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Chinese Astrology: Dragon

The Restless Dragon

Chinese Astrology: Dragon

The Dragon is Yang
The Dragon’s Motto is “I Reign”

In the 20th Century all Dragons were born between the following dates:

16 February 190 and 3 February 1905
3 February 1916 and 22 January 1917
23 January 1928 and 9 February 1929
8 February 1940 and 26 January 1941
27 January 1952 and 13 February 1953
13 February 1964 and 1 February 1965
31 January 1976 and 17 February 1977
17 February 1988 and 5 February 1989
5 February 2000 and 26 January 2001

The symbols associated with the Dragon, which give them enhanced powers and increase their self-image are:

Your Best Your Favorite
Color is gold Food is steak au poivre
Flower is rose Animal is monkey
Fragrance Eau Verte Drink is bloody mary
Tree is sequoia Spice is cardamom
Flavor is pungent Metal is hammered silver
Birthstone is ruby Herb is kill
Lucky number is 2 Musical instrument is clarinet

Share these symbols with friends and family and surround yourself with them as they will bring you luck, and feelings of security and personal worth.

On the bright side: Dragon people are very charismatic people that vibrantly grace a room. They are self-sufficient, compelling, discriminating, talented, healthy and extremely shrewd. They love to throw parties, festivals or anything else they can get the ball rolling on. Though tough in business they can be a ‘softie’ on the inside though getting them to trust you may be difficult at first.

On the dark side: When a Dragon starts breathing fire they can be cunning and ruthless, egocentric, power hungry, self-inflated, picky, foolish, pompous, and overly willful.

The Dragon

This huffing, self-assured dragon enters a room and usually takes command, or at least starts rumors, whispering and wondering from the other occupants. These born monarchs feel their wit, vivacity and charm is bar none. They adore and think highly of themselves and it would take a hell of a lot to convince them otherwise, if that’s even possible.

Once a paramount idea is born in their heads they love to conspire as to how to make it happen. Their excitement is contagious and they will happily include you in their lofty plans. The plans are laid out with fanciful flair and you can’t help but admire their energy, determination and self-sureness. There is no delay, even at the cost of overlooking details, in getting their plan off and running. No time to be wasted! They are the epitome of Nike’s “Just Do Ịt” mentality. Often these traits make them good business leaders.

Dragons love adventure and it’s not uncommon to find them jetting off to one exotic adventure or another, even from one lover to another, especially if either is a challenge.

Dragons are not able to see themselves through the eyes of others. If they have insulted you they see it as helping clear up your problems and you’re just not seeing it right. The dragon has no idea the effects of his ego, blustering, and innocent infliction of power. Them running you over simply means that you happened to be in their way way.

Dragons love to hobnob with “superior” people ranging from successful businesspersons to famous people. This snobbish side is paved out by one of their favorite games, which is, “Who do you know?” Name-dropping is a favorite of theirs and they usually can’t be outdone. Though social climbing and often snobbish, they are dependable and there for you when you need them most. They can be sincere and honorable and want to be treated honestly in return.

These curious and analytical creatures have fabulous memories (for better or for worse) and can process information at superb levels. Since they are natural at leadership it’s not uncommon to see a Dragon in politics.

Dragon Health

One of the best qualities that the Dragon has going for them is that they are usually one of the healthiest signs in Chinese astrology. They are strong, long-living, and do well into old age. The only thing that could cut his life short or weaken his immune is excesses. They love the fine things in life such as wine, cigars, dining out in fine restaurants and any one of these overdone will affect their health. His excitability doesn’t end with planning parties, but going and enjoying them!

Since the Dragon is a “now” kind of planner and doer, their nerves can get frazzled when life doesn’t response to his or her demands. They want it, and they want it now. As we all know, this attitude doesn’t always work. They should learn to mediate, relax, let-go every once in a while and pay attention to what they are eating. Fruits (dried or fresh) and fish do well by him as well as nuts.

2008 Dragon Overview

Life looks good in 2008! Finances are getting stronger (though keep an eye on frivolous spending) and the previous unease at home has improved as well. The amorous Dragon may find an exciting relationship in this year. The opposite sex will find you larger than life, sexy, and desirable. Go get ‘em!

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