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A Look In To Others Eyes


I was 3 when I had my first experiance. I remember being in bed when an orb of light came in to my room. It hovered and flickered with a bright white glow. I remember staring unable to move, I was sickly and unable to lift my head. For what ever reason I had the feeling that this light was gental.

After, I started experiancing dreams, like de ja vu only somehow I was peering out of someones body. I felt like my own body was half way in a vortex, like an out of body expieriance but, being pulled into someone elses body. These dreams where vivid, I could remember all details from from starr to finish. I remenber dreams from years ago!. Then these dreams started to preceive. The first was startling.

It was a dream of a tornado that touched down near my house. I woke up to hail the size of a baseball, and the news reporting a tornado 20 minuted from my house.

I got scared. And tried to ignore it. But I couldn't because the more I tried to suppress it the more intense they became.

They started to peer into the past as well. Like to space shuttle that exploded before I was even alive. Or the moment john f kennedy got shot. I would tell people. I was 5 so they told me I shouldnt even know about the things I saw.

Then on may 11 2011 I witnessed through the eyes of a man, he was panicking screaming for his daughter. He was waist deep in water, cuts all over him. He found his daughter dead. I woke up and the next thing a heard was the news. Japan just had an earthquake and was being flooded.

Another major dream was the deaths of the children from sandy hook. I was in the eyes of the teacher who died trying to save them. Their souls still reside there waiting to be released to their next life. Some parents are still hanging on. And these children want them to let go.

I hope hear good comments.

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ArcanumInvestigator (23 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-18)
I'm reminded of Edgar Cayce, seems you are having global prophetic dreams. I have some here and there just not that big a scale, small things mostly of turbulence to come or points that need attention.

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