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Soul Mates Since Birth


I have just been thinking about my soul mate and me and I came up with a question. If it is possible to get signs about your soul mate already when you are a kid. When I was thinking about it I realized that a lot of things have happened when I was little that would remind me of him if I at that time knew who he was. Like I have had a crush on a guy with the same name as my soul mate, I saw other people who were similar to him and things like that. When I hear stories now, I realize that we had the same way of thinking and we were acting in the same way. All our moves and things you do with your hands not thinking about if. We have many similar pictures too. When I was a teenager I also wanted to work at a place, which he later worked at. And of course I did not know about it, because I did not know him. There are more things we liked and did when we were kids, even though we did not know each other. It seems like we have been similar since birth. And I don't mean similar in looks but personalities, like we really are sharing one soul. I am wondering if somebody else has experienced something like this. If it is possible to get "soul mate signs" since you are a little kid on 5-6 years old to figure it out later in life and have a mission to find the other half. I think it must be something in it because we are very similar persons even though we are two different people from different countries and yet I found him. Or maybe he found me. I have never experienced something like this with someone else.

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