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How Do People Cope With Their Abilities?


I haven't shared my abilities with anyone not even my friends because I think they wouldn't understand. When I first found out in April of sometime that I had abilities, I was scared of what people would think and how I would be able to explain myself. I was very unsure if I could say anything to anyone.

I feel comfortable expressing myself on this site because others are the same and I know I won't be judged. My fear is that I'll be labeled mentally ill when I know I inherited gifts.

Some family members have had experienced with spirits. My cousin can sense the presence of his father when things are bad, almost like his father comes to protect him when things are wrong.

I'm wondering if I inherited the abilities from somewhere and I think I did.

I just feel like I can't open up to my friends about this because some of them are not so open minded to this kind of stuff. I know I am not mentally ill.

I inherited this gifts for a reason and have been using them for good. I knew once I received them that I would have to accept that they will be apart of my life too.

It's just there are so many skeptics and people who don't believe in Psychic abilities, spirits, and other things associated with magic. I think a lot of people are closed minded to these things because they sound out of the ordinary or not normal.

I mean at first I was very skeptical when a psychic told me I was going to be a Medium Psychic but she was right, I just wasn't so sure and why it was decided that I become one.

I want to be able to see how others cope with this. It would be very helpful.

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-09)
Mountain Hermits. They hide away. IT is possible. Just know the price your choice has attached to it.

Personally, I'd say tell everyone. All this privacy and secrecy crap is pointless BS.

Decide how you want to tell them.

Some people, I tell I am a Savant.

Some, a schizo.

Some, psychic.

General rule. You brag, you'll usually mess something up.
Lyro (468 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-09)
Kristen, not everyone can just hide away in secret. It's a primal instinct of every person to seek out others like themselves, to find a group in which they belong. Even the loners have a small group they stay a part of. It's a part of the human psyche, part of the ego, to find a social group in which you belong. So telling someone that they should just hide away and not talk to people is the exact opposite of what someone should do. It's not good to just go around talking to everyone about it, but maybe test the waters, find others like yourself, and be a part of a group like yourself. Now like she said, you shouldn't be stressed out over it, there are many people like you all around, just have to look a little, and there are many sites to find others similar to you. And the biggest piece of advice. You're not normal, I'm not normal, none of us are normal. However, there's no such thing as normal, no one is normal, and there's nothing wrong with that. Each person is unique in there own way, even if they're not just like you doesn't make you normal or not. You're unique, embrace it because it's a part of you, part of who you are. Never try to be anything but yourself.
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-21)
There is no need to tell about your psychic abilities to anyone who don't possess these or don't believe. It will make you feel emotionally stressed out and lead to self dissatisfaction. Let me remind you that emotional problems will make negative energies attracted towards you. Stay cheerful, act completely normal and lead a normal and happy life. Practice your psychic abilities in secret.
NightFayre (4 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-20)
I've always been a little different from a young age, so I don't think coping is really the right word, more like living I guess. I've always been a bit wary of letting outsiders know. If they ask if I believe, I will answer honestly, but I will observe what they believe and see if they are being true to themselves etc. I have a close best friend who's very similar to myself and we share our experiences etc. However, I told my other two normal friends, both we're freaked out a little and they didn't really accept the fact that I am who I am; however, I just don't go near the subject with normal people now as it's just easier. I don't avoid it, and if people do find out I will tell them it's true, after all they can accept me for being me or they won't. As for family, it can freak them out at times, but they are quite accepting of who I am. My gift doesn't really run in the family, but we are very close and open minded. I think a lot of people now a days are very close minded, and don't want to believe and see something not in their everyday life. So as I said, I wouldn't call it coping. Just be who you are, it's their problem at the end of the day if they don't want to accept the world for what it truly is x
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-16)
I never told any of my friends about mine - mostly because when someone is raised to believe that something isn't right, they will continue to believe that regardless of what you tell them.

In my case, I've had it relatively easy - for me, clairvoyance, astral projection and lucid dreaming all are easy to mask, because both astral projection and lucid dreaming take place at night for me. Clairvoyance can be harder, but most of the stuff I can see and sense are no more surprising than the environment around me.

If I'm in a crowd, I can usually test the waters so to speak by bringing up lucid dreaming, as more people can relate to this - same goes for seeing ghosts, as most people have seen or heard of at least one. You'd be surprised by how many people there are that at least accept the phenomenon.

DJ17 (guest)
10 years ago (2014-02-15)
I used to feel the same way when I first started getting involved in psychic abilities. It won't be easy, but I feel that everyone has a right to have their own views of the world. Like Lyro was saying, it is better to help from behind the scenes. For an example, I make an effort every day to practice psychic shielding to protect myself, my home, and the university I attend.

Don't be afraid to be who you are. Just understand that different people have different beliefs. If refining your abilities is what you feel is the right thing to do, then you should follow that path. Know that it can take time to become really skilled in psychic abilities but they are worth the effort if you desire to learn them. Use your heart to guide you and know that you are never alone here.
AmandaLinette (guest)
10 years ago (2014-02-15)
I wrote this article and several others that can help you cope with your abilities, and begin to integrate them into your life in a healthy, peaceful way.



I hope this helps,

With love ~ Amanda
Jac27 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-14)
I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I don't feel as though I can share this huge part of myself with anyone in my life. I know this is my life path but I feel stuck and can't go down that road.
Atalya (5 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-14)
Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, people are like that, whenever they don't understand something they are quick to be judgmental. I don't talk too much about things personally either because I'm someone who's been through a lot in their life and the only way to get it if it happens to that person.

Friendships can be so difficult these days and that's why I've started removing certain people because their energy is not good and it's not fair to me to continue being friends if they're going to be so self centered. Some are and I'm through with it.

I feel it should be kept secret. I am a Medium Psychic and I have conversed with several spirits after inheriting my abilities. One spirit actually listened to me and has been doing what he said he would do. This is my cousin's boyfriend who died unexpectedly last year, he's been visiting her dreams and he said he would show that she is not alone and that he'll always be around to protect her.

Yes, again friendships can be so tricky and I watch them carefully. I have distanced myself from several friends because I don't feel as appreciated and most are all about drama. I only have a close few that are really my friends.

That's why I come to this website because I know others have my abilities and that I won't be judged because people are going through the same thing.
Lyro (468 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-14)
No one can understand something they're not a part of. I started following the rule of never talking about personal things to people I knew in person since it always lead to drama. I only talked about these kinds of things to people say for instance over the internet or far away. And I did in fact have times where this stuff bit me in the rear for talking about them. Trying to help someone made certain things get spread around to people I thought were my friends. That's the thing though, they weren't really my friends then. They weren't ready to learn about these kinds of things because it had nothing to do with them. They wouldn't understand until they were a part of it themselves. There are people like you and me everywhere, all around. Look around you and you'll find them, you're not alone by far. I just recommend not telling everyone, even best friends if you're unsure how they'll react about it. Honestly they don't really need to know right now. Be a silent observer, come in when you're needed, but don't give people information that isn't needed. By all means help people that you think need your help, but normally more is done behind the scenes, and it's best for not a lot of people to know. You can always e-mail me if you need to talk too:)

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