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Below are a few examples of strange occurrences that have happened. I really would like to know if someone can help me understand what happened. I have been told to seek help from a forensic psychologist but I am unable to afford it, plus I am afraid of medical doctors as I have worked for a few and many do not have good intentions.

Can a sociopath mother steal a child from higher dimensions?

One night my friend and I were exploring a wealthy neighborhood and when we were leaving, we got into my car and turned the engine on, we had gotten scared because we had seen a group of 3 men arriving right in front of where we had parked. These men knew we were not from the neighborhood and as we were leaving one of the guys focused on us he created a PSI ball and threw it at us! We were speechless! I didn't know what he had done nor what a PSI ball was, I just saw this man concentrating and saw something fly towards us once that ball got to us we were so frightened we took off in a blast! Are there witches amongst us?

On another occasion and this time with someone I know close to me, we went to a mall to purchase something and the lady at this department store didn't have the model my "friend" was looking for, well this "friend" after the sales associate took off, got so upset she saw a group of about 5 kids playing on top of some mattress at this store, she then did the same thing the guy from the wealthy neighborhood, she focused and within seconds she threw a psi ball straight at them! They felt it without even turning around to see who or what had "attacked" them, once they felt it they all ran towards the exit in a panic! This witch as I call her has not been the first time she had showed her powers, she also has the ability to somehow freeze you for a few seconds, its as if you get temporarily trapped in an energy and once you notice your off, she can do that she showed it to me and I got very afraid as she is a sociopath. But she is an intrusive person as well she has the ability to focus her attention and somehow steal information or the truth right from your brain! I have seen that one played out for many years! Are these people witches? I know many of you have heard the sentence I am not crazy I know what I saw, it was just like that! She is extremely psychic and I have been attacked by her on multiple occasions while growing up, no one believed me, shes a sociopath she behaves in a very different way with others, very charming and all but once the show is over she changes to her original self, very dismissive, de-validation is the key here she is a master at gas-lighting. I have been trying to " escape" from her for a few years but I have been unsuccessful as I have a hard time keeping a job. Things are under control now as I have set boundaries with her and I have been very serious yet I cannot be in the same house as her, she has this strange energy, the house feels very heavy once she is around. She uses fear and intimidation almost all the time in the past, and once she is around the vibe she sets off is eerie like a fear frequency, even my thoughts begin to change in her presence I feel she is a witch but based on my research witches don't exist. What can I do to protect myself. Its as if I have been stripped from a protection shield and upon bumping to her in the hall way she can extract information from me instantly! She plays the role of Mommy dearest but without the fame or money because we are poor. Is there a way to protect myself from her? People around me do not believe me, she has done a great job at lying about me saying I am unstable and what not, my big worry tho is how I can protect myself and not go back to her. Happens every time, I get hired and move out then I mess things up loose everything and I end up moving back because I got no one close but her.

Any thoughts of what I can do?

Is she really a witch? Or have I been gaslight to believe she is one. I had been afraid at speaking up about this because of the surveillance we are all going through but I am not afraid anymore I just seek truth about what it is. I seem to attract sociopaths and they can read my mind straight up! They know what I think about and I feel so bad about it. My only recourse are pills I self prescribe for anxiety or SSRI pills among any other pill I can get my hands on, I am not an addict or have drug problems, I have read numerous blogs and comments on thought broadcasting and at times that's how I feel yet my concern is how to protect myself.

I used to work with an eye doctor and one day she was very upset at me because I couldn't get a sum correct she got super pissed that she made a hook with her finger, and she shouted ahhhhhh! And directed the hook to my arm she barely touched it and I just tripped out on what she had done, I really thought it was somehow funny. Well months later I left that practice and bumped into her at an airport, that day she looked at me with disgust and guess what, my flight got cancelled. Can they do that? I have also experienced other occurrences as if these people present themselves over and over, yet I don't believe its something I have to learn from them as the new age books suggest, I believe I am some type of socio psycho paths magnet, some weird stuff happens to me and I don't know how to shield myself from them. A gun would be ideal but I am not violent and I believe I is not necessary although I am considering one if things escalate. I don't know why people to these things to me tbh.

If anyone has visited Sunfell site and is familiar with its contents there regarding a transformation I resonate with it. The only way for me to handle the information overload and the extreme hypersensitivity is by taking pills yet I know there should be another better approach to this. I have asked numerous times for help but I don't get anything back. My life has made a drastic change since then, I am not suicidal but I don't want to live like this. Any suggestions on what I can do to stop this and resume a normal life? I would like to seek help as I know I have trauma but I feel it is not that serious and plus I am afraid of opening up to some professional after reading countless articles and numerous documentaries on project star gate and other secret programs involving people that have these weird occurrences. All I want is some answers so I can move on.

Any thoughts? I am open to questions.

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spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-14)
A good day to you. Somethings about myself. I am 86 years old and have had psychic experiences all my life and numerous encounters with the Spirit world. At my age I do not pull punches and what I say may upset you.
First of all. There is only ONE Power in the entire universe and that is the Power of God. You can use it for good or for evil, that is your choice. But remember the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. These people throwing around PSI balls are using Gods Power but for the wrong reasons. May God have mercy on their souls.
Your non de plume reveals your connection with the Creator, which is a no no. Should this not change then the chances are good that you will spend the rest of your existence as a slave to your "friend."You will no doubt know the expression: "Birds of a feather...". I can't but think that the reason why you keep on loosing jobs, is because deep down you want to loose the job. This will provide a reason for returning to this "lady."
There is a book available on "Gas lighting" written by Stephanie Sarkis obtainable from It explains manipulative and emotionally abusive people and how to break free from them.
May you receive the blessings of our Creator.
craycraybutnotreally (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-24)

I read your story and although, I do not have any experiences with witches, I do have experience with people and spirits trying to pick at my brain, mentally. It's exhausting and annoying. I don't know how you feel or what you are going through with the witches, but in my experience with ghosts trying to get my attention, I keep my mind completely blank. If I actively think about them, they try getting my attention more. I distract myself with emptiness or a happy thought to make them think I'm not paying any attention to them; like I am ignorant of their existence.

I am someone who can read off of other people, I am still learning, but what I do know that if people are unstable and not keeping their mind in check every know and then, they show their weaknesses to me and I pick up on that. It's easier to tell what they will do or say next.

Meditate everyday and try to relax. Clearing your thoughts and insecurities and being confident in yourself will boost a sort-of protection from this lady. If you believe it will, it will happen.

Dont quote me on this, I'm not a professional, just going with my gut. A lot of times going with my gut has saved me from countless problems.

I hope this helps in some way. I'm sorry I'm not of any actual help. Doctors may not work to help you, but going to a psychic or an actual publicly known witch might. They may not reveal everything to you you wish to learn, but they could help.

The farther away you are from this lady, the better.

I hope you find peace on this earth.

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