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Brain Wave States

Understanding brain waves allows us to alter our state of consciousness. From altered states of consciousness, we can tap into our psychic abilities.

Four brain wave frequencies will be discussed here: beta, alpha, theta, and delta, and by consciously altering these brain waves we are given an entirely new means of exploring different modes of psychic awareness.

Beta Brain Waves

Brain Waves Beta This brain wave is most related to our conscious mind. Here the brain waves are cycling between 14 to 30 cycles per second. This is normal waking activity where our focus is centered away from our inner self. Our consciousness is focused on the events occurring around us and makes use of all our physical senses. Because of this, our psychic faculties are the most muted because exterior stimuli dominate our thoughts and actions and suppress any subtle realm information.

Many people live their entire lives in the beta mode of existence. In fact, the moment they find themselves slipping into an alpha state of awareness, they grow uncomfortable and do something to recall that momentary transition into inner reflection. They turn on the television, call their friends, read mindless material, partake in drugs or alcohol, or just go to bed to sleep a dreamless sleep. These are generally unhappy people-with themselves or their direction in life or because they are fearful of confronting something within that may require painful changes. These are also the people who do not listen to the "whispering" from the subtle realms.

Alpha Brain Waves

Brain Waves Alpha In the alpha state of awareness, brain waves oscillate between 8 and 13 cycles per second. This is a more internally focused, self-reflective mind-set, such as what happens when we are daydreaming or meditating. This state of mind is often linked to the three creative "Bs" - bed, bath, and bus - for it is in places like these where we are relaxed, can reflect a bit on issues at hand, and allow psychic information, ideas, and solutions the opportunity to arise in our consciousness. Your eyes do not need to be closed, but the mind does need to be stilled to some degree. This is not hard to do. Just let the inner chatter quiet for a bit, and you'll be amazed at the things that start coming to you.

My first bi-location as a remote viewer occurred in this state of awareness. After having reached a relaxed physical state, I "opened" my mind to the target (which was unknown to me but not to my remote viewing instructor), and after a few minutes of quietly probing, I found myself actually there at the target and confirmed the details with the instructor.

Just as one doesn't want to get caught in a perpetual beta state, you don't want to be in a perpetual alpha state either. Daydreamers spend a lot of time in the alpha state of awareness. Ịn fact, some can get caught up in it and suffer ADD (attention deficit disorder) since they can't focus for long on physical reality and return to their wispy state of reflection and dreaming. However, the easy and perpetual access to this state is great for writers, poets, and artists.

If you would like to enter the alpha state of awareness to tap into the beginning states of subtle realm information, find a place where you will not be disturbed and focus on quieting your thoughts. You can even have a particular question or issue that you would like to receive some higher information on as part of your time of reflection.

You can do physical things and still get into the alpha state of awareness, such as taking a relaxing walk, doing chores (some of my best input is while mindlessly cleaning), staring at scenery as a passenger in a car, or any other thing that doesn't require full physical attention.

Some of our most stunning and brilliant observations are available to us at this level, so we should appreciate the fact that much can be done from just one level up from beta.

Theta Brain Waves

Brain Waves Theta In the theta state of awareness, brain waves are oscillating between 4 to 5 cycles per second. This is a state of mind where excellent psychic experiences can occur, astral projection and extended remote viewing. We generally experience the theta level in deep meditations and in our sleep state. Here we can transcend time and space, obtain remote perceptions, and obtain information from the highest source.

With each brain state level that we descend, the closer we get to our Source, higher self, or the universal mind. While beta is highly exterior in focus, this is still very much an inward state. The beta state of awareness is related to our conscious thoughts; the theta state is related to our subconscious mind.

Delta Brain Waves

Brain Waves Delta This brain state is related to the unconscious or super-conscious mind. In the delta state of awareness, brain waves are oscillating at less than 4 cycles per second. This occurs with deep sleep, profound states of meditation, or an actual coma. Here our awareness is completely within (universal mind). Only under the most developed circumstances can a person dip into the delta state of awareness and bring back any intelligible information. The few times I've experienced the delta state I cannot relay the information. When I experience it, it is profoundly understandable, but when I return to normal consciousness, there are no words that can relay it. It's very frustrating, actually. If I don't write down the impact immediately upon my return, it's more like a fleeting dream that is always beyond my memory. Only true spiritual masters can reach this state and hold conscious memory of the experience to relay to others.

Accessing these states of awareness is done both consciously and unconsciously. It's conscious when we meditate or use specific tools (such as guided relaxing or imagery tapes), but it's unconscious when we dream or zone out.

You already know what these states feel like; you just have to reflect back on that. Remember daydreaming and snapping back from your reverie by a noise? That's alpha. The last time you dreamt, you were in theta. If you can't remember your dream, you were in delta.

The point here, of course, is to consciously direct your awareness to each state until you can reach deep theta. This, as most people will discover, is done through meditation or through learning how to bounce in and out of the sleep state upon waking (the hypnogogic state).

Practice entering the alpha and theta states of awareness. You obviously don't need help with beta, nor is it likely you'll need to fuss with delta. Just concern yourself with tackling the first two. These will be all you need as tools to manifest your reality.

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