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It started off one day I was watching the Vampire diaries, and there was an episode where they went back into the 1920's time. While watching I suddenly thought of a song I've never heard of before, and within seconds that same song played on the show. The next occurrence happened on my way to school another thought popped into my head to buckle my seat belt and immediately after an suv had collided into the car right in front of me. Now

I know you readers may think that what I experience is just a coincident, but just yesterday yet again a thought popped into my mind. A name it was Amit, moments later I received a message on this site I just started using, we talked a bit and he told me his name was Amit, That can't just be a coincident I strongly believe in the paranormal and feel as though there is someone with me all the time. But I'm not close to anyone relationship wise and I'm just curious as to what's going on. I also have had moments where any sort of electronic such as a light, tv, phone or anything with an electrical pulse shuts down or turns on at moments when I'm experiencing a heightened emotion. Lastly regarding to the paranormal I was playing hide and seek with my brother when I was younger and at the top of the stairs was my moms room and the room after was the washroom, anyways as I came up the stairs I clearly saw a face stare at me and then pull itself back into the room, but I thought it was my brother, so I walked into the room and saw a figure behind the curtains so I approached it before I could uncover what was behind my brother came up behind me and screamed (which scared the hell out of me) when I looked back nothing was there.

I have been on Skype with my friends and my friend said he saw someone coming from the hall behind me towards me but I was home alone he sent me a picture and there was an outline of a body. Another time in a completely different house I was working on an assignment with a friend who was keeping me company over Skype and at one point in our conversation he told me that he saw someone behind me I haven't seen this figure in some time but I'm only 16 I have this spot in my room that is like -50 degrees and the rest of my room is hot I have also seen shadows that appear behind me in recordings of myself and sometimes I even hear someone call my name

I know all this sounds weird, but I'm hooked with finding answers to all of my questions and want to know if what I'm experiencing can be developed and if there is someone that is following me... Whenever I try to talk about it something bad usually happens so let's see what happens tonight and I'm home alone. (Great) would love to hear somones opinion on what's happening to me cause I swear I'm not crazy but maybe a bit depressed I've tried committing suicide multiple times but woke up fine? Is this a guardian angel or something cause I suspected that at first but I don't think guardian angles throw pop cans at people.

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Reneemichelle (1 stories) (25 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-21)
Hi again, I'm correcting a type o. It's " Saging" your house, not staging your house. Sorry about that. I went to try to correct the spelling but could not figure out how to do it. Renee
Reneemichelle (1 stories) (25 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-21)
Hi, my name is Renee. I'm a 45 year old Southern Californian native. I've had many unusual experiences since I was 5 years old. Your not crazy at all. You are Sensative to the spirit realm and you have to look at it like you have it for a good reason. Years ago back in the 1990's I was driving my white Saburban down the street from my house. I was at a red light. All of a sudden I had this itch on my toe and decided to scratch it so I squished myself down a bit and scratched it. When I sat back up, I noticed that their was a van type of a car with a woman in it and she was going through a red light and at the same time she looked at me in horror with her hand over her mouth realizing what almost happened. I believe that God or an Angel made my toe itch lol! Because the act of me scratching my toe kept me from driving my car forward and if I did, that van lady and I would have either been in the hospital or morgue one of the two. I believe you just have gifts that you could strengthen to help people and you have a ghost in your house. Ok, try staging your house. Also you may want to find out the history of your home. Is your house old? Did someone die their? Investigate. Do you have antiques in your room or old jewelry of some kind? Have you tried asking the ghost what they want? Always remember that their is LITERAL POWER in your words so you can speak out in the name of Jesus that they must leave and they are not welcome back. Contact me if you like at lawofattractiongirl53 [at] Renee 😁 😁 😁

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