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Totally Confused About My Dreams And Major Deja-vu


For the past couple of weeks I've had some strange things happen to me when it comes to dreams and deja-vu. My dreams have become weird. Like I almost predict some things, nothing serious just like school grades etc. For example I dreamed that my friend and I got certain grades but my friend did much better than me. The grades I dreamed that my friend and I would get was just one grade lower than what I saw in my dream and my friend did in fact do much better than me, even though we are generally at the same level. I know it seems really stupid but this is the only example I can remember properly. This is just very hard to explain, but I hope you are getting the idea. This week I have had similar dreams; another dream in which I saw what grade I got for another test, however I can't confirm this yet as I haven't received the feedback for this test but I'm finding this really hard to explain so I'm just going to move on. Along with these predictive dreams, I've had a few odd dreams that I won't go in to detail about because as you can tell I'm terrible at describing my dreams but its just all very confusing. When these odd and predictive dreams started my sleeping pattern has been totally messed up. The other day I constantly woke up every other hour and other days I have been waking up at very irregular times. I don't exactly know if any of this means anything at all or if they're just total coincidences but it is really making me on edge and just really making me go insane. I've told some friends what I've experience and how sometimes I just know things and they were quite shocked and just as confused as I was. Along with all the knowing things (sometimes before they happen) I've experienced a lot of deja-vu. Its nothing serious, just a normal day. An example would be when I was on the way to school on the bus, This lady was walking down to get off the bus as a man was walking up, she let him know there was a seat at the back and it just hit me. I was so shocked at how intense it was that I literally had my mouth opened. Like every little detail to what she said and maybe even looked like and the mans response. My heart started to beat really fast and it was one of my most intensive deja-vu moments ever! Others that I've experienced were not as intensive but again it seemed like I had literally been there before. I know this is very choppy information I am giving but its just so confusing to a point where I don't even understand myself or know how to explain it. Any help that could put my mind at ease at what this is or what its not would be amazing! Thank you!

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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-07)
Hello AwakenedSecrets,
You have nothing to fear from this. You have some precognition. So far the experiences you have seem harmless and even fun if you let yourself enjoy them. You are certainly not alone in this.
Embrace it and try not to fear- not everything that happens will make logical sense to you, but that is okay. It's just like having an extra sense. Some people hear or smell better than others. Some have abilities such as yours.
Enjoy your abilities,

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