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Aliens and the Astral

I think this is one of the most important topics on the subject, which is why I made it my first (outside of the introduction).

Everything in this world, and beyond, is vibration and frequencies. What we hear, see, feel and experience is based on this physical shell and the plane we are on. However, if we raise our vibrations, leave this physical shell or have a device that does that for us, then our experiences broaden. Most cannot relate to that but for those that have woken up in the etheric will see and hear a much broader band of frequencies. I can even pick up on radio waves in this state. If you are lucid in the astral, the information and experiences widen still. If you ascend to the higher planes, still yet the data and experiences broaden.

This is just fundamental laws of the planes of existence. Those other planes exist all around us. Your etheric is part of your body. You astral is part of your body. Your mental and higher functions are also part of your body. I used to think of them as layers but they aren’t “layered” but finer within another. I’ve had out-of-body experiences where I’ve moved (for lack of a better word) through the mesh of my aura and didn’t go between layers per se but changed frequencies to experience the next frequency.

Aliens and the Astral The physical plane is a dense, often clunky mode of communication and travel. Developed beings only descend when they need to interact with this plane. There are cited masters and holy figures that can become invisible to the naked eye so we too are capable of this frequency shift, though extraordinary rare due to our low level of consciousness. If a being is developed enough to come to earth then he or she certainly doesn’t fly some space ship requiring gasoline and oil, nor do they communicate with cell phones or other barbaric modes of communicate. They telepathically communicate and operate devices that can shift dimensions. If we ever want to understand them, we’ve got to up our knowledge of how things work. We’ve got to become lucid on many levels.

It was just a month or so ago that I telepathically asked to meet an extra-terrestrial being. Within a day or two, I woke up in the etheric and this “grey” alien was standing by my side of the bed. Surprisingly, I felt no fear. We stared at each other then I realized that my husband would be most fascinated to see this being as well so I tried to call out his name, but I suddenly was shut down. My focus was blacked out and he was gone. Apparently, it wasn’t part of the deal to meet a person that hadn’t asked or perhaps wasn’t ready. I’ve read other accounts, including those from Dr. Greer, where he has asked for a meeting and they can telepathically pick up on that. Can anyone ask to meet one? I think that all depends on intent and where you are at in your development. Additionally, would you even be conscious if it wasn’t in beta?

Before I truly knew aliens were inter-dimensional, I used their location as a remote viewing target and was shocked the first time I saw that they were all over the place, just not visible to the naked eye. I think when they descend to frequencies in line with the physical, the laws for them behave much like they do for us, which is why I think there is the odd crash, capture and the like.

The natural home for the beings that are here is not the physical. They have evolved out of the physical dimension yet there is obviously something here that they are interested in, or they wouldn’t be here. That is the topic of my next article.


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