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Very Confused


I am not sure what is happening here, there are so many things that could be leading to this. I had been a ghost hunter years ago, I also ordered two porcelain dolls from EBay a little over a year ago and had to send them to John Zaffis, after I bought the dolls everything started happening that involved our living situation and we had to move 3 times, I couldn't take it any longer and felt very strange around the dolls so as I said they are now in the museum of the haunted doll collection of John Zaffis where I did find the dolls were indeed evil and he had to do binding prayer.

My best friend lost her daughter Jan 30th 2013, she was only 27 and like my own niece, I was in the room minutes after she passed. Psychic abilities run in their family and I believe heather passed hers on to her mom which gave her mom more ability which has been very helpful, she has a female ghost named Amiee who tells her many things and she came from the home I was living in. There is so much about that house we just moved out of 3 months ago, my cat was killed, I had been chocked 2 times and had surface scratches both times and they were in 3's.

I am not sure if all of this related or not but we have moved into a home with a ghost his name is Franz and he is nice, I learned this from my best friend, Amiee told her but he likes to be annoying, so far he has not been to bad.

I have been in remission from a bad disease in my left leg Called RSDS/CRPS which has returned after 12 years, not sure if this is related or not but I still have not gotten to my story just yet but this all could very well be related. Also I hear voices in my head coming from my best friends daughter and I have been dead on with everything so I know I'm not going crazy as I thought I was.

This is all so crazy. One night driving to our last home I saw a woman standing on a path, It freaked me out as she was standing in black, her face was white, her hands were white, she stood out so well for me and I did not know or if I really saw what I saw so I told Alicia about it, then Amiee started talking to her saying "My Mom". I took Alicia to the place I saw her, Alicia said "I feel death all around here", mind you our home sat on the front side of a mountain which for many years I rode all the trails on it on my ATV and knew it like the back of my hand. Alicia insisted there was a graveyard there, she also said Amiee was showing her a grave of a baby with the last Johnson, I told her there was no graveyard. She insisted I was very wrong.

To make a long story short, I received a call from my mom 3 week's ago saying her cousin took her to a site where our ancestors are and said the graveyard is on west Meadow Rd, the same road I was living on where I had insisted there was no graveyard, I took my mom with me to show me where the old road was, she took me right to where I months earlier seen that woman standing, I then told my mom about that woman who I could describe to a T, mom thought it sounded like an ancestor. Needless to say I was again freaked out!.

So I had Alicia come after telling her what my mom told me, she looked around we walked trails and she continued to say "there is a field and it is further down". We left my truck parked and I got in hers, we drove down the road taking several dirt roads and she continued to say " it is still down further " Well the last road we took as we started talking it she said "this is it!" we continued as I was thinking she was crazy and then there is was the cemetery! I was in shock, we got out and walked the cemetery, there was a stone of a baby with the last name Johnson, there was also a grave with her married name and then there was my ancestors graves!.

So I have started researching my family on, the grave I found that I do know of is my great, great grandparents and children and more. 2 weeks ago I was there putting flowers, as I was there I was a little upset as there is some mystery behind all of this so I started begging to let me know some how some way, I have even used my evp recorder with nothing, as I drove off I begged my spirit guides to please guide me and help me find my gift as I am I guess a sensitive and then the word "Ring" came into my head. I called my mom and asked her, there was a ring that was passed down from my great, great grandmother and that ring had been stolen from a babysitter years ago:- (

Now I do not know what is happening to me, I was falling asleep the other night and the first image I saw was freaky, it was like boxes starting large and working their way down to a small box, the 1st box was black, the 2nd was blue, and it continue all the way down to a small blue box and I saw a black figure, a man's face neck up and his face was sideways and it looked like he was talking to someone. It freaked me out so I sat up and thought about what I had just seen, I then laid back down and I started seeing all these floating faces, I do not remember what any of them looked like I can only remember seeing faces floating all around.

Is something happening to me, is my gift coming through slowly? I really need some advice so I know I am not loosing my mind.


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Renan-Spiritism (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-27)
Greetings, Ladyridah,

Sorry for my poor english, in my country we speak portuguese.

Well, I'd suggest you to read this article:


I think Spiritism can be helpful for you. Please take a look and tell me if you like.

Best regards,


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