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Chinese Astrology: Cat

The Virtuous Cat

The Cat is Yin
The Cat's Motto is “I Retreat”

In the 20th Century all cats were born between the following dates:

29 January 1903 and 15 February 1904
14 February 1915 and 2 February 1916
2 February 1927 and 22 January 1928
19 February 1939 and 7 February 1940
6 February 1951 and 26 January 1952
25 January 1963 and 12 February 1964
11 February 1975 and 30 January 1976
29 January 1987 and 16 February 1988
16 February 1999 and 4 February 2000

The symbols associated with the cat, which give them enhanced powers and increase their self-image are:

Your Best Your Favorite
Color is grey Food is fish
Flower is rose Animal is squirrel
Fragrance is Shalimar Drink is Bordeaux
Tree is poplar Spice is pepper
Flavor is tangy Metal is bronze
Birthstone is sapphire Herb is tarragon
Lucky number is 4 Musical instrument is piano

Share these symbols with friends and family and surround yourself with them as they will bring you luck, and feelings of security and personal worth.

On the bright side: Cat people are tactful, sensitive, a homebody, refined, long-living, prudent, ambitious, cultures, well mannered, have an appreciation for fine art, are modest and can be very virtuous.

On the dark side: A Cat’s modesty and appreciation for fine things can run amuck and become snobbish if they are not careful. They can be hypochondriacal, judgmental of those seeming less than perfect, which can be most everyone. They can easily slip into self-righteousness, self-centered, snobbishly indifferent, and secretive.

The Cat

Cats were used largely in the Vietnamese culture though Chinese astrology uses the Rabbit. Here we tie them with the Cat as they are quiet, live with dignity like a Cat, are selective with their companionship and don’t ask much of others. Like many Cats, they stay close to home where the food is good, the sun is warm and there is a comfortable place for them to spread out and purr. They love harmony and abhor disorder. Noisy messy surroundings do little for the Cat and will send them packing.

Cats often are old fashioned and liberalism does nothing for them. They like routine, honor and no kind of behavior or belief that may look dodgy to others. They like a rigid social structure and feel justice must always be done. Cats like television, books and music that don’t threaten them or cause too much disharmony. They would prefer to think that there is no wrong in this world and will turn the channel if it’s presented to them too frequently.

Cats may be too rigid for some folks. They hate tardiness, sloppiness and instead seek well-lived and thought out plans and life. They like schedules and organization and will delight in organizing their kitchen drawers or cabinets and yours if you’ll let them.

Cats retreat for various reasons such as escape or to feel secure in an insecure world. Their haven is often their home and their mind so don’t be offended if the Cat turns skittish and runs off just when you were about to embark on an adventure.

Cats are more cerebral than some signs and love to read and learn both of which they like to impress you with, or even usurp you in a conversation that they are sure they know more about. This snobbish, bourgeois behavior is not uncommon with a Cat.

Cats can be very melodramatic creatures and cry over the smallest things. They can be catty too and gossip with an air of superiority over their fellow human beings. “Did you hear what happened to Bill and his wife…?” whispers the Cat to a willing ear. This peevish behavior should be curbed if the Cat wishes to keep the good opinions of others.

The Cat though is also loving and romantic and are rarely short of suitors. Cats are most happy when they are in a secure relationship and are able to call the shots. Things go well as long as the partner matches up to their expectation and if they don’t watch the Cat retreat!

The Cat is the aristocrat of the Chinese astrology (Queen Victoria was a Cat and sets a good example of what one is like). They love to point their finger and direct their staff, delegate authority, and sit back warm and comfortable while life sweetly passes by.

Cat Health

They are fastidious in their health and will do what they see as the proper thing to maintain good health. They have no problem sticking to a diet, an exercise regime or their doctor’s orders. They love vitamins, preventative flu shots, and ill tasting but beneficial health concoctions.

Despite taking such good care of themselves they worry incessantly about their health and how it’s doing. “Ịs that lump cancerous?”, “I feel stiff today, I must be getting old!” They fret. Because of this Cats can take on wild or fad diets and eat the strangest thing (or little to nothing at all) in hopes of surviving whatever ailment they perceive they have.

The weak spot for the Cat is their digestion. The emotional taxation they put on themselves exacerbates this and they’d be well advise to relax!

Female Cats have a tougher time with their health and can suffer gynecological problems, cramps, bad moods and hypersensitivity. If they don’t monitor their mental and physical health, they can become depressed and struggle with weight in their mid 40’s.

Cats best lesson is to not be so much of a perfectionist. To let go a little, relax and to know what small things in their life bring harmony, health and mental well being.

2008 Cat Overview

Legend has it that the Cat hates the rat and this is a Rat year so this may be a bit of an unharmonious year. Watch for those that would trick you, as the Rat as done and look out for co-workers and business associates. Overall, lay low in a Rat year and don’t make any big move or decision!

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