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Chinese Astrology: Ox

The Diligent Ox

Chinese Astrology: Ox

The Ox is Yin
The Ox Motto is "I Persevere"

In the 20th Century all Oxen were born between the following dates:

19 February 1901 and 7 February 1902
6 February 1913 and 25 January 1914
24 January 1925 and 12 February 1926
11 February 1937 and 30 January 1938
29 January 1949 and 16 February 1950
15 February 1961 and 4 February 1962
3 February 1973 and 22 January 1974
20 February 1985 and 8 February 1986
7 February 1997 and 28 January 1998

The symbols associated with the Ox, which give them enhanced powers and increase their self-image are:

Your Best Your Favorite
Color is dark blue Food is beef stew
Flower is chrysanthemum Animal is bear
Fragrance is Shalimar Drink is strong tea
Tree is pear Spice is coriander
Flavor is sweet Metal is copper
Birthstone is lapis lazuli Herb is sage
Lucky number is 1 Musical instrument is tuba

Share these symbols with friends and family and surround yourself with them as they will bring you luck, and feelings of security and personal worth.

On the bright side: Ox are confident, patient, industrious, contemplative, skilful, sure of hand and foot and well spoken. They are successful through very hard work and are born leaders.

On the dark side: Get under the skin of an Ox and you will find a bully showing traits of chauvinism, prejudice, blindness to truth no matter how much it slaps him in the face, pettiness bigotry, ultra conservatism, bad tempered prideful and on some extreme occasions - violent.

The Ox

The particular animal that this sign originally was named after is the Water Buffalo. Ox (or Water Buffalo) are known to be black or white, good or grumpy. These very strong people can take a lickin' and keep on ticken'. They are old-fashioned, strong headed and it's best you stay on the good side of one.

Ox are very detail oriented and won't shirk at spending hours pouring over details. They carefully observe what is happening around them and aren't short of opinions on the very happenings. Due to these traits they are known for doing the job right (and sometimes often in their attempt at perfection). They are known for their keen logic and high intelligence.

Oxen love to live 'by the book' and an easy way to frighten them is to threaten a "deal" with no legal documents to back it. They want every detail of the transaction and usually in writing. No fool here, he thinketh. However, though the Ox is reluctant to secure himself into any relationship, whether it marriage or business, once he's committed, it's usually very solid and for life. He doesn't take things lightly so if he's put sufficient endeavors into deciding whether you or a deal is worth it, if he acquiesces, you've usually got a partner for life.

They can be very good caretakers, counselors, protectors, money-handlers and usually people that hold positions of trust and respect. They don't prattle away in an attempt to win favors or sway opinion, but sit back coolly and watch you play your cards so he can weight the pros and cons of your contribution to his life. They speak little, but when they do it's articulate and without waste. They don't waste money either and deplore the thought of living off credit cards or high interest debt. What drives them more is duty, honor and leadership.

These 'honorable' creatures can be a bit over the top and if made a fool of, can rush to stomp you into the earth with your feeble cries never having been heard. They can have a wicked temper and can strew their revenge over a life-time if given the chance.

Oxen aren't typically interested in things of a metaphysical nature. They like tangibles they can count, file and sort. They reserve metaphysical subjects such as astrology and psychology for the nutcases and stay as far away from that hapless hooey as they can.

Oxen have a remarkable memory so are rarely boring. They can recount, in fine detail, the interesting events from their memory bank ranging from war histories, wine appreciation or remarkable writers of his time.

Ox Health

Oxen love to eat so have to watch for a growing girth in mid life as well as stomach problems from either eating too much or too heavy a dish. They love to nibble and are commonly overweight. On their side is renowned longevity due to their inner personal strength and if they show some moderation, a long life will be likely. They simply refuse to give it! Exercise also goes a long way with an Ox and it's highly recommended.

Their inability to let loose or stop conforming often leads to nervous problems such as ulcers, gall-bladder issues and cramps.

Ịt is no joke to say an Ox very well might work him or herself to death. They truly are the strong creates that will stop in their tracks from over-work.

2008 Ox Overview

This is the year of the Rat, and luckily for the Ox, they adore him. They are both of the "power" signs and truly understand one another. Though the rat was first to Buddha's first meeting for the Chinese signs, it was on the back of the Ox that the rat rode in on! While the rat is more interested in taking the power from others, the Ox IS power. Oxen are slow but they will be a bit quicker in this year so run with it! Things will shine in the favor of the Ox and if not too repugnant a thought, a nice vacation would do well for their person.

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