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Sensing Things Beforehand, Time Slowing To A Crawl


I was out with a friend on Wednesday, May 28th of this year.

We were walking through a bus transit, on the left hand sidewalk.

My friend was speaking to me, I was listening and looking forward, we were both walking fast paced.

All of the sudden, time slowed down. My body, along with my friends and everyone around, had slowed down to a crawl, time was barely moving.

I could see my feet, mid motion slowly stepping, the man sitting on the bus stop bench in-front of me holding a newspaper slowly looked up to me and my friend as we were passing, a bus to my right that had been accelerating now was slowly going by... But incredibly slow...

I was completely conscious and aware of it, my body felt restrained and difficult to move. I felt vibrations throughout my body, sort of like the ones accompanied by an OOBE.

It all happened really fast, lasted about 4 seconds but it felt like it was forever.

Just as quickly as time had slowed, it caught up. And when it did, a pounding, sharp headache in my forehead (In between the eyebrows) came with it. I immediately touched my head and stopped walking, my friend asked if I was okay. I had no idea what to even say...I've never experienced this before.

Apart from this, I've had countless times of thinking of a certain individual, and then having them call or text me within a matter of seconds/minutes. Sometimes I know what people are going to say before they have...

So...any insight on this? Did I cause time to pause? I didn't even do it on purpose... If it was me.

Thank you, Love & Blessings

- HippistKat

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LeeAnn1015 (guest)
9 years ago (2014-11-11)
What a cool experience. This is probably your third eye awakening and trying to tell you something. I would start meditating and concentrate on opening your third eye and learning what it wants you to know.

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