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Micki Dahne

Micki Dahne is a famous psychic who has the enviable position to be good enough to do actual cases on Court TV!

Like many psychics, she was seeing the future as early as she can remember. She is one of the lucky few that had this strong natural in-born gift and didn't really have to work at it. As a girl, she surprised many a persons in her hometown when her 'funny little stories' came true, one by one.

Micki Dahne Her credits and successes are long. She has done radio and television shows and has done readings for the rich and famous and is rated the "number one psychic" by National Enquirer (not exactly the New York Times but for a magazine peppered with psychic stories, it says something). But she's not so lofty that she won't do readings for the average person, for a fee of course. But psychics have to eat too.

What's interesting about Micki is that she has a daughter, Jill, who is a professional psychic as well. Is it hereditary or is it because the daughter grew up in such an open and accepting environment? I'm sure it's both but in my mind, what exactly gets passed on from one generation to the next? This isn't a physical characteristic so how can that be inherited? Ị'm not sure anyone knows but it's folklore that it does indeed get passed on.

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