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I'm Audriana. I'm 21 and I believed at this age my psychic ablities have fully awakened. My ablities awakened after a bad event. I've had many battles and conflicts in my life. This event was when my ex boyfriend Jay broke up with me. We had a very deep connection and strong relationship until he let his insecurties and other problems caused him to make a bad decision. It was very hard and difficult and painful for him and myself.

After awhile, I would say a few days. Jay's Uncle contacted me. Uncle Joey died about a few months ago before this. Jay's uncle gave him a star of david necklace from Spain that Jay gave to me and I wear religiously. It was through that necklace I could feel energies that weren't my own. Uncle Joey began talking to me, I couldn't see him then because my clarvoyance wasn't as well developed but he begged and pleaded me to do something about our situaiton. He came back another few times and was extremely worried about his nephew. He knew about everything and was very sad our break up occured. He was very worried that in Jay's emotional condition with the break up that he would go down the wrong path and that very bad things would happen and that I was the only one who could make him right again.

He told me to not lose hope and be strong.

Right now Uncle Joey is more calmer now since our situation is doing a lot better and we are heading for a reconcilation and we are about to make peace.

That was one Medium episode I had and many others would follow after. Another one would be when my cousin's boyfriend died. I was able to see what time of day it was, that he was moving in a car, and that something was terribly wrong with him. From seeing his picture and never meeting him, I got many good and postive energies from him. Andrew had a baby with my cousin and he said he would protect them no matter what and that he was happy that I respected him. I told him that he was a very good father and person and thanked him for making my cousin so happy with his love.

I have had so many experiences with the spirits of the dead but it would take forever to explain all of them. Anyways, I can feel energies also within people and know how they are feeling too. Whenever I go to the store or a crowded place, it can feel overwhelming since so many energies come at once.

I also get the headaches and now dizziness that comes witht the ablities especially if I'm reading strong and intense energy and feelings. For right now to better control my ablities, I've now started meditating, making sure I'm more postive, listen to calming music, and making sure I'm not too stressed. I want to be at my best.:) I'm getting more used to my ablities and it has become very exciting.

I'm highly think I am a Psychic Medium and I did have a Psychic point out that I was and didn't believe it until this all started happening. I didn't mean to doubt it, I just thought it couldn't happen to me but I think it's happening to me now.

So, let my know what you guys think. I also would like to know what I can do to strengthen my ablities too.:)

It's still all so shocking to me and so new so any experiences would be nice too so I know I'm not alone.

Thanks and peace to all of you,


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Atalya (5 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-10)
Thank you so much.
It's still taking some getting used to them but I'm getting much better now and I find it exciting. Yes, I'm making meditation a daily part of my life now because I'm still new at this, I get the headaches but less and less. 😁

I find it still so strange that I was blessed with these abilities but then again I'm happy to have them. 😁
XNicholex3 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-08-06)
Yep, you sure are. You can strengthen your abilities by meditating often and practicing your abilities on others to see your accuracy. 😊

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