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Derek Acorah

Like most psychics and mediums, Derek was introduced to his potential as a child (in this case in the form of clairaudience) when he was visited by his deceased grandfather who had a message for his grandmother. When he shared this atypical experience with his grandmother, she too admitted she had psychic abilities, a common theme amongst relatives who have that capability.

With an unlikely medium start, pursuing football in England, Australia and then back again to England, Derek Acorah made a name for himself as a medium and spiritual novelist. His first book, 'The Psychic World of Derek Acorah', gained popularity as he himself did in Liverpool, England where he branched off into television after engaging himself privately with the public with much success.

Derek Acorah Derek was efficient enough as a psychic to gain membership to the International Society for Paranormal Research (ISPR) due to his psychic test results. There he joined other psychics to be featured in acclaimed documentaries in 1999 entitled, ISPR Investigates Ghosts of England and ISPR Investigates Ghosts Of Belgrave Hall. He later appeared on other popular shows and even hosted his own, Predictions with Derek Acorah.

One of Derek's specialties is his knowledge and experiences with ghosts. Being a medium, which is a person who can communicate with the deceased, this is not surprising. He does, however, claim to have assistance from his past life friend, "Sam" who is over 1500 years old. He feels that Sam is his deeper link to the other side and, between the two of them, forms a powerful energy bond to the beyond.

When I was doing my research on Derek, I found the results to be the same as they are with all psychics in the public eye. He, like many others, has wonderful experiences that amaze, delight, and transform those they share their visions with. However, like any psychic in the public eye, they are open to mistakes in the sense that they will misinterpret a symbol or let autosuggestions from others take a greater hold than it should in their conscious mind. I think Derek is as good as most psychics out there but endures his share of ridicule like the rest. Ịn fact, there are those folks who spend most of their time maliciously attacking every misstep of a medium or psychic's way. I applaud Derek and others who persevere with their sharing, despite the absolute hardship that accompanies this line of profession. No matter how amazing the psychic story is, more glaring in the headlines will be the failures. But difficult public life aside, he's popular enough that no one seems to care.

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