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Zombie Apocalypse


I work in an aged care facility that has 62 beds included is a 10 bed dementia unit with coded doors. A resident came to us from hospital with only a month to live. In my fornight roster werk 1 I work 3 night shifts which over the night we do a 3 hr stint in this section on our own, the following week I do 4 day shifts and if not allocated to the dementia section very rarely do I go there unless I'm in section 1 because they relieve this person for lunch or if in this case a new resident has came in and I like to meet them. The 1st time I meet John he was walking down the corridor just as I had come in he gave me the chills at 1st sight he legit looked like a zombie he was tall and lanky, cracked lips, so much plaque on his teeth that you couldn't see his teeth individually and drooling. I thought this is it the zombie apocalypses that everyone talks about. John was also the most demented person I have ever seen, limited speech, no comprehension. Following week I was the lunch cover and I was sitting down in the lounge John sitting opposite me, suddenly he looks at me, edges closer to the edge of his seat looks directly at me and says so clearly "You are going to be the lady at the end of my time, I will paint you a portrait, and make you my wife at the end of your time"

I said to John jokingly oh can you make me the queen instead he didn't reply or speak after that as I said he had limited speech and this was the 2nd time I had meet him. I also didn't think anymore of it as daily we hear the craziest things

A week later I went into this unit just to visit the nurse who was allocated in there for the day, John was sitting at a table and I was standing behind him at the entrance to the dining talking to the nurse he turns around to me grabs my hand and says "see this lady here she thinks the world of you". This nurse and I are close friends once again I joked and said yeah I know she does.

Final week I just came back from 5 days off into my nightshifs John is now bedridden, and about to pass any day. This night my allocated time in this section was 2am-5am I did my safety checks left John to last, he was laying in bed mouth open so wide, eyes open and the death rattle, made sure he was comfortable lights dimmed, soft music on and went and sat in lounge room I could hear him breathing from there and tuned in to his rhythm and thought he hasn't got much longer then I got the absolute chills Omg what he said to me rang in my head I'm going to be the lady at the end of his time, I had only meet him 3 times, is this what he meant. Half an hour later his breathing slowed I went down there to sit with him as he was alone, he gave me the absolute chills and just sitting in there I was freakin scared. I have never seen a human look so scary but I couldn't have him die alone, he took 3 more breathes and passed away. Forever painting a portrait for me that I will remember forever isn't that why artist paint portraits to leave a lasting impression. So now I am so scared that he is going to be waiting for me at the end of my time as he predicted that I was going to be there at the end of his. I asked all the other nurses to see if this was a common thing he had said and nobody had it said to them. I meet this man 3 times, the longest I spent with him was 1/2 hour I was never allocated to that section for a full shift during the day when he was there. There was just something about this man from the moment I laid eyes on him, and I feel his predictions came true

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