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Aliens and Military Involvement

From what I’ve read and have personally seen, there are factions in our government that know full well they are here. Additionally, I think there has either been a sharing of information, or technologies that were taken at opportune events, like a crash or a take down by force. I say this, and have read corroborating reports, that these factions now have technology to access the astral. I know, because I’ve seen them in the astral! I thought for sure I must have been wrong in some way to see military type figures in the astral, but then I read it from well-informed sources that this was absolutely happening. Honestly, I’m more worried about that, than any alien. To give that kind of power to an underdeveloped being (human) is unnerving. While I’ve worked to attain this through personal development, they are attaining it through technology.

In my travels, I was once asked by one of these persons what capabilities were possible in the astral. While I replied that anything was possible, what unnerved me was it seemed to me like they were not speaking of astral projectors like myself, but people who had died. To even go down that road of questioning as to why they would want that knowledge opens up some pretty awful stuff.

I am not unaware that I have an advantage being a projector but this doesn’t stop anyone else from developing the same capability. The fact that you’re even reading this material says that you’re questioning everything fed to you. Do what you will with any of this information but like I remind my husband, in 100 years all 6.5+ billion humans will be dead. Not because of some die off, but from the natural cycle of life. We are only here for a very short time and most don’t make it past 100 so whether your conscious or not, you’re going to end up on the astral, whether the higher or the lower (or for the few, planes well beyond that), at some point. And the people that have access to the astral know they too are limited in their duration here. To think that the control they feed off of would stop here is silly.

Aliens and Military Involvement I think the people in true power (government, military, big corporations) are very interested not only in aliens but their dimensional aspect and that they can tap into it. I’ve had numerous run-ins with these black OP types in the astral because I’m one of the few people who are conscious in the astral and a conscious astral projector is very powerful indeed. You can bi-locate, transcend time, see the future, heal, and much more. They work overtime trying to catch you to fulfill their agendas. I’ve seen where they have forced astral operators (MILABs) to work for them, have contained and harassed them.

On two occasions I started to roll out of my body had felt these horrific vibrations in my ears. I pulled out these devices and threw them to the floor, and to this day, I still don’t know what they were for. Tracking devices? I recently read they knew who were being visited by aliens based on frequencies present. I know about this frequency because on multiple occasions, I’ll wake up to it and it is nothing man made (or at least not of earthly origin). While I could have dismissed this as a dream, or some localized and unexplained event, my husband put in motion detectors in our room so I could find my way down the stairs at night, and during these odd frequencies, the motion detectors go off, including the one right by my side of the bed. Something is in our house.

I have to ask myself some far reaching questions. If “the powers that be” know not only that the astral exists, but how to enter it at will, what will they do with this knowledge? Whatever I can see, they can see. If I can see an asteroid so can they. If I can see aliens, so can they. Are they asking about the capabilities of “dead people” because they expect some event that will cause this or that because 99% of the people in the astral currently are either sleeping humans or relatively undeveloped souls that have passed on?

On a somewhat related note, I dreamt awhile back that I was on a space ship and heading home (and Earth wasn’t it). I was with others that had done their time here and was then shown a calendar. The year was 2012.

At this point, it gets very difficult to get feedback on this topic because most people just live day-to-day lives with nary a thought about subtle bodies, dimensions, parallel universes, etc. But I would be very appreciative to hear more from others that share in these experiences.

But I would be very appreciative to hear more from others that share in these experiences.


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