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Have I Lost My Psychic Abilities?


My name is Sonja and I am wondering if I have lost my psychic abilities or if they are just on hold for now. I have been psychic since a child but never used the gift (I never knew how). The past year I have been reading books and fine tuning my gift through practice and meditation. I have met one of my Spirit Guides and received his name. He is my main Spirit Guide and usually appears to me when I meditate and ask for guidance and seek answers. Once I was comfortable with my abilities I made up symbols for yes and no and other meanings for simple answers. I would ask questions about my life and my Spirit Guide would answer my questions using the symbols I provided. After a few months of practice I felt comfortable seeking new people to practice on and placed an ad on Craigslist seeking people who wanted free readings. People from around the US were able to find my listing on my local ad and were calling and all was going well. Using my symbols I was getting answers. About two weeks after I started doing this my husband got injured at work and had to go on medical leave. He has not been able to return to work since (over a month now). Things have been strained at home financially. Since then with him being home everyday and the stress of finances my visions have been off and I am not receiving any answers to my questions. I cleansed my chakras and asked God and my Spirit Guides to please remove the block from my visions but nothing seems to be working. I have tried to remove the stress and not think about it when I am doing my psychic work, but something is blocking me from seeing and I do not know what it is. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

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Robbielene (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-25)
Hello. Love to all & thank you for reading my words. I would love help with this issue as it has left me literally depressed every day. I began, out of the blue, to meditate about 3 years ago. I don't even know what prompted me to sit down & try it. Within a matter of weeks I was automatically, going into past lives. For the sake of brevity I have to leave out tons of information or you'd be reading a big book. I'll cut to the chase & tell that that things progressed shockingly fast for me until I started going into trances & ended up acquiring psychic abilities. I felt incredibly blessed & so thankful. I prayed before meditating, always gave thanks, always prayed for others with sincerity. I was blessed with many life-changing spiritual experiences. One day recently I woke up & all my abilities were gone. I can't even meditate anymore no matter how long/hard I try. I am freaked out, cannot figure out what is happening & have no way to "fix it." If anyone has any idea what's happening to me I would really appreciate your input! ❤️ Thank you, thank you, thank you.
MsFirefly76 (3 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-09)
[at] mgeekafus Whenever I do a psychic reading/session I do a protection prayer to protect me from negative or mal intent spirits. My Spirit Guide that revealed himself to me is named RedCloud. He was a Lakota Sioux chief that died in 1909. You may Google him and find info about him and a picture. He revealed himself to me as a red cloud floating in a bright blue sky of fluffy white clouds. Then he revealed his name to me. It sounded familiar so I googled it. I do not feel threatened or scared when he is around. I feel love and warmth. I say my prayer each time before I meditate. I also say a closing prayer. Whenever I see negative auras or energy I ask it to leave and ask my guides to make it leave. That has happened twice. After visiting the hospital. Red Cloud is patient with me and reveals things to me slowly. When he appears I can tell it is him because he is a maroon colored aura each time. Here lately he only appears but does not show me anything else. I believe I am under too much stress.
mgeekafus (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-09)
Hi, Sonja. My name is Amanda. I am a paranormal investigator and an Indigo... Stress does play a part in what and how you process your information, but in your case I'm not sure if stress is #1 factor. I sincerely apologize in advance if my comment may offend you, because that is not my intention.

You say you've identified your spirit guide, he had provided you with his name, and you have your own code of communication. Through my experience, this is the work of demonic beings. Something nonhuman will cling to a human, providing them with what they believe to be psychic accurate capabilities in exchange for their safe harbor-age. When the demon is expelled and forced to return to their original realm, the psychic loses their powers. At the same time, the psychic will call out to have their abilities reinstated, just as you have described you've done. This leaves the human open to re-infestation of another entity, one that will most likely do the same for the individual as the last entity did, and also making the victim believe their powers have come back but just a wee bit differently. You say you've also called out to God... Was it a "God's will be done" sort of plea? Because God will block anything evil from getting to you if you ask Him, which may also explain why your gift has yet to return.

I know there is a non-physical war going on over those of us with gifts. I've felt the physical pull for myself throughout my entire life. Satan wants us for his own doings, God wants us for the betterment of mankind... Now, question: When your spirit guide revealed himself to you, what did he look like? When he told you his name did he promise to show up anytime you said his name out loud; or did he tell you to keep it to yourself? I ask because demons will do anything to trick a good person into doing their (evil) work by making them believe they are still doing good. One of the differences between Angels and Demons when they appear is that Demons are never whole... They're disfigured, claiming to have suffered an accident at the time of their death. Or they'll appear whole, but hide their imperfection (I've experienced something so slight as a missing pinkie finger!) Demons will answer questions promptly, where as Angels take their time. Also, how do you feel when your spirit guide is around? Because when an Angel is around, you can physically feel the air pulse around you, as if it's breathing with it's own rhythmical heartbeat.

I hope this comment has been educational. My intention was to provide you with the facts that many other Indigos have discovered, and made you think about your situation. I hope it is just stress, but if it's not, it's up to you to decide your own path. Listen to your gut, stick to your morals, and make no compromises. Best of luck.

Peace & Love
B1ackR053 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-08-09)
I have that psychic block problem too. I found that it's usually caused by dwelling too much on a good or bad situation and/or by stress. I agree with the people before me saying that it's stress related. When I have a psychic block, I do a form of open-eyed meditation sitting in my room; I stare off into space and let my mind wander. Within a few minutes I see images and the auras of what is around me. When I'm done meditating I am usually in a happier mood and any questions I asked during my meditation are answered (I usually forget what I was thinking about while I meditated though). In your case, I recommend that you continue to meditate the way you have and let your mind wander a little. Within a few days of meditating your abilities should come back to you. Also in my experience, spirit guides will sometimes change the way they communicate and answer you depending on your aura and mood.

I hope I made any sense and good luck! 😁
108251jman (2 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-07)
I think it's stress to. Like you said he comes when your in your relaxed state, and if your stress you arn't relaxed so go back to meditation, and get away from all the stress for a while such as going to take a walk, or ride a bike, even read a book. Anything works! 😁
XNicholex3 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-08-06)
I personally think it is all stress related. You have to really calm yourself and open yourself into receiving the information you want and trust yourself with it. 😊

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