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Why Did This Spirit Pick Me?


I guess I'm wondering something. I'm wondering why my ex's Uncle reached out to me after we broke up? Uncle Joey is deceased.

More recently he's been feeling embarrassment because of how two of the family members treated me and how my ex behaved after the fact. He feels very sorry but I've reassured Uncle Joey that all is forgiven and that it's not his fault.

He keeps saying my ex needs help. I was able to sense somethings are wrong. That there are blockages.

Out of everyone, why did Uncle Joey pick me to talk to? I mean he said the others wouldn't believe him. That I was more accepting and would listen to what he has to say. This was around when powers began to develop more and get stronger.

He is around me some of the time. I'm not sure what this means? He isn't bothersome at all, I just wonder what his presence means?

Is it because he's still worried for my ex?

Uncle Joey says I have a special place in his heart. He is a gentle and warm spirit, very smart one too! He had schizophrenia when he was alive and it was tormenting for him and very hard on him as the years went on.

He is in a better place but worries both for my ex's father, my ex, and the whole family. Is he restless?

I'm sorry for all the questions. He is in good spirits otherwise, he just worries at times about things that are going on right now. He's hoping my ex and I can reconcile and get past what broke us up.

I find it so interesting how spirits work and feel. I've communicated with many and I'm very fascinated with them.

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