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Why Do I Feel Finding Love Is My Life Purpose?


Greetings to you, I am not really sure if my story or I should say my question is relevant to this site but I need answer and I think this site is very good place to start, So my question is why do I feel like finding love is my most important life purpose?

I am confused because it could be some sort of mental thing and or even real feeling, I suspect it is mental thing because I've got bullied a lot in school and that bad feeling could now express itself as need and or thirst of love but on the other hand sometimes I can really feel the another person even I don't know that person but I kind of have this feeling that that person really does exist I can sense that person's presence in my heart like that person is right next to me and going through the same feelings as me. Don't know how to exactly describe it but that feeling makes me so connected so happy that it's like we are two parts of one soul! From the day I recognize what love is I am always thinking about finding love and nothing more of course I have finished my university and I am employed but it is almost 10 years now and I am growing restless for that love. I am really confused I had never been with somebody I have such a confidence that I will find that person that I have always rejected everyone who wanted to be with me simply because I didn't feel that person was right for me, I am afraid, what if all of these feelings are just childish game and in the end I will be alone? What if they are real and if I ignore them I would never find that special person? Can you please help me to see my feeling with more clarity? Thank You.

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N7 (3 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-06)
Hello Anne Thanks For your Reply, I will think about your suggestions, Thanks again.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-05-05)
That special person that you feel is near to you, that you need to find and love is accurate. That special person is you. Most "love" out there is a series of projections. We project what we want and then discard people along the way that don't meet our list of criteria. As you yourself mentioned, you had chances at love but you rejected them all. Was it really love you were looking for or fillers for emotional gaps that might still linger from the years of bullying and loneliness? We all have the opportunity to love another human being. We get that chance every day we walk down the street, but we confuse unconditional love with so called love that is more a remedy than selfless giving, accepting and loving.
I see lots of relationships but most are broken because they haven't addressed what's going on internally and expect that other person to do it for them. The next time you're presented with an opportunity to love someone and you yet again project "they aren't right for me", look at why you are doing that. Are they really not right for you or do you need to readdress some of your internal stories about who would resonate with you? I find that genuinely kind and caring persons, selfless and honest, always have an opportunity to find love with a person of similar qualities.
Just some thoughts, since you sought them.
Be well.

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