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This Ability I Have:empath,clairvoyant,telepath Etc


Seems like I have several psychic abilities that I am aware of.

Or maybe I'm just plain psycho, Lol.

1) it seems I am extremely aware of what happens in my environment and I am very I in tuned with people.

I can predict people's outcomes for the future in certain situations. And 95% of the time I am right.

But I am not good at predicting the outcome of the roll of a dice or lottery numbers. I wish I was then I'd be rich. But I don't think any psychic can accurately predict lottery numbers or they'd be rich too!

I guess the Universe either won't allow it or it just doesn't work like that for personal gain!

On one hand I don't think I would like to be rich. Because there would be no hunger, no drive and I hate to say it. No Goals. Because you have everything! I would rather live comfortably, beautiful home, a front and back yard and maybe two dogs and a a person to clean up the doggy poo! Lol.

But back to me. I can feel energy when it's present in a room. I think it might be spiritual energy. Just like the energy I feel in the basement at my job.

There is a certain area of the basement that has this amazing energy.

It's like walking into a cloud of vibrations. That is the only way I can explain it "A cloud of vibrations".

Everytime I go down there in that area it is like walking through an energy field. Sometimes it's almost overwhelming.

So I needed to know more about that area. So I bought an EVP recorder and took it down there with me one dark morning. As soon as I felt the energy I started the recorder. And I said " Hi who are you?" No answer. "what is your name? No answer. Then I said "what happened here?" It's said (something)

I kept listening and listening to the recording and couldn't make out what the spirit said.! I thought about going to some audio technician to clarify the audio. But then I said to myself "what the hell am I doing, I don't need to do this I'm a Medium/Empath/Telepath/Claisentient and God knows what else!"

I threw the EVP recorder out cause it was obvious I was being influenced by the crackpot ghost hunters shows I've seen on TV.

So now every morning when I go down to the basement I just say "Goodmorning and have a nice day."

I had a vision of the spirit. An old man in blue uniform with a train conductor like hat on. I did a little research on the location where I work now and found out back in 1939 the first ever Telenews Theatre was at this same location and next door to it was the Esquire Theatre.

The Telenews Theatre seem to catch fire twice in its existence. One big fire sometime after it opened and one in 1967 right before it closed.

So that leaves me to believe that the old man wearing blue worked there either as an usher, ticket taker or a janitor.

He doesn't bother no one. He just exists in the basement doing what ever he is he does. But he wanted to acknowledged. And he helped me get rid of a real mean property manager! Cause I asked. LOL.

So that begs the question.

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Nanshe (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-11)
I too have many abilitys but have never talked of it as I beleived no one would ever believe me. Also like you I speak to spirits although I do it telepathicly most of the time, most of the time I hear some kind of reply but others I just sense it. As for lotto numbers well that's where my psychi really first started (well that I can remember any way) I was standing in a que in a news paper shop and I glanced over at the lotto board, as soon as my eyes saw it I had a strong funny feeling saying to ma 'Go on buy a ticket you really should' and so I did, I ended up winning about £84.00. Its not a jackpot but still.
Also some times when I first get into bed and close my eyes or if I sit down and just stare at/into nothing I can see things happening to people as if I'm there but invisable and in real places but I have not got a clue where exactly, I don't hear anything can only see, not sure if that is remote veiwing or what but it can be a bit weird sometimes. ❤
RJeffrey (5 stories) (25 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-25)
I experience many things just as you do. My spiritual twin told me I "won the lottery" and over the last year I take it to mean the gifts I have. But when I try to predict something or ask a question about my future (so as to force it I guess) the answer comes out so mysterious that it never makes sense right away. Most stuff they tell me come in visions and dreams or are mentioned by those around me, when that happens they physically push me to get my attention. But alas, no actual lottery numbers yet, they say life has something else in store for me. I still wonder why it isn't more straightforward and I guess spiritually half of it is, the other half is mysterious and will be that way until something comes up in my life. Stay positive and Peace.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-10-23)
Don't be so sure about the lottery numbers. Some psychics can and do see them. I know because I am one of them. It has nothing to do with the universe not wanting this to happen. That's a poverty mindset. It has to do with society having dumbed down most abilities in humans despite it being our natural birthright. Anyone who even breathes info on remote viewing, bi-location, double bodies, etc., is looked at like a freak. It is only recently, and because of sites like this (and my other ones, the astral site, ghost and spiritual sites), that people, especially youth, are finding out the truth about their true selves.

Keep up the good work on your journey.


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