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My Past And Present Experiences And Connection


Were do I even start when I was child I expericed things that I thought was in my head to start with. Id see things only for a few socounds then it would vanish all my life if see things like outlines of people and black shapes of someones body I went to my grait gran about this as I found it eeasy for me to talk to her so I told her and her reply was I no you can I said what do you mean she said I can do it to and her mum could also do it she could see spirits she told me not to be sciard and to embrace my gift so I'm trying my best well anyway iv also experices things for example. I no iv closed a door it will open its self, my daughters toys would set there selfes off,

I don't no how to describe it but I can sense that there are spirits around me I can feel them its like iv got a 3rd eye or something I no that sounds weird but that's how I see it like looking through to a secound wourld I'm only just recently exepting my gift and not blocking it out I use to push it to the back of my mind as it sciard me well this is were I need some advice. I also see spirits when they show to me.

Ok well iv been with my fiancee male 23. For 2 years also known his mum that long well iv always felt close to her like iv known her befoure well when were together my gift feels stronger when shes with me and I can read people if you get what I mean like ill look at someone and can tell what there thinking and I'm always right well I can read her especialy well she can do what I can do she has a gift to as her mum also experienced and could do things well when I concentrate when shes with me its like I can call spirits to me I can tell when there here ect. I feel some sort of connection to my fiancees mum and have no idia why even when shes not with me I feel connected to her even whens shes not here at mine.

What do you think the conncection could be asx its over powering at times it scairs us both as she feels it to?

Also I'm still a little sciard of spirit can they hurt you in anyway?

How can I progress my gift?

Thankyou for your time

Melissa clough xx

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