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I Feel Like I'm Connected To Him


Its already more than 2 months since I become close to my psychic friend. We we're always together during the day. That time we became best friends. I became dependent on him into things. I was always ask him things that I want to know about him and it seems okay to him.

I lost control of being close to him but its already late for me to stay away. I already forgot my friends before. They told me that since I became close to Andy its like I already forgot what we been through. I don't know what to do. So when I have extra time to be with my friends I hang out with them without Andy.

I did my best to balance everything but I can't its like I am already connected to Andy and I can't stay away from him anymore. What I feel today is that I'm depressed when I'm away to him, I feel like I cannot go a day without texting him on the phone. I know already that I love him that much but should I continue what I feel? Because I feel like he doesn't like me. I'm scared of confessing it to him because it may affect our friendship. I'm scared of experiencing changes in life but I know it would be better.

Andy is only by my side when he needed something. Like when he is depressed about his love life he always call my attention to help him. I always listen to him and give him advice on what he should do but when it comes to me he always change the topic and turn it to him.

Should I stay away from him? What should I do? I feel totally depressed right now because I can't say what I really feel and how confused I am.

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angel124 (1 stories) (17 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-30)
Just listen to what's deep in your heart. Maybe you will find the answer there, or pray to god with a strong believing feeling, and you soon feel gods love and compassion to answer to you. Try to believe, or try being positive, don't let negative things get to you. ❤
stargazingamazing (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-01)
Sometimes we don't realize how much out brain can scramble things from what we want to believe and what what is really happening. I say this because I can relate to similar feelings of attachment. Try to see the situation from a third person perspective. Focus only on facts and try to forget how you feel and how you think he feels. Try to bring the situation back to a more simple way of remembering your time together. Its very important not to COMPARE your experienced to past experiences because things will always feel extremely good or bad (like if you had a super fun massive birthday last year and this year only a few friends could make it for cake and ice cream, it feels like a crappy birthday) instead of just experiencing everything for what it is with no expectations. Also when we share any emotional experience with someone, it creates a memory and the emotions you experience together are what reveals the truth and the emotion you feel without this person physically with you, is a lot of added emotional energy causing an imbalance between you two and the more you believe you need him to be happy and want his affection the more he will not want to give his affection. Dont be afraid or sad. When you feel confident about yourself and happy with just being you... He will want to be around you again and value the time spent because we don't enjoy the things freely given to us
yval711 (5 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-28)
It seems to me like you have a one sided relationship with Andy and that's not a good thing. He should be just as willing to help you get through your problems as you are to help him. If you're not ready to tell him how you feel about him, wait until you are ready but I think that telling him the truth will help. I think you should try to have a conversation with Andy about how he only comes to you when he needs something and doesn't bother to help you when you need it. Ask him to change this behavior and be more willing to help you when you ask for it. If he changes, then the problem is solved but if he doesn't, you might have to let him go. I know that won't be easy to do because of your feelings for him but you deserve to be able to talk out your problems to make yourself happy. Ultimately it's up to you to decide what you're going to do about it but I hope I've helped. If you ever want to talk, I'm more than willing to listen. You can email me from my profile.

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