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Delusional Or Psychic?


This is my first post, so let me tell about myself first. I am 14, a girl, and have always been "different".

When I was little I would talk to people who other people weren't aware of. The first I remember is having a friend named Kaitlyn who was a ghost. I'm pretty sure she wasn't imaginary, but I don't know. Ouija boards work best for my friends when I am playing too, (we are very careful) and if I focus I can make things stop hurting by putting my hand there and focusing on the energy. I don't really have prophetic dreams, but in my dreams I know what happens next and they are repetitive and continuing if that makes sense. (This may be normal I don't know.) Anyways that's just the basic stuff.

Anyway, skip to the present. For a while now I have been takling to several people, ghosts, and have seen a couple of them once or twice. I have always been paranoid and mental illness runs in my family, so I'm wondering if there is any way I can tell if they are real or in my head. I talk to them, I can sense them, I can't see them most of the time but I have a picture in my head of where they are and can track them with my eyes.

I will describe a couple to you, don't worry they said it was ok with them.

There is one who I call Snow. She was 8 years old. She has long wavy white hair and is super sweet. She goes everywhere with me and we like slot of the same things. She is really funny. I have actually seen her once.

Another is Abby. She has long dark brown hair and Brown eyes. She is kind of shy, but goes everywhere with me too.

These are just two, there are a lot more. I know you aren't psychologists or anything in just wondering if this seems like real stuff to you guys.

I don't know if this makes sense, just ask if you need some more information.

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WolfBeast (4 stories) (35 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-01)
Hello Snowy
I have some experience in this. To confirm these apparitions exist either in your mind or in the real world you need to start by getting a notebook. Start off with the ones you deal with more often (apparitions) and every time you learn something about them write it down as part of that individuals profile. It doesn't hurt to ask questions, just don't hit them with 20 questions all at once (that will frustrate some apparitions, even the nice ones). You are looking for facts about the life they had, and how it came to a end. Write down ALL details no matter how small. If they ask why you are doing that just tell them that you never want to forget about them. After you have gotten a good amount of facts start searching on the internet. A really good source of info is Find out if you know someone with an active account you can log-on to. Or see if you can get a free trail. Now sometimes apparitions have a hard time with numbers so if she tells you that she was born in 1927 it could be 1972. If you have any questions drop me a line, and good luck! 😐

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