guy from Norway who lately have been experiencing a whole lot of strange things. For about 2 years ago I got deeply interested in UFO's and ET's. People may think exactly what they want regarding to that issue, but I find this to be very real. When I went down that rabbit hole, it led me to the spiritual path. I've been meditating for about 15-16 months, and almost since my first meditation things started to happen. Now it seems like I some how can see what I believe to be the energy in the air? It appears in many different ways. The first I noticed was when I looked up in the night sky. It has always seemed to be pitch black, but now it's almost like it's kind of blurry. It reminds a lot about pixels in the television. Especially like it used to be on the 90's and the 90's when we still had those old tv's when there was no transmition. Sometimes the air is so unclear that I barely see the stars, even if there are no clouds.

One of the other things I experience is that it's like I can see the air moving in daytime. This can look like it's pouring down with rain, except it doesn't? Or it can also look like heatwaves rising. Very much like hot air rising from warm asphalt in the summer. Not so often, but sometimes I see almost like vortexes. It seems like I can "turn it on and of" at will. Also I see what seems to be white orbs appearing and disappearing rather quickly, and sometimes I see streaks of white light moving rapidly through the air. Most times I see this when I turn my eyes, or in the corner of my eyes, but sometimes right in front of me. The past 3-4 months I've been seeing this what seems to be an energy field or force field around people, plants, animals or actually everything. There is no color in this field so I guess it's not the aura. But it rather seems like a kind of shadow. It's really hard to describe cause it's there but it's not? I can see this best when I'm not looking directly at it, but a bit to the side of it?

Can anyone tell me if they experience something similar, and if this "ability" can be used for something good?

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Rebel9k (9 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-01)
I've been experiencing so many things described in many of these stories. I've had very little guidance and have been down the rabbit hole myself. I've thought everything from being spied on to being a T.I. And some. This ability has unfolded in increments. I just recently have experienced the predator invisible thing as well. I get the white orbs and flashes of light esp as I move my head around. There have been a few times I've had it directly in front of my eyes at precisely the right moment and in a pin point it's been much brighter than car head lights on bright. I've recently even been able to see electricity on surfaces be like miniature lighting bolts. I've used rf detector and it reveals the energy in so many different patterns too. For the last year I've been able to see the heat wave looking energy and yes when I allow eyes to sort of blur it brings things out. I had a friend that would always point out pictures within pictures like cloud formations, photographs, art, patterns in grains of substrates, etc. I find this to be exercise to build on the ability for seeing the other stuff. I've heard of people saying that before some people die they have abilities become apparent. This has had me worried about that at times. I guess a question I have for someone experienced for a long time would be, is this higher state of consciousness or psychic experience becoming universally more common per/capita or is it as common as say 10 or 20 years ago?
Iterr (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-20)
Hi there, I'm trying to reach out The Sage but I can't send messages directly to people. I've been experiencing the ebb and flow of this energy grid, just how you explained, pulling on my facial muscles. I have been going mad trying to find just one person who knows what I'm taking about. What is this we are experiencing, and is it benevolent? Should I allow our energies to merge? Any information you may have would mean the world to me. Email me at biziunebatez [at], please. Thank you
TheSage (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-18)
Yes, this is something I've been experiencing too. There are many different variations to these seemingly "invisible" anomoly. Sometimes I can see what I can only describe as like cloaking from the movie "predator" but way less blatant and many shapes and sizes. It also seems as if I can see this through things. As if its piercing all physical/material depending on viewer perspective. I see this move. I have seen this crawl on my bed, approach me, etc. Many many different experiences. Some terrifying, some comforting. State of mind seemed to play how I perceived it. Perhaps state of mind influences every aspect, I am still working out why when where how what. There is a weird energy that you can feel and can almost move it, especially around your own body. Sometimes I am able to make it feel like this energy is crawling on me, giving me goosebumps to the specific spot of my body I'm directing through thought. It's not like all my hairs stand up. It's more like a wave in which I steer. I have had more than one going at once.

For those trying to see or even start to study what is mentioned by the OP and myself, try to look at everything you see as a whole. Like a page on a piece of paper, and then focus to off focus them the same way you look at those optical illusions you can only see when you go "cross eyes but really, you don't need to go cross eyed. You do this. You will see an entirely different world and this energy you will see pop up just like those illusions... Literally everything can and will pop out.
EivindStarseed (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-11)
Thanks:) It feels really good and right:) I can't wait until it develops further:)
seeblue (2 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-30)
You are seeing life energy. Everything is made up of energy. Congrats your clairvoyance is beginning to open.

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