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Aliens, an Introduction

Do aliens exist? Yes, and it’s time to move beyond that rudimentary question. Do your homework (Dr. Greer’s material is a good starting place).

I didn’t start this new line of articles to question the basics. The audience is intended to either be people with related experience, and/or individuals very open to the subject. This is not meant as entertainment but a true look into extraterrestrial beings and the phenomena around that. I’d consider this a deeper investigation and hopefully, an important one.

I’m not going to post too much on what I haven’t gone through personally but would be happy to post articles from those that submit articulate posts showing sound experiences that would be a benefit to others. I have no doubt that the range of experience is wide and far. I think this because I don’t think that it’s just one type of being visiting here, and like humans, agendas and personalities vary.

Some of the topics I’d like to cover are why we think they are here, how much our government already knows and I don’t just mean the people in Congress, but the forces that affect every global decision behind the scenes. I’d like to discuss their inter-dimensional aspects and how that relates to our own inter-dimensional aspects. We’re not that different in that regard. What is the likelihood of future contact (probable) and can we trust that it’s really extraterrestrial beings and not some holographic show intended for panic and control? Which ones are benign and which ones are malevolent? How can we tell?

Aliens, an Introduction As with anything that is suppressed in society, unknown elements that I will discuss are going to appear strange. This always invites ridicule because strange is scary to people. We expel and alienate (no pun intended) what isn’t like “us”. This continues to keep us humans in the dark ages of conscious development. I want to bring light to this so we can start to move beyond kindergarten and realize we are not alone, that we are inter-dimensional beings ourselves, and that we can even make conscious contact with others not originally of this earth. Are we even certain we are originally from earthy?

Like fledgling websites like this, I’m happy that more and more films are being made about extra terrestrials though sadly most are negative, but then something like Avatar will come out and show that anyone can be the “alien” and what is that anyway? Beings that are from one place visit another. I’m also glad that old stodgy beliefs are making an exit and new open-minded people are waking up, asking questions and communicating. Unless a massive solar flare or asteroid strikes us, or mankind dumps us back into the dark ages, we will have the Internet and no more can they have one or two news sources to tell us it’s a weather balloon! Though it causes an ebb and flow of contentious disagreement, I am happy to see that we don’t swallow the blue pill as easily anymore.

If you still don’t understand why more open contact hasn’t been made it is truly any wonder why when you look at what mankind does to itself? Are we really conscious enough to warrant any kind of civilized meeting? Even if you look at newly released files from each government around the world, the usual order when they come into contact with an unidentified object is, “Blow them up!” We are consciously undeveloped and are still wowing, disbelieving or totally unaware over things like the out-of-body experience and remote viewing, where that’s the norm for other beings. We kill each other, sometimes in the millions, poison our planet, release diseases on purpose, create wars for money and this mayhem usually stems from our “leaders” who are the very body that is supposed to represent us to outsiders. If I were to watch humans from an outside perspective I’d leave and come back in a thousand years to see if they have stopped dragging their knuckles on the ground!

However, there are some humans that are conscious-- that can and do communicate with them. There are some humans that let them know that not all of us are warring, mad beings hell bent on destruction. I guess you could say that when you are ready, they will come, because all you had to do in the first place was ask.


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