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Staying Connected Via Dreams


Several years ago I moved out of state with a job transfer so I was living away from my family. One night I had a dream about a woman who was wheeling a black baby carriage on my parent's backyard lawn. I called my mom and told her about the dream and she said a woman was wheeling a black baby carriage on on the street in front of the house. When my mom looked in the carriage expecting to see a baby, to her surprise, the woman was wheeling a doll in the carriage! My mom was stunned about my dream.

Another dream I had was about my brother entering my bedroom with three presents wrapped in bright blue paper (I felt his presence in my bedroom, like he was really there), and when he handed me the gifts I kept seeing the number seven. When I woke up from the dream in the morning my phone was ringing, it was my brother telling me he won the daily lottery in his state. I replied that I know because I had a dream about him and the number seven. He told me he had been playing a number with seven in it for several days but the seven failed to come out until last night, he had been waiting for it to hit! I believe my dreams were keeping me connected to what was happening in my family when I lived apart from them.

Last year I was reading web-sites on how to dream about winning lottery numbers and I put the methods into practice for several days. Finally, one night I dreamed of a big white piece of paper on a stand (like the stands used in schools/offices for teaching), with four big orange numbers (6106) written on it. Those numbers came out in my state lottery the next day but I forgot to play them!

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ArcanumInvestigator (23 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-18)
Very nice, happens a little to me aswell, though mostly through dead family members, & my mom and brother. It's not uncommon for any of use to say hey, have you heard from so and so or did something happen. For instance when my friend Travis died my grandmother (deceased called me in a dream and told me she had something to tell me but didn't know how. A few days later my mother called and said I have something to tell you but and silence. I said just tell me say it. She said Travis died. Grandparents from my fathers side would visit, my dad just recently in May.

As for the lottery good luck on the next go around👍.

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