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I am writing about 2012 because, well, if some of the postulations are true, it’s something to think about on a serious level. I do not claim to be any kind of 2012 expert! I am not. However, I am just as interested as the next person about what is being said about it. And oddly, even before I was thinking about 2012, my reoccurring dreams have matched the proposed potential outcome of the earth.

Before I get into dreams or anything, I want to talk about information that is closer to “factual”, though there are no real hard facts out there, per se, proving that 2012 is the catalyst for huge changes, but there are very interesting clues.

I thought I’d line up information as it appears to be coming together towards 2012. We’ll start with the magnetic pole reversal. The New York Times wrote in July, 2004 that "The collapse of the Earth's magnetic field, which both guards the planet and guides many of its creatures, appears to have started in earnest about 150 years ago." Geologist have measured a slow decline of about 7 percent over the last 100 years alone. Other scientist agree that the earth is capable of a pole reversal. How and when that will take place, no one quite knows.

So what happens when magnetic poles shift? That means that the north and south magnetic poles will reverse their position. This shift potentially happens rather abruptly and then north would be south, and visa versa. According to NASCA, “Scientists believe the Earth’s magnetic poles are about to reverse themselves – an event that would undoubtedly plunge the world into turmoil, some say complete catastrophe.”

Second, we’re entering a solar maximum and this one is expected to be 30-50 percent stronger than the last one. The peak is 2012. These solar flares may further affect the magnetic shift that the earth is going through, which in turn may affect the weakening magnetic poles of the earth. These magnetic shifts are important to understand because they affect mammals, birds, insects and even humans who have millions of small magnetic particles in our physical make-up.


Then we have cultural beliefs such as the Mayans with ancient calendars that show we’re in a rare celestial alignment that occur with exceptional rarity (every 26,000 years), but with devastating consequences. So much so that this is when their calendar ends-- 2012. This doesn’t include other cultures that have foreseen the same thing.

As for my dreams, many of which come true, have been of world cataclysms. It’s not just an earthquake here or there, but enormous ones that devastate entire continental regions. I see waves that are hundreds, if not thousands of feet high. The earth starts to shake so violently that we are all affected, not just earthquake prone areas. I see volcanoes like Mount Ranier blowing and other ones, long dormant. On a “subtle” level, I see a virtual cleansing of the base energy that has been saturated in the earth’s atmosphere and aura by us humans. It’s like She is shaking us off like fleas. She too seems to be going through her own ascension if you will. This all seems to be needed in order for there to be a new beginning. In one of my dreams, after horrific violent earth cataclysms, I am then “told” that there there will be one thousands years of peace. Oddly, and I had to look this up, this is also mentioned in Revelations.

2012 aside, I’ve already said that I feel that we’ve passed the tipping point for human survival. Species are rushing towards extinction, our planet is polluted, forests are vanishing, and diseases are rising. The rate in which we’re making positive changes towards recovery (like recycling, hybrids, organic farms, etc.) is nowhere near the speed in which we’re spiraling out of control towards our own extinction.

We cannot get around nature or our own pending physical impermanence. But what we can do is grasp this incredible opportunity and open our eyes to who and what we are and our role on this planet and in this universe. And what an amazing time we are in! Think of it. If all of this comes down to 2012, we were born at a time of an incredible shift in our consciousness. That is, if we want it. Is it chaos or is it opportunity? Things are going to align or flip whether or not we are ready for (or even conscious) of them. We are all going to die regardless if it’s 2012 or something else. It shouldn’t take disease, a pole shift, a solar flare or anything else for us to deeply examine our life. The time is always now! What should we be seeing and doing NOW?

The time for this reflection and change may be over sooner than we realize. I know that I am not waiting another minute or for another sign to maximize the goodness in myself and do my best to maximize that in others.


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