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Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann is probably one of my favorite famous psychics, but he's also a lot more than that. He's an artist, the founding father of remote viewing, and an author.

He's most well known for his ties to remote viewing, which date back to the late sixties, early seventies. He was linked to the CIA and the Stanford Research Institute where he came up with remote viewing protocols. Remote viewing entails being given a "target" (originally a place but later could be defined as any person, place, thing, or event in time) that was totally unknown to him and that target would be placed in an envelope. The envelope was then given to a group of people who would get in a car, open the envelop to obtain the target details and then they would drive to the destination. Upon arrival, they would send telepathic images back to Ingo who would sketch out or describe where they were. He was not only amazingly accurate but would often know the target even before they opened the envelope. He was tested repeatedly and no one could stump him.

Ingo Swann Ịn other tests, objects could be locked in a black box located in a sealed room and he could still 'bi-locate' to that object and see what it was. He was referred to as the most tested guinea pig for psychic experiments, and probably the best.

Ingo later created a form of remote viewing known as CRV (Coordinate Remote Viewing) which is still used to this day by other remote viewers. This process involved giving a remote viewer nothing but the target's geographical coordinates. He later demonstrated that even those weren't needed and instead assigned random digits to targets. Basically, the universal mind could perceive any target, any where and any time. He proved that there were no limits to the past, present, or future.

Regardless of his successes, Ingo still had controversial viewings but was later proven right. Prior to the Voyager probe making its trip to Jupiter and orbiting moons, Ingo remote viewed the target and saw that Jupiter, like Saturn, had rings of its own. He was scoffed at but when Voyager returned showing that it too indeed had rings, he was vindicated.

Ingo does not postulate that his gifts special only to himself, but that all humans possess psychic abilities. His work involves teaching awareness about the biological receptors of the human mind and body. That we alone can perceive outside of our normal state of awareness. He still continued with his work and will probably continue to hold the well-established title of top psychic.

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