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Aliens - Why Are They Here?

First, who can say how many types of beings are here? I read about the types (Greys, Draconian types, and Nordics) but I don’t think anyone can be certain of who is here and why.

But if there is more than one type, then the agenda can be more than one as well. I’ve read some pretty harrowing and negative accounts and I’ve also read some very positive and beautiful accounts.

One would think that to ascend to the higher plane might mean a positive evolution but a person or being can also do this through known application of science or just the evolution of a species in general.

I think in some cases we are used for our DNA. I’ve had numerous recollections of my eggs being taken and used to create hybrids. Even a person with no notion of anything paranormal has heard a child in my house that they couldn’t see. While this person though it must have been a ghost, I’ve heard it too but it called me mommy. I’ve also seen, while out of body, other “children” that were linked to me. Oddly enough, I’m “infertile” in the physical. Or am I? My other sisters are as fertile as rabbits yet in all my life I’ve never experienced a pregnancy.

Aliens - Why are They Here? Sounds wildly out there, but other women have written me with similar accounts. It makes me wonder how far back this has gone on. Are humans in general from here? Is this the missing link? To what purpose is this serving? A new breed of humans? How do they make their selection? I do know that it seems that they target people with psychic tendencies.

Another postulation is that they are here to help the few that are listening. To encourage development and spiritual growth. Evolved beings would see the unity of life in this universe and may want to take those who are ready to the next level. I remember once asking why in hell did I come to such a place? I was then shown all the love that I had given and shared and that love was why I elected to come to such a coarse place. There may be elements within them as well that has a love for life, even barely conscious life.

In my remote viewings I’ve seen an asteroid coming towards earth, then later read that extra terrestrials had a hand in averting one (no idea if it’s the same asteroid; there may be more to be concerned about). Interesting correlation between what I “see” and later read. Helpers or protecting assets, who knows. I’ve also read that they have prevented nuclear use and have shut down missile launches. Probably why the government would treat them as a threat and not a friend. This makes our government extraordinarily vulnerable to such an advanced race.

On a more sinister note, I’ve read that some types of aliens thrive off of our energy and use that to “feed” off of. This is definitely something that David Icke says as to why some are here. I personally have not seen that. But extra terrestrials very well may be like people; coming in many different flavors.

For most people reading this, it all sounds impossible or worse, crazy. If you are not a conscious astral projector then it will continue to remain so. If you cannot gain lucidity in the etheric, you’ll never relate. This material will just remain a spectacle.


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