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Are Our Souls Connected?


This is a true story and it's very important to me. I really need somebody's opinion on this because I have to know if something really is going on or if I'm just crazy. It's a long story, please read it all.

So 3 years ago I came across a boy from a band on the Internet. I've heard of the band before but I have never listened to their music so I decided to do it. At first I didn't really like it, but somehow I wanted to find out more about the band members. I went onto Wikipedia. I checked all of them out but only one of them seemed interesting. I started to look up different interviews and facts about him/them. I just fell in love with him. He was just like me and I was so attracted to him.

The other day their music video came up on the TV and I just run to the TV as soon as I heard the music. I was standing right in front of the TV and smiled like a happy little baby. I couldn't stop to stare into his eyes. He made me so happy. The other day I went to school and told my friend that hanged out with another girl from the class I didn't like about it. That girl said she liked the band too and we started to talk. We became best friends. She is the best friend I have ever had in my life and one I've been friends with the longest.

Ever since I saw him I think about him everyday. It's not just a celebrity crush that only last 1-2 month. I feel deep connection with him. I feel like I've known him forever. He reminds me of someone but I can't tell who. First I thought he reminded me of my uncle but he doesn't. My uncle and him are very different. Him and I have very much in common. We like the same things, we have similar personalities, same humor, hobbies, favourite colour, favourite fruit. We even have two exactly same moles on our arms. My friends have noticed that him and I are very similar people and that I remind them of him. They even joke about that we might be related since I look like his sister and mother too. Once a kid related to my friend told me he would love me.

We both believe in God and always wear a cross necklace. I just feel like we are one. I'm very protective over him. I hate it when people judge him and say bad things about him. When he is sad I feel sad too and I just want to hug him and tell him that things will be ok. I love his voice when he talks. I could listen to it forever. It calms me down. Even if I'm sad I can just look at a photo of him and smile. He is the only one who can make me smile and laugh when I'm sad or angry.

After a while I started to notice different signs that had to do with him. I feel like we are telepathic in some way. I've got twitter notifications on my phone and I always get them when he or his band friends and other people tweet. I ALWAYS know when he has tweeted. And it's only for him. Sometimes I can even just think of him and he will tweet out of nowhere and he doesn't tweet often at all.

I can't imagine my life with anyone else. He is the one I have been looking for my whole life. I'm single and so is he. He is also having problems with finding the right girl. His relationships only last 1 or 2 months. I can't look at other guys, so there is no dating for me. I just can't. When I'm chatting to other guys I feel like cheating on him even though it's just chatting. I just know he wouldn't like me to do it. Once a guy I chatted with asked for a picture of my breasts and when I was about to send the picture, the guy I love tweeted something like he wanted to tell me that I shouldn't do it. And I never send that kind of pictures to people. It's like we can communicate even though I know he doesn't know about me.

Now, after 3 years of deep love I went to the bands concert he is in. I thought I would have a fun crazy night but that's not how it was. I was nervous all day. I couldn't eat or anything. When the concert started and he run out on stage with his friends. I stood up and smiled and was super excided. After a few minutes when I heard his voice I started to cry. It wasn't happiness tears. It was pain. Terrible pain. It felt like someone was cutting my heart into small pieces. I cried like crazy, I just wanted to run up to him, hug him and stay with him forever. I had a feeling of something dragging me towards him. It was so strong.

Everyone around me laughed and had fun but I couldn't. I was just crying my heart out. Even my friend who loves another band member was happy. I was shaking because of the pain I felt. I just wanted to shout how much I love him but I couldn't say a word. It was time for him to sing his solo. He sang "I hear you calling to me..." and at that point when I was crying the most he turned his face to the camera that showed him on a big screen I was looking at and he smiled widely and it felt like he was looking into my soul telling me to stop worry about things. It was crazy.

I cried when I came out, I cried on the way home, I cried that night before sleep. The day after I felt dead. I could only think about him and how much I missed him. I cried that night too and the night after that. Today I had this telepathy thingy happening again. I had so many signs I can't even remember them all. I've done numerology tests and according to those, we're a perfect match. He is number 8, I'm 4. It's like I'm the half of him. According to horoscopes we're perfect too. EVERYTHING is telling me that we are made for each other. Even dreams.

I love him so much. It's a very very intense feeling. Like, I don't know what to do with myself when I think about that we may never be together. It's hard to explain. I don't tell my friends or relatives about this because they won't understand. Sometimes I can feel his company and that's when I feel protected. I'm incredibly proud of him and I want to show him off to the whole world and tell everybody how much I love him. I want him to be happy. When I look into his eyes it's like I see someone I've known for many years. I feel like I know the real him like I've been his wife for 60 years or more. I'm wondering if he can feel my feelings and thoughts too and if he may have signs telling him about me.

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texryan67 (1 stories) (39 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-22)
When I was 18, I had a girl friend who I was like that with, but I was eighteen and she was 15 at the time. I guess I could have and should have waited a year...LOL... I saw her again 15 years later, in a grocery store, but she was with her jealous girlfriend at the time. If it wasn't for the jealous one, I feel we could have gotten together. We had similar interests in a lot of things, Including 80's punk bands. Man, what could have been...LOL
crazylove48 (2 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-25)
Psychic things keep happening and they're intense. Thank you so much. It gives me hope. Now I really believe that him and I are soul mates.
EagletoArcher (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-21)
This is evidence of a soulmate at the greatest sense. Even if it may take years, don't let go of the possibility that you two will be together. There's hope!
TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-18)
Wow. I felt sad when I read this: (Perhaps you should try communicating with him first? Through social networking? Anything is possible:) Don't give up.

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