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Awful Aura And Feelings


Shalom everyone!

My abilities are getting better and better and I'm using them very good now. ^__^ About two weeks ago, my abilities picked up awful feelings from one of my suitemates boyfriend. He currently is in a fraud business with scamming people. I could feel a lot of bad negative vibes around him, that I should stay away from him. I felt so uncomfortable.

I had a vision about his partner and him losing many things and that were a lot to pay for. I could see his partner going down first then my suitemate's boyfriend. It angered me so much that he was doing this and I now stay away from him. The feeling was very off. I feel like he's not someone to hang around with, that there is a lot of negative energies.

My suitemate loves him and I really think he's wrong for her and that his antics will bring her down too because these situations often hurt others.

I could pick up that he has issues and that he has a bad aura. My friend and I talked about him and agreed that it was for the best we stay away from him when he is around this Summer. The feelings I got made me very tense and were not good.

My Clairsentience picked awful feelings, my Clairvoyance saw the vision. I definitely seeing things and feeling things in more detail. I'm getting better at picking up feelings in situations and reading people. I'm really enjoying my abilities now and using them very well now, I now have less headaches and I'm very in tune with everything.

I want to continue using my abilities for good especially with spirits. <3

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Parrot1234 (4 stories) (39 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-21)
How did you improve it? I get headaches often...: (by seeing intense aura seeing

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