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Having a hard time here figuring out where to begin so I guess I'll begin at the at the beginning at the very first experience that I ever had.

I was around 7 years old and my mother and I were leaving a concert. It was late so I fell asleep in the front seat with my head laying on her lap. I usually did that when she had to pick me up from work too late. When I fell asleep I had a dream that she slowed down at a light to stop and we got hit by a truck I woke up crying and told her mom don't stop at the next light you're going to get hit. Well we did, by a tow truck that took off. After that my mom took me to about 5 different psychics before she could finally find one to do a tarot reading on me. The one thing that I remember that the psychic had said to me was that I'm a Daydreamer not a Daydreamer the way that people are telling me I am but that I see things and to not be scared of it.

Now let's fast forward to about 20 years later, I myself now have a daughter. Another dream happens, I dream that my mother and my daughter were swimming in Lake Michigan and drowned and died! It was so real I took my daughter out of school that day. It felt like it really had happened so of course I was as well blowing my mom's phone up! Finally she gets a hold of me at the emd of the day and apologizing that it took her so long to call me back. She said " I'm sorry I took so long to call back I have just been so busy planning our family reunion which everyone has agreed will be in Michigan this year!" The crazy thing is we don't even have any family in Michigan! Well I told her about my dream and her my daughter and my self did not end up going!

Now let's fast forward about 8 years. My step father (WHO MEANT THE WORLD TO THE 3 OF US) passed away from leukemia. 4 months before his passing he bought A BEAUTIFUL house for my mom for her security. That 4 months they lived there together I never witnessed any interaction between my mom and dad as far as upkeep or how to clean the limestone floors and marble counters, at that point all I knew is that my dad bought that house for the garden and he would stare out of the kitchen window into the Garden on days it rained because it gave him peace and serenity. My dad was so sick and the last 2 months of his life he was hospitalized and passed. It devastated us, and of course it happened the day before Christmas eve when I was out of town visiting my now ex. Who has a lot to do with what I'll explain later. The night my stepdad died I fell to my knees. I had so much guilt that I wasn't there to say goodbye. I LITERALLY cried until I fell asleep. Another dream happened. Except this one wasn't a prediction. I dreamt that I was standing in the kitchen of my mom and dad's house in the exact same spot that my dad used to stand looking out to his garden. I hear this "hi Lisa" exactly the way my dad used to say my name. When I turn around I hug him telling him I'm sorry I'm so so sorry I wasn't there. He says to me "I'm here because I want you to let go of the guilt. I'm visiting you first and eventually I'll visit your mom and Payton (my daughter) I can't see you so consumed in your guilt when u have nothing to feel guilty for." I then asked him "can you please prove to me that this is really you and not just a dream?" He tells me to turn around and when I turn around my mom is putting dishes away. (My mom is always in a rush she's always in a hurry she's just a very loud high energy person.) They had marble countertops in the kitchen, marble is a very unforgiving element, you drop a glass dish breaks, he told me to tell my mom "remember to put one dish away at a time" she had been so devastated about his passing I waited until the right time to tell her about my dream.

So the ex boyfriend that I was visiting. Well eventually moved to Seattle about 5 months later. My mom was giving him a tour of the house in which he had pointed out that there is marble counter tops. As he is pointing them out My mom tells him "be careful when putting away dishes my husband would harp on me to put one dish away at a time because marble is not forgiving if glass gets dropped!" That's when I was ready to tell her that he visited me

About 6 months later I saw my dad riding his bike when I was pickong my daughter up from school. For couple of seconds I forgot he was dead. I turned my car around to go say and then realized he was gone.

Fast forward about another 5 months I had another dream about him and in that dream he said "I told you not to let the guilt consume you the same way I'm telling u to not let anger end your life?"

1 year later my ex became EXTREMELY EXTREMELY VIOLENT! One of the worst cases our county had seen... He was facing 8years in prison and fled the state. For 6 months I had no idea where he had gone. Then one day I get a phone call. It was my ex. I allowed him to manipulate me and talk me into leaving Washington to move with him where he was living. So I go to live with him and his mother (I see now where he gets his violence from) make a long story short she turns out to be a HORRIBLE PERSON who beats me up and steals all my belongings.

So my ex and I go to live with a mutual friend who helps us get a house and him a job. This is when I start seeing faint white smoke clouds, pieces of falling feathers (white), and white sparkling orbs. ALL THE TIME!

For 2 years every single day everywhere I go I see it. I left my ex about 10 months ago for good. He almost killed me. About a month ago a long time friend of many years (who is now the love of my life) experienced the smoke, feathers and orbs with me. He saw them everywhere I did. He also pointed out that there's not just white there's dark. Well about 2 days before he and I saw all that My dog barked when I was sleeping one night and growles as if someone were there. I looked and saw a man standing at the foot of my bed staring at me. I SCREAMED I closed my eyes for literally a second and when I opened them it was gone. I have been seeing the dark and the light more frequently.

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My exes mom (the evil crazy lady who stole everything I had) is and comes from a thick blood line of witches amd psychics. I did a binding on her... I didn't bury it I didn't burn it I didn't know if you're supposed to. So I put it some place I thought no one could find it. Well my ex did find it. About a month ago and unbinded it. Now I c dark more frequently.

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Martin (129 posts) mod
5 years ago (2018-12-04)
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-28)
Well you're first issue is trying to handle the dark with dark. Bindings are an awful, dark and unsafe old form of mysticism and should never be performed by anyone with any good in them.

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